Saturday, August 7, 2010

She said: Our First Meeting

It was a lovely, breezy spring day – one of those days where it’s too warm for a jacket, but too cool to go without – and I was a nervous wreck. Today, I would meet him. I met L online and we had spent quite a lot of time chatting. We had arranged to meet outside a restaurant close to his office and decided on an immediate hug and kiss to break the ice and make things a little more comfortable. You see, I can be terribly shy and even though we spoke quite comfortably on the phone once, I was feeling very highly strung – a mixture of wicked anticipation and nervous apprehension.

I arrived a little before L and recognized him from his picture as he drove in and parked. I leaned lightly against my car and tried to take deep breaths, hoping to not only remain calm, but also to appear relaxed. As he approached and our eyes met, his smile lit up his face and I released the breath I had been holding. He hugged me gently and kissed me on my lips and together we walked into the restaurant. Though we intended to sit in the bar area, on our way there we noticed a seating area with some big comfy leather couches and I think L saw me eyeing them, as he asked if I’d prefer to sit there. Since I thought sitting close beside him was infinitely better than facing him across a table, I answered in the affirmative and we placed our order – a beer for him and an iced tea for me.
As we started to talk, he put his hand on my thigh. I could feel the heat of his hand through my jeans and I covered his hand with my own. We chatted for a bit before being interrupted by the bartender bringing our drinks. Once again alone in the quiet lounge, he put his arm around me and as we alternated between chatting and quiet, but comfortable silences, he stroked my arms, hugged and kissed me. Though several of his comments and compliments made me blush, I was surprisingly comfortable with him and we had a lovely time.

When it was time for him to head back to work and me to get back to my errands, he walked me to my car. He kissed me goodbye and we parted. As I turned away to unlock my car, he returned to my side, scooped me up and kissed me thoroughly. As I stood on tiptoe and ran my hands through the hair at the nape of his neck, he simultaneously pressed me up against my car and broke the kiss to nuzzle my neck. Wow. I have had my neck kissed before, but never like that. I suddenly had difficulty forming a coherent thought and my ardour only increased as he ran his large hands down my body and proceeded to fondle and squeeze my ass. He got me so turned on, I actually considered pulling him into the car with me and having my way with him! Alas, sanity ruled the day and we did eventually say goodbye, agreeing that this was clearly the start of something special.

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