Monday, August 9, 2010

He said: I Meet V for the First Time

She had a bit of the "deer in the headlights look" as I approached her in the parking lot outside the restaurant near my office where we had agreed to meet for the first time. I was resolute in my decision to break the ice by embracing her and kissing her softly and gently on the lips as I had promised her in our correspondence. How would she react? As I approached she did not draw back or protest as I gently enfolded her in a hug and our lips touched. It was done and into the restaurant we walked, ice broken and the awkwardness of a first kiss avoided.

What luck, sight unseen I had picked a restaurant that had a lounge area complete with comfy couches. At this time of the afternoon the restaurant was almost deserted and we had the lounge to ourselves. She had told me she wasn't a drinker so I had to rely on my pure animal magnetism, there was to no alcohol fueled debauchery with this woman. We ordered drinks, me a beer, her an iced tea. We sat close and chatted, at some point my arm went around her shoulder and as time progressed she became more relaxed. I kissed her, we chatted, I hugged her, we chatted some more, at times we just sat, not saying anything. I ran my fingers up and down her bare arms.

At some point I kissed her neck and the reaction was remarkable, she melted and became a pool of pure hot girl lust. I heard her catch herself as she almost uttered the F-bomb as her mind went places that portended a bright future for our dalliances. Nibbling her earlobes also produced sounds and reactions that suggested V had some pretty powerful erogenous zones from the neck up. Eventually it was time for me to return to the office. I walked her to her car, said goodbye and gave what she expected was a final kiss. Before she could get into her car I returned to her side and gently but firmly trapped her body between her car door and me. As we shared a long deep kiss my hands moved lower and I squeezed her ass. If she melted when I first kissed her neck she began to boil as I caressed and squeezed her backside. She moaned, I squeezed, she moaned some more. I began to wonder if we were going to end up making out in the back seat of her car in a far corner of the parking lot. For some reason she held back. Was she worried I would think she was too easy? Was I losing my touch? I would soon find out.

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