Monday, April 18, 2011

He said: V and the Candle Meet Again

I knew V was on edge when while kissing her I reached down to squeeze her breast and didn't feel a bra under her top. I had found her hiding out in the dark hallway after she had almost been discovered by one of my colleagues when I had guided her to an alternate entry to the building. I'm not sure if her jumpiness was due to that or the laptop full of porn I had given her to peruse while she waited. We were tight for time, we had barely an hour before I had to leave so we didn't spend much time on foreplay as we both removed our clothes. V put on her collar and presented me with the key to the snazzy new lock she had purchased. I clicked on the lock and then snapped on the leash then I led V to our blanket. She was ready to go and after she applied her lips to my cock I was ready too. I laid on my back and told V to climb on top of me. She quickly complied and began to ride me with abandon. I felt guilty for making her work so hard so after a few minutes of fucking I told her to get off and lie on her back. I climbed on top of her and drove deep inside her. Mixing up the speed of my thrusting I leaned down took each of her nipples in my mouth and bit them in turn. V had asked me to be a bit rough on her and I figured an good hard nipple bite would qualify as rough. V's moans showed that I had not overdone it. Being on top is nice because when she is being fucked V gets a grin on her face that is impossible to describe, I call it her "I'm getting fucked and I like it grin". She was certainly wearing it when I told her I was going to cum. That was pretty much all it took to push her over the edge and we almost came simultaneously.

V had brought along the flogger she was working on, it was almost complete so she had brought it along so we could test it out. I had V lean over the table and I applied the flogger to her backside. Gently at first and then a little harder. I would flog one cheek three times and then flog the other cheek three times. V squirmed and I could hear the occasional sharp intake of breath but she didn't stop me. After a few minutes her ass was pinking up nicely. I thought I should try it out too so I passed the flogger to V and leaned over the table. V whacked my ass a few times. The new flogger was heavier than our first one and gave more of a push when it landed. All in all it worked out very well, we'll publish a picture when it's complete.

Our rope was handy so I moved on to a new shibari tie that I wanted to try out on V. She had commented on some rope bra pictures we had seen so I made an attempt at tying a rudimentary rope bra. I was in a hurry so the ropes did not end up lying neatly side by side but both V and I considered it a success. I have included a picture so you can get a bit of an idea of what it looked like.

We had a few more minutes before we had to leave so after taking the ropes off V's breasts I dragged a chair onto the blanket and had her sit in it. I was time to take the waxing up a notch and apply it to V's breasts. I tied her arms to the chair arms and asked if she wanted a blindfold. She decided to give it a try so I slipped it over her eyes. I began to drip wax on her breasts, moving from side to side. As with the ass waxing the candle tended to drop two wax drips at a time. After a few minutes I asked V if she wanted to watch and when she said yes I removed her blindfold and dropped more hot wax onto V's tits. Up to this point I had avoided her nipples because I thought they would be too sensitive but V told me to go ahead and wax her nipples too. I wanted to take some pictures but V stopped me and told me to put more wax on her first and to do it quickly because she knew we were running out of time. She squirmed in the chair and held the arms tightly as I dripped the wax onto her nipples and across the top of her breasts. I took a few pictures, one of which will make it into a future HNT post. I untied V's hands and as she stood up it was clear that she had enjoyed the waxing as she had left a wet spot of girl juice on the chair. I knelt on the chair so V could drip wax on my ass. It was an interesting sensation but I didn't find it that erotic, perhaps because I was being too analytic about it and not concentrating enough on the sensation. Time was really running short so we took turns picking the wax off each other. We ended our whirlwind session by packing up our toys and parting with a kiss and a hug.

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  1. The pic looks great, would love to see some more of your shibari.

    *jealous* so want to try wax play, sounds like lots of fun.