Monday, April 18, 2011

She said: Waxed Again!

Chatting with L that day I was counting down. "OMG...I still have to wait four more hours!?!" It had been two and a half weeks since we last had sex and I was feeling edgy to the point where I was in an almost constant state of arousal. I really felt like I couldn't wait any longer. We had been together three or four times during that time where I was able to give L relief, but for me, these interludes had acted as foreplay and I was by this point very tightly wound. I think L's right...I need to revamp my wardrobe so that I can get some release in between also. Summer's coming...I'm thinking lots of sundresses and skirts this year!

I texted L to tell him I was outside waiting. He texted back, surprised that I was so early and came outside and brought me his laptop. He had downloaded some special porn for me to watch - stuff I had expressed an interest in seeing. We watched some snippets together before he went back inside and I started watching on my own. There were 6 of them, but all quite long, so I skipped through stopping to watch various parts in more detail. So focused on watching a woman being fisted, I jumped when my phone vibrated. L said to come around to the side of the building. He would leave a door there unlocked and should come inside and he'd come get me. Gathering my stuff and his laptop, I went through the door as specified. I found myself inside a small vestibule that seemed to be part of the fire exit.

In addition to stairs leading to the upper floors there were also two doors - one at either end of the long space. Some surplus cabinets and chairs occupied the room without blocking the walkway. Locking the outer door, I realized L must have left the light on for me. I flicked it off after surveying the room and moved through the darkness closer to the inner door I knew L would use to come get me and sat down on one of the chairs to wait. The only illumination came from under the two inner doors, but my eyes soon adjusted and I realized that the red exit signs were also providing some illumination. I sat for about a minute when I heard conversation coming from the other side of the door on the far side of the vestibule. The voices got closer and louder and suddenly the knob turned and the door opened and a suited arm snaked around the door to check the knob.

Panicked, I quickly got up and opened the other door and went through, quietly closing it after me. Thank goodness I had turned out the light or I might have been found out - he might either have spotted me sitting there or come through to turn off the light, in which case he couldn't have missed me. I stood for a moment in the next room working out what to do next.

Realizing I had left my bags and the laptop in the first room, I opened the door slightly. Satisfied that there was no movement, I took two steps into the room and grabbed them, and stepped back into the inner room, once again closing the door quietly behind me. Still worried that that man might come this way, I moved the bags into a corner that was off the natural path of egress, then went back and shut off the light in this room before rejoining my bags in the corner. I probably stood there for 30 seconds in the pitch black before L came through the door looking for me. It had been L talking with the other man and he seemed amused at my reaction to the experience, as my hands were still shaking.

I went with L and we got set up. Gesturing to our makeshift bed, he said, "Do you want to...?" and I cut him off right away, assuming he was going to ask if I wanted to fuck or indulge in other play first. "Yes, please!" I hadn't even worn a bra or underwear so I was able to get naked in record time. He collared me and snapped on my leash, pulling me down to suck his cock. Within a short time, he was donning a condom and with me lying on my back, he slid into me. I made a sound somewhere between a moan of pleasure and a sigh of relief - finally...and it felt soooooo good. L mixed it up...sometimes fast and hard and at other times slow and languid. We started whispering dirty words of encouragement to each other and the sex got rougher. He bit my nipples mercilessly and I put my feet down on the ground, raised my hips and we slammed into each other over and over - until he proclaimed that he was about to cum, which also put me over the edge. I don't think anything's ever felt so good. Lying there blissed out, he hugged me briefly. Knowing we were tight on time this night, he asked me if I'd like to get flogged.

I happily agreed and L grabbed the new flogger I've been working on and we took it for a test spin. Likey likey! Somehow, it is both thuddy and stingy, so it was great all around. I gave L a taste also and he agreed that it felt great. He grabbed my leash and pulled me into an open area where he tried out a new rope bra tie that he had seen. He wrapped the rope round and round my tits and it felt so nice. Satisfied with his work, he took a picture (or 6) and untied me.

He told me to stand aside and while I looked on, he moved a chair into the middle of the floor. He put me to sit in the chair, tied my hands to the arms of the chair and applied a blindfold. He then lit a candle and started dripping the wax on my tits. It was far more intense than having my ass waxed, but then I expected that. Partway through, he asked if I'd like to watch and when I said I would, he removed the blindfold. When I could take no more, he stopped and took some pictures, which I'm sure will be shared in a future HNT.

As he untied me, I asked him if he'd like to experience the wax. L seemed hesitant at first, but then said, "Why not?" Initially, he was sitting to have me wax his chest, but having fair sensitive skin, I suggested that we try on his ass first. I was worried about marks that would be difficult to explain. As he assumed the position, I stood to his side and started dripping the wax on his bottom. I'm not sure he liked it very much...certainly not as much as I did. We took turns cleaning the dried wax off of each other and checking for marks before we started packing up. We had to get going, but we had fit quite a lot of fun things into just over an hour!

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