Monday, August 23, 2010

She said: The Park #1

I drove over to meet L one warm spring day. We met in a parking lot near his office and he held my hand as we walked to a nearby park. L brought a small blanket and as we entered the park, we started to scout out a nice out-of-the-way spot. Although the park was rimmed with the back yards of the surrounding neighbourhood, there were also many trees around the perimeter providing privacy to those yards. I found a spot to lay down the blanket nestled between a cluster of pine trees and a small hill, essentially provided us with privacy from both the homes and the rest of the park as we were shielded from view on both sides.

We started out lying on our backs on the blanket and talking for a bit, holding hands, every now and then exchanging a squeeze or caress. He turned on his side and raising himself on his elbow, leaned down and kissed me. We exchanged several kisses before he slid his free hand under my shirt and stroked and caressed his way up my body. Lifting my bra out of the way, he stroked my breasts and ran his fingernail over my nipples.

Many times I have read stories of women with such sensitive breasts that they can actually achieve orgasm just from having them sucked. I could never understand this, as mine are not at all sensitive. I've talked about this with L, assuring him that while I can feel his touches and they do feel nice, I can't really consider my breasts an erogenous zone. Frankly, I get more zing out of having my neck kissed that anything you could do with my breasts.

L is convinced that this is a situation that can be remedied and he, being a breast man, never gives up trying. I have to admit that many of the techniques he's used have elicited far more response than I have ever experienced in the past. I love it that he is able to almost completely envelope my abundant breasts in his very large hands and adore watching him nibble and suck them, completely dedicated to the task at hand.

After quite a long necking and petting session, L regretfully said he had to get back to the his office. As L stood up, I rolled to my stomach and pushed up on my elbows to to reposition the girls in my skewed bra and to straighten my shirt before standing up. To my surprise, L lowered himself onto the length of me, enclosed me in his arms and started kissing my neck. I arched my back to rest my head back on his shoulder, pushing my ass into his crotch. As I wiggled encouragement, he started grinding his crotch into my ass.

Oh, it felt so good! I concentrated on both the sensation and providing additional resistance to his every stroke. I could feel his rock-hard cock rubbing on my ass as he continued to dry-hump me. He clasped my hands in his, our fingers meshing as he pinned me beneath him. More than a little aroused, I moaned and writhed as he continued the delicious frottage.

I think the depth of my reaction surprised him, but my body, so long deprived of such intimate and passionate pleasures, relished every brush of his body against it. He started to nuzzle my neck and rub his cheek along my hair. His already deep voice now gravelly with lust sounded like pure hot sex as he whispered naughty things in my ear.

As he slowed the pace, he held me close and I felt so connected to him. I don't think either of us wanted to leave, but as we packed up, we agreed it certainly wasn't the time or the place to move on to more satisfying activities. Those would have to wait for next time.

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