Monday, August 16, 2010

He said: Happy Birthday V

After our first meeting V explained that the lack of climbing into the back seat and making out like crazed minks was due to her being in the midst of her girlie days at the time of our first meeting. She hadn't wanted to mention it in advance probably because she thought it would put a bit of a damper on the affairs of the day.

In due course a second meeting was arranged, this one to take place on V's birthday. I knew I had to do something special to mark the occasion so off I trundled to the local supermarket where I purchased a platter of vegetables and piece of Havarti cheese which V had told me was her favourite cheese. I also picked up a small bottle of champagne. We decided to meet after hours at my office so I could give her a tour because we have some unique items she had expressed an interest in seeing. She arrived after hours and I ushered her in to the room where I had set up my special birthday treats. I pulled her in close and kissed her with great passion which she reciprocated. Then I moved on to kissing her neck followed by gently nibbling on her earlobes. V expressed her appreciation by moaning sweetly. We broke our embrace and sat down to eat our birthday treats. V had brought along some cookies as a treat for me, a very sweet gesture. After consuming some vegetables and cheese washed down with champagne we segued to my office where I had closed the blinds and dimmed the lights.

I'm not going to go into all the clinical details but I will hit the high points. The door was closed, clothes were shed and kisses and caresses were exchanged. V had me sit on the edge of my desk while she demonstrated her considerable oral prowess on my appreciative member. Only a true cad doesn't match oral for oral so I had her lie on my desk. Then I saw it for the first time, freshly waxed, a perfect pussy. Sorry for being graphic but this is a blog for consenting adults after all. I've seen lady parts in my time but these lady parts looked good enough to eat. Lips and tongue at the ready I went to work. More like a nectarine than a peach, she was both smooth and juicy. There were no complaints from the naked vixen who was soon moaning and writhing on my desk.

Eventually my tongue got tired so we retired to the floor for some kissing, and fondling which soon progressed to me being on top of and inside her. I soon saw a sight that I would see many times in the future - V, eyes closed and grinning from ear to ear as we gave both my man parts and her lady parts a good workout. After our workout was completed and a suitable after workout cool down time had elapsed I headed off to the bathroom to dispose of the evidence. Used condom wrappers on the floor can be hard to explain away.
When I returned to my office I found her sitting in my chair, stark naked, legs crossed with her feet on the desk. With an impish smile she explained that she didn't want to leave a wet spot on my chair.

If the kiss in the parking lot on our first meeting had broken the ice then her naked in my chair with her feet on my desk shattered the glacier. We dressed and as we were leaving the office the cleaners arrived, good thing I have a lock on my door.

The next morning V IM's me. I forget her exact words but the upshot was that one of her girlfriends had noticed a hickey I had unintentionally applied to V's neck sometime during her birthday party. I was chagrined, she was mortified but luckily it had been discovered by a friend she knew wouldn't rat her out. Coverup makeup was purchased and tried with limited success. Collared shirts became the order of the day for V until my lust mark had faded. I resolved to be more careful in the future.

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