Monday, August 23, 2010

He said: V and I Visit the Park #1

One day V. dropped by one day for a lunchtime visit. I had previously scouted out a park a short five minute walk from my office. Though fairly open it did have some strategically placed hills and trees which created some areas where our amorous activities could take place with some degree of privacy. I met her in the parking lot, with my handy picnic blanket in hand.

We walked hand in hand to the aforementioned park, stopping for a kiss at a perfectly placed brick structure on the corner. Partially shielded from the street by trees and vines, it afforded enough privacy to put V at ease with enough exposure to give a naughty feeling. We arrived at the park and found a spot between a hill and a few trees where we would be shielded from both the gaze of the casual passerby and the bright sun. It was an unseasonably warm day, a glorious day for fun in the park. We spread the blanket, laid down, chatted, kissed, caressed and hugged. At some point V's shirt was unbuttoned and her bra was expertly opened with one hand by yours truly. I squeezed and caressed her magnificent breasts, her cute little nipples I sucked and gently bit and pulled with my teeth. Though she had assured me that her breasts were not sensitive I was determined to show her that with the proper attention anything was possible.

When it was getting close to the time I needed to head back to the office she rolled on her stomach so I could help her to refasten her bra. I took advantage of her position to slide onto her back, trapping her between my arms and kissing her neck and ears. This action was greeted by appreciative moans. As I rubbed against her I made a shocking discovery, V was ass erotic. I held her tight and dry humped her backside. I really wanted to pull her pants off and slip inside her from behind but getting arrested for public lewdness five minutes from work was a bad idea.

Reluctantly I tore my self away from V's ass of wonder and refastened her bra. We stopped on the way back to the car where I pinned her against a convenient brick wall for a deep soulful kiss and a good ass grope. I vowed to myself that our next park adventure would be less chaste and more rambunctious.

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