Monday, April 11, 2011

He said: V's Butt Gets a Workout

After the great cock blocking fiasco the next chance V and I had to get together was after the advent of girlie days. V had a craft project to work on and I had some weekend work at the office to complete so I invited her to join me for the afternoon with the intent that once we had finished our tasks there would be some time for fun. When we had both finished our tasks we decided to give the satin flogger we had received from the adult toys website Eden Fantasys. They had approached us a few weeks before and because of a delay in notifying us the item we had selected to review from the bondage toys selection offered by Eden Fantasys had sat at the mail receiving company for who knows how long. We had waited long enough to test drive our new toy so I had V strip down and lean over my desk. Those of you who have read our blog for a while will know that we are no strangers to bondage play so to help get V in the mood I tied her hands together and secured them to the leg of my desk. Noting the lack of terror in her eyes I grabbed our new flogger and and gave her a test whack. She seemed unphased and increased the force of my swing. Still no response so I took a mighty swing, the sound was impressive the actual butt effect was much less so. After we came to the conclusion that satin falls are not as effective as leather when it comes to pinking up a backside. I had fun taking much more mighty swings with the whip than I would ever use with our leather flogger. This is a great toy for people who want play without pain, V thought I looked very fierce taking my full armed strokes on her backside. I know V prefers a bit more of a thwack. I switch to the flogger I had made for her. A few strokes with our flogger and her backside started to pink up quite nicely. Then I remember the slut paddle. Luckily there was enough unsmacked skin left for me to attempt to get a nice picture for us to use for out HNT. It took more than one smack with the paddle for me to get an idea of how to hold it to get the best impression. Even at that it was difficult to get a nice clean impression so I had to try in numerous spots on V's backside. She took my experimentation like the true trooper she was. I decided that since V had behaved so well that she deserved a good butt waxing. V had wanted to try wax play and I thought it was best to experiment on her backside where any red marks that might result would be well hidden. I lit one of the candles V had brought with her and dripped wax on her ass. The sharp intake of breath told me that it was having the desired effect. When asked if I should continue V answered in the affirmative so I continued to drip wax randomly around her cheeks. One interesting effect was that the candle would drip two drops of wax on each application, the double hit produced an interesting feeling for V. After giving her ass a good waxing I untied her and had her stand up so I could remove the wax. A combination of scraping with my finger and gently smacking her ass quickly dislodged the wax. V decided that she liked wax play and next time out she was going to have me wax her breasts. V had recently told me that she wanted to massage my cum into her tits and it was time for me to make that particular fantasy of hers a reality. I removed my pants and sat in my chair. I told her it was time for her to suck my cock and she signaled her assent to my request by dropping to her knees and applying the lips to my member. It felt very good and though I was tempted to cum in her mouth I knew I must be firm in my resolve. When I was getting close to cumming I told V and rested my cock between her breasts and spewed my cum over the top of her breasts. She had a big grin on her face as she rubbed my semen all over her chest as if it was the finest moisturizer that money could buy. Sadly our time together was drawing to a close so V went off to clean up while I put my clothes back on and put away the toys. After V returned we kissed and embraced then headed our separate ways, another very satisfying play session completed.


  1. The wax play sounds *sigh* wonderful - hell, so does the flogger actually.

    Thank goodness you were firm in your resolve. ;)

  2. I really like that flogger. Sounds like y'all had a good time with it!