Monday, April 4, 2011

She said: An Interminable Wait

We decided on the fly one day to get together after work that night. I made the necessary arrangements from my end and left on the drive across the city, stopping off to pick up a parcel that had arrived for us and to grab a couple other items on the way. Everyone where L works has usually gone home for the evening between 5:00 and 5:30. I arrived just after 5:00 and called L to let him know I was there, but he said that there were still a number of people working so I parked in the strip mall across the street from his building to wait.

This has happened from time to time, that I have to wait a bit - usually not long. I know the vehicles I have to watch out for now, so as soon as I see them pull out, I know L will be calling in moments to give me the all-clear. I had my book with me - I had 20 pages left to finish it and I was soon engrossed. Several minutes later, I finished my book and there was still no sign of movement. I rested my head back against the seat, deciding what to do next.

I had been meaning to check the fluid levels in the car for a couple days, so why not now? I popped the hood and the trunk and got out my shop towel. I checked my oil level, which was fine. My transmission fluid needed some topping up. I keep a storage container in my trunk which contains assorted fluids, cables, extra bulbs, funnels, shop towels and tools. I pulled out some fluid and a funnel and filled the reservoir. I checked to ensure the leads to the battery were clean and secure and then, satisfied that everything was copacetic, I cleaned up my funnel and packed everything away and got back into the car.

Soon after, my phone was L. He had just done the rounds to talk to all his co-workers. One was still hard at work, which precluded the use of our usual room. A few others continued to work in the office area, which made sneaking me into his office instead - which we've done a number of times - an impossibility. We grumbled good-naturedly - we can't really complain. Using L's office has meant that we can get together much more often than we could afford to if we had to get a room each time and it even allows for times where we just have an hour or two to be together and we are thankful for that. L said he'd keep me posted and hung up.

I again let my head rest back on the seat, closed my eyes and let my mind wander, thinking about all the wonderful things we could - and would - do together once everyone left. Sometimes L or I have a specific plan and other times, we just let things go in whatever direction they go naturally. Would he spank me? Flog me? I know he asked me to wear my new collar....did he have a plan for me today? I thought back to the bites he gave me on the weekend and the marks - his marks - left on my shoulder and arm and smiled. I checked the time. Man, it was getting late. I really had to be on my way back home by a specific time this night.

I called L and he said there was no change in the situation, so I suggested that he come out and sit with me in the car. I had brought something for us to eat, so I thought we could sit and eat and chat and wait together. He agreed and within a very short time, I saw him crossing the street. It's interesting to admire someone you are close to from a more objective standpoint. He's a tall man and I love the way he carries himself, the way he walks and the way his clothes hang on his body. He's a very sexy man.

He got in the car and after our initial greeting, we ate our snack. We chatted a bit while we ate, but then after packing away the garbage, we said little. He rested his hand on my thigh and drew little circles with his fingers. I covered his hand with mine and together we relaxed and waited. After a short while, L pressed the button in my car to see the time and he sighed. I remembered the package and told him about it, suggesting we open it.

We, like several other bloggers whose blogs we follow, were approached by Eden Fantasys recently to review an item on our blog. After much discussion about various aspects, we decided to try reviewing an item to see how it would work out for us. Unfortunately, after two weeks, we had heard nothing and it was only when I decided to stop in to check on it that we found out that the package had arrived, but the post office had misplaced our contact information and had no way of letting us know!

We opened the box and went through the contents - in addition to our item, there was an Eden Fantasys re-usable bag and a pocket-sized book with Liberator Adventure Gear items with lots of pictures showing various uses of each item. With the difference in our sizes, I think these would be so useful, if we had the means to store them! I think we may yet get the small wedge - I feel it could safely be passed off as a footrest under L's desk. We thumbed through the book together and commented on a number of the positions and how they would work for us...or not. L opened the item we will be reviewing from it's packaging and checked it out, then repackaged it.

At this point, L decided he should go back inside and check with everyone again to see if they looked like they'd be leaving soon. We'd still have time for a quickie before I absolutely had to leave, but that would be it.

L left and I examined the reusable bag. Not the most discrete, with Eden Fantasys emblazoned all over it! I turned the bag inside out and packed all my stuff in it - the contents of the EF box, my book, something I brought for L, etc., then disposed of the EF delivery box and the stuffing into a nearby dumpster.

Soon after, I saw L returning instead of phoning me - not a good sign. I was hoping he'd be calling from inside to tell me to come and I realized things were not going to happen for us tonight. He got back in the car and looked at me questioningly and asked what we should do as an alternative. By this point, frankly there wasn't really even sufficient time to discuss an option. There is a newly-built office building down the road from his office that is still vacant, so as I backed out, I suggested moving to that parking lot. L agreed and off we went.

I parked. As soon as I turned the car off, he scooped me up into a big hug. We kissed a bit, then L wanted to see the marks from his bites I had told him about. I took off my coat, raised up my shirt and showed him. All they are are 3 or 4 small black and blue marks that are barely visible because of the colour of my skin and truly, had I not been looking to see if there were any marks, I wouldn't even have known they were there. I don't need the visual reminder of the excitement elicited from those bites, but still I kind of like that they're there. I left my coat off and he hugged me again, sliding his freezing cold hands up under my shirt. I tell L all the time - he gives the best hugs. He pressed the time button again...I really had to leave in the next 5 minutes.

I buried my face in his neck and told him I wanted to suck his cock before I left. He quickly got organized and I set to work. Usually, my cock sucking is a slow, controlled and varied series of "moves" (for lack of a better word, since that makes it sound very calculated, which it's not) that slowly builds L up to a great orgasm. This day was quite different. It was more wild, I think. Almost frenzied. Not only had I waited nearly two hours to be with him tonight, but also I didn't have much time! I moved in longer and faster strokes, using more tongue and deep and wet strokes and less shallow, tongue-swirling ones. More than once L moaned that it "feels so good today". Maybe I should do it like this every time? Soon his breath caught at the same time as his hot cum pooled in my mouth. I swallowed and only continued sucking long enough to ensure I left him clean, after all, he still had to go back in to work.

I sat up and he buttoned up and fixed his belt. We made eye contact and I said softly that I needed a hug. He pulled me over to him and held me tight. I whispered that I didn't want to go, but we both knew I had to - it was far too risky for me to stay any longer. After a few soft kisses to my neck, we broke apart and I put my coat on. We got back to his workplace to find his co-worker still there working. I pulled into a neighbouring parking lot and just as I was taking out the items I needed so that I could give L the inside-out bag, he noticed one of his colleagues in the parking lot. I leaned forward to shield L from view while I finished up with the packing. Once his co-worker was out of sight, L kissed me goodbye and left.

I had really pushed it that night by leaving several minutes later than my absolute drop dead time, but I was very lucky that traffic was remarkably light for whatever reason and I was able to get home more quickly than usual, so that in the end I wasn't noticeably late at all. As I drove the route on auto-pilot, my mind wandered back to L. Girly days are fast long until we can be together again?

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  1. It's such a shame when things don't go to plan, and the planning, the timing etc. can really be a pain in the ass but it's always worth it. I love to read about your times together.

    and you've gotta love the marks, they're like a lovely little reminder, I sneak a peek at mine all the time :)