Monday, August 30, 2010

She said: Conservation Area

My next visit to L was a chilly day. I pulled into a parking lot close to his office and sat reading my book while waiting for him to arrive. Shortly after, I glanced up to realize he had pulled in beside me. With a sexy grin, he beckoned me to join him in his car. L, being the lovely thoughtful person he is, had brought me a salad, knowing I would be missing lunch.

We drove to a nearby conservation area and driving deep into its depths, soon found a quiet parking area well away from the busier areas we passed on the way in. We pulled the car seats forward and hopped into the back seat to fool around. Kissing me deeply, he reached under my top and undid my bra, freeing my ample breasts. Stroking my back with one hand, he kneaded my breasts with the other. As he stroked down my back, he slid his hands into my pants, caressing and squeezing my backside. I pulled away and removed my pants and as he continued massaging my ass, I leaned over, opening his belt to free his delicious cock.

I sucked him deep into my mouth and curled my tongue around the crown of his kingly member, occasionally grazing him gently with my teeth. L moaned appreciatively, but stopped me as a small amount of cum escaped in my mouth. He had been trying valiently not to cum. He drew me up into his embrace and I straddled his legs, facing him on the seat. Unbuttoning his shirt, we kissed and kissed and kissed some more. I kissed and licked his neck as we engaged in a frottage that steamed up more than just the windows. I was so completely focused on him and our pleasure - I was about to go off like a rocket - that the whoop of the siren barely registered. I raised my head to see the police car pulled up across the rear of the car.

It was akin to being doused with cold water. Horrified and embarrassed, I hugged him tightly and buried my head in his shoulder briefly before rolling off of his lap and proceeding to dress. Thankfully, though my bra was undone, I had not actually removed my shirt....yet. As we quickly pulled our clothes on, the police pulled away. Dressed now, but still aching for release in my lust fog despite the interruption, we left the car and went for a short walk along the nearby river. I find water very soothing and this time was no exception. Soon he was able to laugh at the situation, though truly, it took me a little longer to appreciate the humour. After that, we made a point of being more careful about where we chose to spend our time.

He said: Conservation Area

For our next lunchtime park adventure we decided to go to a conservation area near my office. In preparation I dropped by the local supermarket and put together a salad plate for V because I knew she would be coming without eating lunch. I met her at the appointed time and she jumped into my car for the short ride to the conservation area. I had picked this particular location because a small river runs through the park and V has an affinity for running water. The park was pretty much deserted as we arrived and found a convenient place to park close to the river. The day was too cool and windy for us to find a secluded spot for our blanket so we slid the front seats forward and climbed into the back seat. We had decided to take my car because it was a full size four door with enough space in the back seat for us to get comfortable.

We soon were totally engrossed with each other shirts unbuttoned, kissing, rubbing and nibbling. V's bra was undone, her delicious brown nipples exposed for me to suck and tug with my teeth. Cleavage, neck and earlobes kissed and sucked, V soon had my pants undone and was gracing me with her fabulous oral skills. As the temperature rose in the car the windows fogged in spite of the partially opened front windows. I was soon lost in the almost indescribable feeling of pleasure as she worked her lips and tongue around my hard member. I snapped out of my reverie just as the first spurt of cum escaped my cock. That wasn't the plan, I wanted to fuck V so I clamped down and with herculean effort prevented my plan from being thwarted.

We both undressed as quickly as we could in our back seat lust nest. It took longer than we wanted but eventually V was on my lap rubbing her juicy pussy against me as I sucked her nipples and squeezed her ass. The disrobing and arranging time had caused me to wilt slightly so I wasn't quite ready to slip inside but this didn't bother V as she continued to rub against me, basting my loins with her lady juices. I was just getting ready to unwrap a condom when I heard the squawk of the siren. I looked into V's eyes which were filled with a look of combined shock, surprise and horror. Both of us were so lust fogged that we had failed to notice the police car cruise into the parking lot. Oh great, that's all we need, being charged with indecent exposure or some other offense that would reflect societies disdain for our scandalous behavior. Both V and I scrambled to get some clothes on before we were arrested so we didn't have to do the perp walk in our underwear. Evidently the police officer was not interested is seeing us naked as the police car slowly cruised out of the parking lot. We finished dressing and even managed to find V's nose stud which had been dislodged as we were writhing in ecstasy. Expecting that the police car would return to ensure that we had heeded their warning we got out of the car and walked over to the river to allow us both to cool and calm down.

As we returned to the car and started the drive back to V's car we saw the police car returning to the parking lot. We managed to avoid eye contact with the police officer as we left the conservation area. V nibbled on the salad as I drove her back to her car and we laughed about coitus interruptus policeus. I sent V on her way with a deep kiss and a tight hug and a resolution to have less excitement and more completion on our next meeting.

Monday, August 23, 2010

He said: V and I Visit the Park #1

One day V. dropped by one day for a lunchtime visit. I had previously scouted out a park a short five minute walk from my office. Though fairly open it did have some strategically placed hills and trees which created some areas where our amorous activities could take place with some degree of privacy. I met her in the parking lot, with my handy picnic blanket in hand.

We walked hand in hand to the aforementioned park, stopping for a kiss at a perfectly placed brick structure on the corner. Partially shielded from the street by trees and vines, it afforded enough privacy to put V at ease with enough exposure to give a naughty feeling. We arrived at the park and found a spot between a hill and a few trees where we would be shielded from both the gaze of the casual passerby and the bright sun. It was an unseasonably warm day, a glorious day for fun in the park. We spread the blanket, laid down, chatted, kissed, caressed and hugged. At some point V's shirt was unbuttoned and her bra was expertly opened with one hand by yours truly. I squeezed and caressed her magnificent breasts, her cute little nipples I sucked and gently bit and pulled with my teeth. Though she had assured me that her breasts were not sensitive I was determined to show her that with the proper attention anything was possible.

When it was getting close to the time I needed to head back to the office she rolled on her stomach so I could help her to refasten her bra. I took advantage of her position to slide onto her back, trapping her between my arms and kissing her neck and ears. This action was greeted by appreciative moans. As I rubbed against her I made a shocking discovery, V was ass erotic. I held her tight and dry humped her backside. I really wanted to pull her pants off and slip inside her from behind but getting arrested for public lewdness five minutes from work was a bad idea.

Reluctantly I tore my self away from V's ass of wonder and refastened her bra. We stopped on the way back to the car where I pinned her against a convenient brick wall for a deep soulful kiss and a good ass grope. I vowed to myself that our next park adventure would be less chaste and more rambunctious.

She said: The Park #1

I drove over to meet L one warm spring day. We met in a parking lot near his office and he held my hand as we walked to a nearby park. L brought a small blanket and as we entered the park, we started to scout out a nice out-of-the-way spot. Although the park was rimmed with the back yards of the surrounding neighbourhood, there were also many trees around the perimeter providing privacy to those yards. I found a spot to lay down the blanket nestled between a cluster of pine trees and a small hill, essentially provided us with privacy from both the homes and the rest of the park as we were shielded from view on both sides.

We started out lying on our backs on the blanket and talking for a bit, holding hands, every now and then exchanging a squeeze or caress. He turned on his side and raising himself on his elbow, leaned down and kissed me. We exchanged several kisses before he slid his free hand under my shirt and stroked and caressed his way up my body. Lifting my bra out of the way, he stroked my breasts and ran his fingernail over my nipples.

Many times I have read stories of women with such sensitive breasts that they can actually achieve orgasm just from having them sucked. I could never understand this, as mine are not at all sensitive. I've talked about this with L, assuring him that while I can feel his touches and they do feel nice, I can't really consider my breasts an erogenous zone. Frankly, I get more zing out of having my neck kissed that anything you could do with my breasts.

L is convinced that this is a situation that can be remedied and he, being a breast man, never gives up trying. I have to admit that many of the techniques he's used have elicited far more response than I have ever experienced in the past. I love it that he is able to almost completely envelope my abundant breasts in his very large hands and adore watching him nibble and suck them, completely dedicated to the task at hand.

After quite a long necking and petting session, L regretfully said he had to get back to the his office. As L stood up, I rolled to my stomach and pushed up on my elbows to to reposition the girls in my skewed bra and to straighten my shirt before standing up. To my surprise, L lowered himself onto the length of me, enclosed me in his arms and started kissing my neck. I arched my back to rest my head back on his shoulder, pushing my ass into his crotch. As I wiggled encouragement, he started grinding his crotch into my ass.

Oh, it felt so good! I concentrated on both the sensation and providing additional resistance to his every stroke. I could feel his rock-hard cock rubbing on my ass as he continued to dry-hump me. He clasped my hands in his, our fingers meshing as he pinned me beneath him. More than a little aroused, I moaned and writhed as he continued the delicious frottage.

I think the depth of my reaction surprised him, but my body, so long deprived of such intimate and passionate pleasures, relished every brush of his body against it. He started to nuzzle my neck and rub his cheek along my hair. His already deep voice now gravelly with lust sounded like pure hot sex as he whispered naughty things in my ear.

As he slowed the pace, he held me close and I felt so connected to him. I don't think either of us wanted to leave, but as we packed up, we agreed it certainly wasn't the time or the place to move on to more satisfying activities. Those would have to wait for next time.

Monday, August 16, 2010

She said: It's My Birthday!

Our first meeting was such a success, we hastened to arrange our next liaison, knowing fully well where it would lead. The night we both could manage to be next available happened to be my birthday. I'm not a big fan of celebrating my birthday - I have nothing against birthdays in general, I just don't enjoy being the centre of attention at my own celebration. I was very touched, however by L's thoughtfulness on this night.
I arrived to find a small spread of healthy snacks and a bottle of champagne intimately set out in the dimly lit room. As we munched and sipped, he stroked my leg, held and caressed my hand and kissed me. Food soon forgotten, we gradually undressed each other, pausing for mutual exploration as each piece of clothing was discarded. Down to my red lace bra and panties and he naked, I turned him to lean against the desk and slid my body down the length of him to kneel between his parted legs.

His beautiful cock looked good enough to eat...and, much like Jello, there's always room for cock. His grooming was exemplary, him being neatly trimmed. I focused all my attention on pleasuring him - and on the pleasure it gave me. I love to suck cock! By the time he raised me up, turned and lay me across the desk, I was soaking wet and ready for his reciprocal onslaught. From his first lick across my juicy slit, I was begging him to fuck me. Soon after, he obliged. As I raised and spread my legs for deeper penetration, we were soon racing to the finish line in a frenzy of lust.

We peaked within moments of each other and rode the crest of our passion. As we lay, him on his side, me snuggled in beside him, I ran a finger down the cheek of his handsome face and whispered,"Thank you." Happy Birthday, V!

He said: Happy Birthday V

After our first meeting V explained that the lack of climbing into the back seat and making out like crazed minks was due to her being in the midst of her girlie days at the time of our first meeting. She hadn't wanted to mention it in advance probably because she thought it would put a bit of a damper on the affairs of the day.

In due course a second meeting was arranged, this one to take place on V's birthday. I knew I had to do something special to mark the occasion so off I trundled to the local supermarket where I purchased a platter of vegetables and piece of Havarti cheese which V had told me was her favourite cheese. I also picked up a small bottle of champagne. We decided to meet after hours at my office so I could give her a tour because we have some unique items she had expressed an interest in seeing. She arrived after hours and I ushered her in to the room where I had set up my special birthday treats. I pulled her in close and kissed her with great passion which she reciprocated. Then I moved on to kissing her neck followed by gently nibbling on her earlobes. V expressed her appreciation by moaning sweetly. We broke our embrace and sat down to eat our birthday treats. V had brought along some cookies as a treat for me, a very sweet gesture. After consuming some vegetables and cheese washed down with champagne we segued to my office where I had closed the blinds and dimmed the lights.

I'm not going to go into all the clinical details but I will hit the high points. The door was closed, clothes were shed and kisses and caresses were exchanged. V had me sit on the edge of my desk while she demonstrated her considerable oral prowess on my appreciative member. Only a true cad doesn't match oral for oral so I had her lie on my desk. Then I saw it for the first time, freshly waxed, a perfect pussy. Sorry for being graphic but this is a blog for consenting adults after all. I've seen lady parts in my time but these lady parts looked good enough to eat. Lips and tongue at the ready I went to work. More like a nectarine than a peach, she was both smooth and juicy. There were no complaints from the naked vixen who was soon moaning and writhing on my desk.

Eventually my tongue got tired so we retired to the floor for some kissing, and fondling which soon progressed to me being on top of and inside her. I soon saw a sight that I would see many times in the future - V, eyes closed and grinning from ear to ear as we gave both my man parts and her lady parts a good workout. After our workout was completed and a suitable after workout cool down time had elapsed I headed off to the bathroom to dispose of the evidence. Used condom wrappers on the floor can be hard to explain away.
When I returned to my office I found her sitting in my chair, stark naked, legs crossed with her feet on the desk. With an impish smile she explained that she didn't want to leave a wet spot on my chair.

If the kiss in the parking lot on our first meeting had broken the ice then her naked in my chair with her feet on my desk shattered the glacier. We dressed and as we were leaving the office the cleaners arrived, good thing I have a lock on my door.

The next morning V IM's me. I forget her exact words but the upshot was that one of her girlfriends had noticed a hickey I had unintentionally applied to V's neck sometime during her birthday party. I was chagrined, she was mortified but luckily it had been discovered by a friend she knew wouldn't rat her out. Coverup makeup was purchased and tried with limited success. Collared shirts became the order of the day for V until my lust mark had faded. I resolved to be more careful in the future.

Monday, August 9, 2010

He said: I Meet V for the First Time

She had a bit of the "deer in the headlights look" as I approached her in the parking lot outside the restaurant near my office where we had agreed to meet for the first time. I was resolute in my decision to break the ice by embracing her and kissing her softly and gently on the lips as I had promised her in our correspondence. How would she react? As I approached she did not draw back or protest as I gently enfolded her in a hug and our lips touched. It was done and into the restaurant we walked, ice broken and the awkwardness of a first kiss avoided.

What luck, sight unseen I had picked a restaurant that had a lounge area complete with comfy couches. At this time of the afternoon the restaurant was almost deserted and we had the lounge to ourselves. She had told me she wasn't a drinker so I had to rely on my pure animal magnetism, there was to no alcohol fueled debauchery with this woman. We ordered drinks, me a beer, her an iced tea. We sat close and chatted, at some point my arm went around her shoulder and as time progressed she became more relaxed. I kissed her, we chatted, I hugged her, we chatted some more, at times we just sat, not saying anything. I ran my fingers up and down her bare arms.

At some point I kissed her neck and the reaction was remarkable, she melted and became a pool of pure hot girl lust. I heard her catch herself as she almost uttered the F-bomb as her mind went places that portended a bright future for our dalliances. Nibbling her earlobes also produced sounds and reactions that suggested V had some pretty powerful erogenous zones from the neck up. Eventually it was time for me to return to the office. I walked her to her car, said goodbye and gave what she expected was a final kiss. Before she could get into her car I returned to her side and gently but firmly trapped her body between her car door and me. As we shared a long deep kiss my hands moved lower and I squeezed her ass. If she melted when I first kissed her neck she began to boil as I caressed and squeezed her backside. She moaned, I squeezed, she moaned some more. I began to wonder if we were going to end up making out in the back seat of her car in a far corner of the parking lot. For some reason she held back. Was she worried I would think she was too easy? Was I losing my touch? I would soon find out.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

She said: Our First Meeting

It was a lovely, breezy spring day – one of those days where it’s too warm for a jacket, but too cool to go without – and I was a nervous wreck. Today, I would meet him. I met L online and we had spent quite a lot of time chatting. We had arranged to meet outside a restaurant close to his office and decided on an immediate hug and kiss to break the ice and make things a little more comfortable. You see, I can be terribly shy and even though we spoke quite comfortably on the phone once, I was feeling very highly strung – a mixture of wicked anticipation and nervous apprehension.

I arrived a little before L and recognized him from his picture as he drove in and parked. I leaned lightly against my car and tried to take deep breaths, hoping to not only remain calm, but also to appear relaxed. As he approached and our eyes met, his smile lit up his face and I released the breath I had been holding. He hugged me gently and kissed me on my lips and together we walked into the restaurant. Though we intended to sit in the bar area, on our way there we noticed a seating area with some big comfy leather couches and I think L saw me eyeing them, as he asked if I’d prefer to sit there. Since I thought sitting close beside him was infinitely better than facing him across a table, I answered in the affirmative and we placed our order – a beer for him and an iced tea for me.
As we started to talk, he put his hand on my thigh. I could feel the heat of his hand through my jeans and I covered his hand with my own. We chatted for a bit before being interrupted by the bartender bringing our drinks. Once again alone in the quiet lounge, he put his arm around me and as we alternated between chatting and quiet, but comfortable silences, he stroked my arms, hugged and kissed me. Though several of his comments and compliments made me blush, I was surprisingly comfortable with him and we had a lovely time.

When it was time for him to head back to work and me to get back to my errands, he walked me to my car. He kissed me goodbye and we parted. As I turned away to unlock my car, he returned to my side, scooped me up and kissed me thoroughly. As I stood on tiptoe and ran my hands through the hair at the nape of his neck, he simultaneously pressed me up against my car and broke the kiss to nuzzle my neck. Wow. I have had my neck kissed before, but never like that. I suddenly had difficulty forming a coherent thought and my ardour only increased as he ran his large hands down my body and proceeded to fondle and squeeze my ass. He got me so turned on, I actually considered pulling him into the car with me and having my way with him! Alas, sanity ruled the day and we did eventually say goodbye, agreeing that this was clearly the start of something special.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome to the World of our Sexual Escapades

Not much to see yet but soon I we will regale you with stories about the dalliances of V and I. V and I have decided to record the tales of our erotic escapades for posterity. Soon we will tell you the story of our glorious first meeting.