Monday, April 11, 2011

She said: Harder, Please!

A couple days after being cock-blocked, the girly days arrived. We decided to get together on the weekend anyway. Due to a ridiculous amount of traffic in my home at all hours, I had been unable to find some privacy to work on a project I had started some time ago. (We'll share with you when it's finished - I'm so excited about it!!) L had to go into the office to do some work over the weekend and graciously invited me to bring my project with me so that I could work on it openly while he did his work. Grateful for the opportunity, I accepted. I packed up all my gear and headed over there on that weekend afternoon.

He cleared off a section of his desk for me to work on. He also directed me to some tools in the shop area of his workplace that might be helpful to me. L knows I'm pretty handy with the tools and has teased me about needing a pink tool belt. As I puzzled over a possible solution for an area of the project that had been giving me some trouble, L sat opposite me at the same desk working on his project. I glanced at him now and then, smiling a little to myself at the look of intense concentration on his cute!

As it happens, we both came to a stopping point at close to the same time. I finished quite a lot of work and had to stop when it became apparent that I would need some further materials to continue at around the same time as L completed a large part of his project and left it processing. He got up and came around the desk and wrapping his arms around me from behind and holding the weight of my breasts in his hands, he asked me if I'd like to play a bit. Hell, yeah!!

I asked him what he wanted me to do and he said I could start by taking off my pants. Being a bit of a keener, I chuckled and removed my pants...and my shirt and my underwear and my bra. Me naked now while he remained fully dressed - there's something soooo sexy about that -he moved around the room closing the blinds, then pulled out rope from under his desk. This was a man with a plan!

He tied my wrists together and bent me over his desk with my arms extended, bringing the rope underneath the far side and securing it to the pedestal. When he finished and moved back around behind me, I couldn't even raise up enough to twist around to see what he was doing, so I resigned myself to resting on the desk and waiting. "Hey, we still have this whip from Eden Fantasys to review. Would you like to try it?" I responded in the affirmative. Not knowing what to expect, he started off lightly. Seeing little reaction from me, he built up the intensity. He was now taking mighty swings. He stopped and came around to the side where he could see my face. "Nothing?", he asked. I smiled and shook my head. He resumed his position, backed up three or four steps and I felt rather than saw him take a running swing, smacking me on my ass as hard as he possibly could. After two or three such dramatic blows, we collapsed in gales of laughter. The best I could describe the sensation was the feeling of being swatted with a sparse sheaf of shredded paper. We were sorely disappointed - I expected some kind of a sting at least.

Unbeknownst to me, L had put aside the flogger and grabbed the slut paddle. He walloped me with it when I was not expecting it and it took my breath away. Just recovering, he smacked me a couple more times. We had tried it before unsuccessfully and I knew he was going to have to hit me very hard in order to be able to see it. In fact, I had told him to do what he had to do to get a picture of the SLUT imprint on my ass - even if it made me cry. I didn't though - I was tough and took it like a man. You can see the best of the 6 or 7 imprints on my ass in our last HNT.

L then switched over to his homemade flogger. It has such a lovely heavy thuddy feel to it - it was great. After a few minutes, he stopped and I could hear him rummaging around, then I smelled sulphur - he had lit a candle. I got very excited. L and I had had an interesting conversation a few days before where several play ideas were bandied about, including hot wax play. Though it's been clear that L is very open-minded, non-judgemental and is usually perfectly willing to try anything I suggest (just as I am open to all of his suggestions), I sometimes hold back a bit because I'm sometimes afraid that one day I might overstep the boundary of what he thinks is sane and reasonable.

I have many insecurities, insidious nails hammered deep into me over the course of many years at the hands of someone that was supposed to care about me, turning a young, gregarious and sexually-curious girl into a shy, withdrawn, near-agoraphobic woman, stifled nearly to death in an ultra-conservative and sexless life. Though I have sometimes had to share a cleaned-up version of a story to explain my reaction to something or why certain things bother me, L and I don't really talk about these things. While he has firmly vetoed some of my play ideas, he has always taken the time to explain the reason to me - his concern has never been the excessive kinkiness of the idea, but rather the safety factor or the ability to practically perform the act within the play areas we have at our disposal. L always seems to be able to see right inside me and understand what I'm feeling, and has a knack for saying or doing exactly the right thing. He has never left me feeling worthless or lacking in any way, but instead I always feel empowered, sexy and in charge of myself.

Since for this first time I had to be very careful of marks, he decided to try dripping the wax on my bottom instead of on my boobs, where I really wanted it. He held the candle for a short while until the wick had burned down sufficiently to start melting the wax. I wanted to watch, but couldn't tied as I was. The anticipation was killing me, waiting for that first drop. I didn't know what to expect - how hot it would be. I do know how the same wax that feels warm on my eyebrows feels burning hot on my nether regions when I'm getting my Brazilian wax done every few weeks, so I was interested to make the comparison.

I jumped when the first drip finally landed. He stopped to make sure I was okay....and I was. He dripped again...and again. A couple times multiple drips happened before he could stop them and he was very apologetic, but it was all fine. It was really really hot and a couple times, I had to seriously tighten my ass muscles to deal with the few seconds of pain until the wax became cool enough to bear comfortably. Once when L went to pull away, a drip landed on my lower back unexpectedly and I jerked and writhed around. I loved the feel of it. In between, he bent over and bit my ass. When my butt was covered with spots of wax, L stopped. He untied me, then sat in his chair and turned me around to vigorously rub all the wax off my skin and check for marks. None.

Still fully dressed, L now took off his pants and underwear and once again sat in his chair. He pulled me closer and told me he was now going to fulfill another wish I had asked him for the previous day. Wow...two in one day! I knelt in front of him and brought him close to orgasm before he slotted his cock in between my tits. Soon after, as he came buckets, I rubbed his cum all over my chest and continued with a hand job using his cum as lubricant. He loved seeing his cum all over me, as did I. It's amazing the inspiration to be had from a new brand of body wash.

I wish I could say cleanup was a breeze that day, but between scooping up all the dried wax bits off the carpet in his office and practically having to shower at the small sink in the washroom, soaping up and rinsing my body from neck to belly button, that wasn't the case. It was all worth the effort though. We had a fun day.


The Tantric Satin Ties Pleasure Whip came well-packaged in a discrete box. Though I don't recall the exact wording, the content description required for shipping was sufficiently general to not perk any overt interest as to the contents. We had looked at this flogger in the Bondage Toys section and thought that the satin falls might produce a sting and were pretty excited to try it out. Unfortunately this was not the case.

The construction of the flogger was sound. It had been stitched using satin ribbon over a wooden handle and still had the Made in China tag secured on the hanging loop. It would be a fun toy to give as a novelty gift to a vanilla couple or for perhaps for folks just interested in light sensation play or maybe even just to use for decoration, but for someone wanting real flogging action, it was just too tame. Of course, Eden Fantasys has a large variety of adult toys to choose from for all types of play, so I guess that although this flogger wasn't right for us, it has its place in the large scheme of things.


  1. Crafy and kinky? You're quite a woman V!

    Seriously - it makes me smile to know that you're finding a way to be happy. :)

  2. This post just reminded me that I am way overdue for a spanking.