Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our HNT #54

We finally had some fun with pallet wrap. L decided that......

.......a quick squeeze is the best way to check for freshness!


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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TMI Tuesday - 11/29

Fun(ny) Stuff I Heard

1. Finish this thought: Nerds make me ____ ? (idea from PocketRockettz)
I guess that depends on how you define nerd. I looked up the word and there are many connotations, so I went with this one from the Urban Dictionary: "An individual persecuted for his superior skills or intellect, most often by people who fear and envy him." I like this definition. I must say that there's nothing better to me than a man with brains and if he can spell too, then I'm hooked. I'm not the smartest woman going - I don't have superior skills or even great intellect, but I do love to be mentally (and physically and sexually, too!) challenged and pushed to expand and learn and grow. My mind needs to be busy and likes to have information to process - I'd even read a cereal box rather than do nothing. I don't see any reason to fear this type of person, but only see it as a welcome opportunity to broaden my own horizons.

2. If you were in a beauty pageant, which would be your ticket to the tiara? (heard on the Newlywed Game)
a. Talent
b. Interview
c. Swimsuit
d. Evening wear (i.e., gown, tuxedo)
First of all, let's be clear - I'd never make it to a beauty pageant in the first place. Given that, I struggle to pick a section here where I'd shine. I guess I'd have to say talent, though I don't really have any very outstanding talents that would be appropriate for a pageant. The interview wouldn't go well, because I'm horribly shy. Swimsuit? Evening wear? Sigh...I won't even go there - not even close to pageant-worthy.

3. On your body what is eye candy and what is an eyesore?
Frankly, it's all an eyesore to me, but if I had to pick something that was eye candy, perhaps my eyes. I don't think there's anything special about them as such, but they're okay.

4. Your penis is starring in a gritty crime drama? Which part would it play?
a. Straight laced detective
b. Hooded criminal
c. Crooked cop
Thank goodness for the female genitalia. What's with these hard questions today!? lol

5. Would you rather? (as heard on the Graham Norton Show)
a. Eat dog food for every meal for a year or
b. Get shot in the knee
I'd go for the dog food. I need my knees. ;) The worst that would happen with the dog food is that I'd lose some weight - I can afford that.

6. If you crapped yourself at work what would you do? (This was a poll taken at a blues bar…seriously)
a. Go commando
b. Do nothing
c. Turn ‘em inside out
d. Wash in employee sink
Wow. Thankfully, I cannot answer this one from experience, however I think I'd probably tuck them in my purse (using the ziploc bag from my lunch if it was a serious accident) and just go commando.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

He said: Girlie Days Again?

Well thanks so much blogger. did you know when you hit enter While editing a post it publishes the post? Me either, sigh.

I'm beginning to think we should rename girlie days to anal days because that's where I seem to end up when Mother Nature comes to visit. This day was a day like most others, the mischief bag was open, the required lubes and toys were arrayed as I used our big black butt plug to prepare V's backside for my weapon of ass obstruction. I was going to write destruction but that is not my intent when I insert my massive man missile in V's backside. This was to be a special anal adventure because we planned to use our new doggie style sex sling that we had received from our kinky sex toy suppliers Eden Fantasys.

With V's butt lubed and appropriately prepared I rolled on a condom, applied more lube to it and had V assume a butt up head down attitude on her hands and knees. I slipped my slippery dick into her ass, wiped the lube off my hands and put the sex sling around V's thighs, put my hands in the handles and pulled her back onto me. Oh my goodness gracious! Two thumbs way up in the improving ass fucking department for this little gem. So simple yet so useful. No more grasping for purchase with lube covered hands on slippery hips. It felt great, the control was amazing and V was making very appreciative noises. She didn't even reach for the handy dandy little vibrator she had prepared before we had started. I leaned back on my haunches to get some more leverage and that's when the wheels fell off as my calf suddenly cramped up. This was not a little cramp that could be ignored it was massive and painful. I leaned forward over V's back hoping the stretching would relieve the pain but no dice. I squeaked out something to V as I released the sling handles and fell over backwards reaching down to massage my calf furiously to relieve the pain. V was suitably sympathetic which of course made me feel even worse. What kind of manly man gets a cramp while ass fucking his girl?

Eventually the cramp subsided and I climbed back into the saddle, though it wasn't quite the same as before. Of course I still came and V and I had a good laugh about it post coitus. The end result was a successful day and a newfound respect for the simple sex sling. It may be inexpensive but it certainly is effective. We will definitely be using it again, but next time with V bent over a table so my calves can stay extended.

She said: Right in the Groove

It was girly days, but I was horny anyway. Of course. As L has asked me, when am I not? We set up and got out the Mischief Bag. I knew what was coming - anal. But I still wanted to cum too, so I unpacked Big Purple our large purple dildo and a small vibrator and had them at the ready. L got me ready with lube and the largest of our butt plugs while I got him ready by sucking his delicious cock. Both primed and ready, I got on my hands and knees.

After donning a condom, L got our latest item from Eden Fantasys (purveyors of quality sex toys) out of the Mischief Bag. It was the I like it doggie style sex sling. L has long complained that when we have anal sex, the lube gets everywhere and though I always just tell him to wipe the extra lube off on me, he doesn't like to do that. He also finds that because his hands get so lubey that he cannot get a secure grip on my hips when he's banging me. We were hoping this sex sling would be the answer.

He slipped the sling under me and positioned the handles where he could grab them once ready. Kneeling between my legs, he slid his cock in to my ready ass. As he slid in to the hilt, he leaned forward and picked up the handles. Carefully running the sling across my middle to ensure my comfort, he pulled the handles securely and pulled me firmly toward him as he started to pump his cock into my ass.

Although I've come to truly love anal, I've never quite understood when I've read that one could orgasm from anal sex. After this session, I now totally believe that's possible. I loved the feeling of being held firmly to L with the sling and his cock felt just amazing. I don't know what made this particular session so much more intensely stimulating, but as I moaned in pleasure stroke after stroke, L echoed my moans, with an occasional "fuck yeah" thrown in for good measure. But then something changed....I knew something was wrong. L was suddenly out of the moment, perturbed by something, though he continued to fuck me.

"What's wrong?" I asked. He made a sound of frustration and pulled out. Poor L had a cramp in his leg! We got him sorted out and he remounted, but though it still felt very good, it just wasn't that incredible 'in the groove' feeling we had going on earlier. Nonetheless, L came resoundingly soon after. The dildo and the vibrator remained untouched, mostly because the pre-cramp sensations had been so over the top, that I actually thought I might cum without them. Post-cramp, I was a bit worried he'd have a recurrence and I didn't think of them. I generally like to get a DP thing going on with the dildo while he fucks my ass or at least use the vibrator. The resultant orgasms cause such strong involuntary contractions that they almost always send L over the edge. All in all, the sex sling worked great and I can absolutely see us using it again.

I think sometime soon I'd like try having L bend me over a table and while holding me down with one hand between my shoulder blades, use a fistful of my hair for leverage as he sinks his cock deep into my ass. I think that would be quite delicious. I'll have to ask him and see what he thinks. Maybe next time.....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our HNT #53

Several months ago, we were given a Whartenburg Wheel which we were truly disappointed with - it was more a toy than the lethal pokey thing it looks like it should be. You can see a pic of us trying to play with it here. Not too long after that, I saw someone with one that looked less toy-like and they said it was a medical grade one and told me where to get one. A few weeks ago, I finally did so and L used it for the first time in his recent quest to bruise my ass. It was just supposed to be a fun thing to try in between the paddles and crops and floggers, but in addition to feeling deliciously pokey, it ended up leaving the most lasting damage!

*click* to see the aftermath


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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TMI Tuesday - 11/21

What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin'?

In the United States Thanksgiving is this week, so a lot of folks will be cooking up a storm in preparation. Of course we are Canadian and have already had our Thanksgiving celebration last month, but many other holidays will occur over the next month around the world, including Christmas and everyone seems to celebrate with food, hence, the TMI Tuesday theme…Cooking.

1. Haagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s?
I'm not a big fan of ice cream. On the rare occasion that I have a half-scoop, it'd be vanilla. I don't really care about the brand - I don't really eat enough of it to have any kind of opinion on what kind might taste best.

2. What is always in your refrigerator?
Lots of things! Butter, yeast, lots of fresh vegetables, milk, eggs and condiments galore to name but a few.

3. What’s your worst kitchen disaster?
I've been in the kitchen as long as I can remember, so even marrying at a young age, I was already an accomplished cook and baker. The only disaster I can think of involves me asking someone to stir while I went to do something else. Big (and costly) mistake! They stirred alright, but ignored (and neglected to advise me of) everything else that was going on and their inattention destroyed my fairly new stove! Sigh...we all know how much someone who loves to cook just hates getting a new stove...... :D

4. Favorite kitchen gadget?
I love kitchen gadgets and I have a tool for everything....separate citrus squeezers for oranges, lemons and limes, garlic presses, nutmeg graters, strawberry hullers, cherry pitters, cookie dough scoops so that all my cookies are a uniform size, special double-ended grapefruit knives (one end to scoop/cut the grapefruit out of the skin and the other to segment it), apple corers, wavy knives for slicing crudité, 8 different whisks, butter spreaders, very sharp good quality get the idea. How could I possibly choose a favourite?

5. What was your last meal? Did you like it?
The last meal I cooked was a rich, hearty beef stew. It was a cold day and the hot stew really hit the spot, served with crusty French bread.

6. What’s your favorite cookie?
I really love peanut butter cookies. They are my absolute favourite, but I also like shortbread cookies quite a bit. Shortbread cookies are my Everest - it's the one cookie I've never been able to master, despite numerous attempts. I mean, how hard can it be? There are only 4 ingredients at most! So although I make all kinds of intricate cookies - checkerboards, ones with swirls, etc. - I have yet to make a shortbread cookie that meets my own expectations.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

She said: Weapons of Ass Destruction

We were supposed to meet on the Friday night, but then something came up and we had to cancel...and we were both terribly disappointed. We had both been looking forward to getting together to play all week. L was determined to bruise my ass and he had a plan. I was a little....I won't say scared, though that's the word I used to him. Nervous is a better word. I knew I'd be in for the most intense beating yet and I was a bit worried about a few things.

He has put me into subspace once before - which we didn't expect - and when I dropped, it wasn't pretty (there is a very good explanatory article here, though the colour is murder on the eyes!). After sobbing uncontrollably in his arms after he untied me, it took me ages to feel like myself again. I even left him to use the washroom and wandered around what should have been a familiar place, not sure where to go. Over the next couple of days, I sunk into a kind of depression, magnified because he was away on a business trip and unable to interact with me very much, except for a couple of hours in the evenings. It wasn't a good experience - bottom line was that we didn't anticipate an issue and were not properly prepared. This time would be different - we were prepared for this eventuality. This day we had lots of time together and we would be seeing each other - or at least he'd be available - over the the next couple of days. Unreasonable perhaps, but I must say it pissed me off that these precautions were even necessary. I am a strong, capable woman and I really hated feeling so weak and needy. I really struggled to understand why I wasn't able to deal with it without falling apart.

We got inside and L lead me to the room we'd be playing in that day. I stood very quietly to the side, watching while he rifled through the Mischief Bag, pulling out a multitude of implements that he intended to use. If it could be used to beat my ass, he brought it out. Seeing my hesitation, he called me closer and showed me the items one by one as he picked them out looking up at me between each extraction. Slut paddle, ping pong paddle, hairbrush, stingy flogger, thuddy flogger, riding crop, Whartenburg Wheel - he even removed his belt from his pants as an added option. He stopped and stared into my face trying to read my reaction and pronounced that it was a cross between "I'm being fucked and I like it" .... and fear.

He told me he'd undress me and went and stood behind me. He instructed me to raise my hands and grabbing my shirt at the hem, he pulled it off over my head and tossed it to one side. Next, he undid my bra and it dropped to the floor beside me. He took one arm and pulled it around to my back and handcuffed my wrist, then did the same to the other one. Leaving me standing thus bound, he went and got some rope, hooked it over a metal frame in the middle of the room in readiness and returned to me, removing the handcuffs. Hands free again, he told me to take my pants off. I unbuttoned and removed my jeans and stood there. He looked up from what he was doing and said I'd better take my panties off too, since they were too pretty to cut off of me, which is what he'd do if I didn't hurry up and take them off. I quickly pulled them off and he called me over to the frame.

He tried a couple of things before deciding he had found the best way of securing my hands out of the way. He doesn't like it when I reflexively try to sooth my bottom after a particularly hard lash - he's always worried my hand will inadvertently get caught in the next lash and that I'll get hurt. Secured, he blindfolded me and off he went. He'd rub each item over my ass and have me try to guess what it was before he starting using it. He started to warm me up using the tabbed end of the riding crop. He'd work me over with an item and when he judged that I'd had enough for the moment, he would come up behind me and hold me from behind, hands full of my breasts and kissing and nipping my neck before moving on to the next thing. Other times, he would finger me, amazed at how turned on and wet I was from the flogging. One of these times, I realized he was still completely dressed. There's something fucking hot about interacting with him when I'm completely naked and he's fully dressed.

Some things I could take quite a lot of - like the floggers, for example. He was more heavy-handed than usual, but still I was able to take quite a lot more than I could of the brush, for example. Even the ping pong paddle is pleasant compared to the hairbrush! It was clear he wasn't without worry either - he asked me often if I was okay and frequently checked my hands to make sure the circulation was okay. I tried to stay focused on processing the pain. In the groove, I'm amazed at how much I can take, whereas other times, if I'm not mentally prepared, I can't take much at all. I used the same method I use to get through my Brazilian waxing virtually pain free every three weeks. :P

Finally, I was starting to get shaky on my legs. I didn't feel like I was maxed out - I could have and in fact did take more - I just couldn't do it standing and tied up any more. L removed the blindfold and untied one hand quickly and brought me a chair to sit in while he untied the other. I teared up a bit, but I think that was just from being worried about what would come next - concern about feeling like I did last time. All untied now, he took me by the hand and brought me to lie down on the blanket with him. He held me and talked to me, asking me about how I felt. I told him I felt okay and he looked a bit sceptical - I think he was worried that I was trying to be tough and not show it, but I wasn't. I think between keeping my mind focused and the frequent question/answer exchange we had going on, I never drifted and went into la-la-land like I did before. He checked my wrists and then my ass to see "what the damage was". He took several pictures which he showed me and I was surprised at the results and amused at the rows of dots from the passes with the Whartenburg Wheel. He asked me if I thought I could take more and I said I could, so we played a little more with the ping pong paddle, the riding crop and his belt while I lay on the blanket.

When he thought I'd had enough, L undressed and came and lay down with me. We kissed and stroked each other and I played with his cock with my hand until he was very hard. He rolled over on his back. I saw him reach into the Mischief Bag and he slid on a vibrating cock ring he had in there. I straddled him and slid down over his cock with ease - I had been soaking wet since the first few lashes. It felt so wonderful - the sensation of his rock hard cock sliding in and out of me, combined with the constant, gentle buzz of the cock ring. We were both obviously heavily aroused - it didn't take long at all before we both came simultaneously.

We cleaned up and decided to put away all the implements while tidying up the Mischief Bag. Once we had all the toys cleaned, disinfected and put away, we lay back on the blanket and in no time L was slipping into me again. I was not as wet this time, which to me, magnified the feeling of his cock sliding into me. We both remarked several times about how good it felt and when L came, I was so very close that I was able to push myself over the edge with just another stroke or two, intertwining my legs with his and stretching and stiffening my body as the orgasm washed over me.

I opened my eyes and smiled at him, stretching upward for a kiss. I must have had a funny look on my face - he asked, "What?"

I giggled and said, "I'm hungry."

We disconnected ourselves from each other and again got cleaned up, but also got dressed this time. We picked up all our belongings and moved to L's office where we had some sushi and fruit I had brought. Sated now in every way, we left the building together, parting with a hug and a kiss when we got to our cars. The whole next day, my ass was tender, but back to normal the following day. I think it's a lost cause, though....all that abuse and still no bruises! I wonder if L has more ideas......

He said: Ass of Iron

With what did I strike her, let me count the items. There was the SLUT paddle, the riding crop, my leather belt, the stingy flogger, the thuddy flogger, the ping pong paddle, the brush and my hand. I smacked her ass standing up, I smacked her ass lying down. It got quite red but the end result was not a bruise to be seen. Why is he so obsessed with bruising her ass, you may ask. Frankly, I don't know but try as I might V's ass of iron has thwarted all my attempts.

I smacked her ass by surprise, I made her tell me how many she wanted and then count the smacks. V liked the second case better, she said it made it easier for her to tolerate the ass abuse.

I might have been bested, but I must tell you the attempts were quite enjoyable. Perhaps now that it isn't a goal I am focusing on so intently it might happen by serendipity. Now I have to find a new kinky Everest to attempt with my intrepid coexplorer.

If you read V's post you will get her exquisitely detailed explanation of the afternoon including the two times I fucked her that day as a reward for being such an ass abuse trooper. Once cowgirl style with her impaled on my hard cock, another time on her back pounding her hard and fast as I looked down at her with her big "I'm getting fucked" smile. You'll see her description of our snack afterwards but one thing you won't see is pictures of her poor abused ass. Those are here and only here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our HNT #52



Libidinous Man has great hands
They touch and squeeze and knead
Sometimes a pinch they apply
Followed with a soft caress
Libidinous Man has great hands
Voluptuous Vixen has great breasts
Soft, yet firm - and always warm
Much too magnificent to be called tits
Her nipples ache to be touched
Voluptuous Vixen has great breasts

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TMI Tuesday - 11/15

Formspring Follies

Today’s TMI Tuesday consist of Formspring questions pulled from around the Web. The NY Times called Formspring “An E-vite to Insults and Crude Queries.” I admit, I pulled the tame, less crude questions.

1. What is your favorite type of weather?
My favourite type of weather is warm and sunny, but I also really love a good violent storm.

2. How do you sustain the motivation and energy needed to write erotica regularly?
Being with L is all the motivation I need. He's a very creative lover, always interested in trying new things - which I find very exciting and motivating. Even when the sex is of the more common everyday variety, there's something delicious about playing it over in my head and coming up with the words to describe it. I'm not sure it's always hot enough for our readers, but it never gets old to me!

3. Do you like role play? What is your favorite scenario?
I do like to role play, though it isn't something we've done too much of. I'm sure it's on our bucket list somewhere, though.

4. Have you ever been hurt so badly in a past relationship, that it has affected you for the rest of your life?

5. What message would you want to put in a fortune cookie?
Danger: Not for human consumption.

6. How big is your dick?
If I had one, I'm sure it would be huge.

Bonus: I would like to know, do you have Formspring on your blog? Why or why not?
Yes, we do have a link to Formspring on our blog, which we recently added. We added it because we thought that readers might have questions for us that we could answer in a more informal way to augment our posts, which strictly documents our fun together.

Bonus, bonus: What is the best or oddest formspring question you’ve been asked? What was your answer?
Well, we've only had two questions so far. One asked for more information about the band I'm in. The other asked about our ages when we had our first sexual experiences. Neither was particularly odd. I answered the band question as thoroughly as I could without divulging my identity. Although L and I were both sexually aware at a very early age, we were both nearly out of our teens we each had sexual intercourse for the first time.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

He said: L gets his rocks off

Another Monday, another BJ post. If you've read V's post you'll already know all the juicy details, so what can I add? You already know we had dinner and went back to the van, V sucked my cock which she does so well. Oh my goodness, I feel a stirring in my loins just thinking about her wedged into the backseat of the van, me with my pants pulled partway down waiting for the overhead light to fade off so V could get down to business.We had already patiently waited while the guy two cars down had slowly and laboriously unpacked the crap from his car so we could get busy. It was a busy parking lot with people and cars passing as V expertly sucked my hard cock. The thought of perhaps getting discovered was exciting. When V popped up after having swallowed all of my emissions she had a look of naughty delight on her face. My leg had gotten a bit stiff during our brief but fruitful oral interlude but I didn't care. The stiffness in my leg would soon pass as V had relieved the stiffness in my groin.What more can I add? V did such a good job of describing our pregame oral activities that I am at a loss as to how I can further document the experience. Perhaps I shall sleep on it and see if anything else pops up. Oh, speaking of popping up wait until you read about our next kinky encounter. Let's just say I went through everything in the mischief bag that could possibly be applied to V's ass, but that story will have to wait for another day.

She said: Backseat BJ

L and I had tickets to go watch one of the professional sports teams play in our city. We decided we'd each leave straight from work and get there early so that we could have dinner together first. We had been to events in that area before and there is a specific underground parking lot that we normally use. It's small, well lit and close to all the good stuff. It's also very reasonably priced at a fraction of the usual downtown parking cost.

I got there first and parked and went upstairs to wait in front of the restaurant. No sooner did I do that, then it started to rain. Since I didn't want to go inside without L, I decided to go back down into the parking garage and wait in my van. Once I got back to the van, I sent L a text to say that I had arrived and that there were two free spots in the lot near the exit. He responded to say that he was still en route, but would be there soon.

I played word games on my phone while I waited for him to arrive. Every now and then he'd send me a quick text to let me know what intersection he was at so I could follow his progress by these one-word texts. Within a short time, I saw him pull into the parking area. The two spots I had texted him about had long since been filled, but since people finishing their workday seemed to be leaving regularly, there were still spots available for him and he parked a few cars away.

I gathered my things and went over to meet him. He got out and grabbed his bag and off we went. L decided he'd prefer the restaurant next door to the one we had originally agreed upon, so we went there instead. As we climbed the stairs up to the front door, L realized that he had left something behind in the car, so we settled into a nice table by a large window overlooking the street below, knowing that we'd be heading back to the car before going on to the game. L ordered a beer and sipped it while we perused the menus. The waitress came back and I ordered the quesadillas while L decided on the pot roast poutine. I laughed because I had been looking at that on the menu and wondering who really eats that stuff!

We chatted a bit and I shared some books I had purchased that day with him. As he looked through them we talked about ideas for some future fun things to do together. Our food arrived and we put the books away and turned our attention to the yummy food. I was glad to see that the poutine didn't look nearly as artery-clogging as it had sounded! My quesadillas were delish and I enjoyed munching on them and spending the time with L.

We finished up, paid our bill and after a quick visit to the washroom, we left and headed back to the parking garage. Just before he reached his car, L turned back and came to me, putting his arm around my waist and pulling me close. Looking down at me, he said that if I was game, he thought we'd have enough time to get a blowjob in my van before the game started. I agreed that we could do that and he went back to his car to grab the stuff he had forgotten. I went back to my van and stood for a moment thinking about how best to do it.

You see, the parking garage is quite small. It's just two long rows of cars with a one-way path in between. You enter at one end and exit at the other. It's a busy lot, people coming and going all the time. It's very well lit. Also we were parked within 8 cars of the exit, where a few staff manned the booth. The back windows of the van are tinted, but that wasn't going to be helpful here at all, since backing into the spot is mandatory and the front windows have no tint. I finally figured out what I thought would work best and I removed my coat and put all my stuff on the front passenger seat. I slid the back door open, folded over the middle seat and then sat on the edge waiting for L to join me.

I wondered what was taking him so long. I could see him, though not clearly, through the windows of the SUV beside me. He was standing beside his car doing something. My phone pinged heralding a text message. It was L - apparently someone had pulled in on the other side of me and he was waiting for them to leave. I hadn't noticed because I was sitting on the floor with my back them. Finally L came over. I told him to leave his stuff with mine on the front seat and to get in the very back seats of the van. I had folded down the back of the middle seat hoping that would provide me with enough room to kneel in front of him.

L got in, lay back on the seat and unzipped. Before I could get the sliding door shut, he already had his cock out and waiting for me. It took me three tries to get the door closed properly and then I lay down on the folded over chair waiting for the interior light to turn off. I looked over at L and smiled...there we were, each of us lying across a seat waiting for the light to turn off so that I could suck his cock - it just struck me as cute.

The light finally faded off and I got down on my knees in front of him and leaned forward to take him in my mouth. It had been a while and I've seriously missed sucking his cock. The first time I pulled him deep into my mouth he moaned and I took my cue from that, taking him so deep into my throat that it was blocking my airway. As I did so, I moved my head from side to side, massaging the head of his cock with my throat. As I pulled back, I dragged my tongue along the length of him before taking him deep again. He held one of my hands while I slid the other up under his jacket and slid it around the waistband of his pants. I moaned and I could feel my panties getting wet - I always get so much pleasure from giving him pleasure.

All the while, I listened carefully and I have to say that it was the closest I've ever felt to being discovered. The constant sounds of cars driving by, car doors closing, alarms being activated and people walking by only ramped up the excitement of sucking his cock in such an environment. It probably had the same effect on him, because it wasn't long before he shot his cum in my mouth and I swallowed every drop.

I was careful getting up and thank goodness for that! Someone had parked directly across from us. Their headlights were still on, though the man was out of the car. He used the hood as a resting place as he took items out of the car and packed them into a bag. I didn't want to just pop up so we waited until he had left. When I tried to get up, I laughed. My ample hips were wedged between the side of he van and the folded over seat so tightly that it was a struggle to even move. Finally I was able to unstick myself and I opened the sliding door and got out. L followed and we quickly put our coats back on and grabbed our stuff for the game.

We were just in time, it seems. Just as we walked away from the van, the same man returned to the parking garage - apparently he had forgotten something. It would have been interesting had he come back moments earlier to see us both exiting the back of the van, adjusting clothing and pulling on our jackets as we went. Smiling conspiratorially up at L, I turned and ran up the stairs and off we went down the street to the game.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TMI Tuesday - 11/8

This week’s TMI Tuesday was the idea of

1. Do you have a set of dishes that are used for special occassions (e.g. china)? Yes or no. If yes, how often do you use the special dishes?
a. any day because every day is special
b. once a week
c. only for holidays and celebration
d. never, it is displayed in a china cabinet or collecting dust in a box in the attic
Yes, I collect a lovely British china, each piece patterned with its own unique flora. My response is C - I generally only use them for holidays and celebrations, however sometimes I just feel like pampering myself and will eat my lunch or have a hot drink using them. They are very pretty, but not particularly fancy and could easily be used for every day, however they are fairly expensive. Since I'm not the only one handling then, I'd hate to have them mistreated and suffer occasional breakage like the everyday stuff does.

2. Do you have clothes that you never wear because you are saving them for a special occasion? What is that item of clothing? What would be the appropriate occasion?
I don't really have any clothing that I don't wear, though I have things that I don't wear often. Not every piece of clothing is suitable for every occasion, of course, so some are worn more than others. I pretty much own the bare minimum clothing, though - I really don't need much, except that I perhaps have an inordinate number of matching bra and panty sets.

3. If you suddenly became very wealthy, which servants would you employ?
a. cleaning service
b. housekeeper
c. cook
d. valet/maid/lady-in-waiting
e. chauffeur
f. dog-walker
g. other
There's a good chance the answer would be "none", but for this purpose, I'll say that I'd employ a housekeeper. I enjoy cooking and cleaning, but I'm a very busy person and could use the help. Since there are some tasks that I like completed in a very particular way, I'd prefer a housekeeper to a cleaning service, as a housekeeper would be around enough to learn how I like things done.

4. If you were wealthy, how many homes would you own? Where? (locations–mountains, tropical places for the winter, foreign country/city)
I suspect I'd own one home and then rent as required wherever I wanted to be at any given time. That would afford me maximum flexibility to go wherever I wish and still maintain a home base.

5. If you were going to take on a really expensive hobby, which of these would it be?
a. buy an airplane
b. buy a yacht
c. buy a small winery
d. raise exotic animals
I've always wanted to learn to pilot a plane - it's one of my dreams - but I would probably buy a yacht. Being on the water sooths my soul.

6. What kind of car would you buy if you had an unlimited budget?
a. expensive sports car
b. luxury car
c. monster truck
d. expensive hybrid or electric car
e. cheap car (I’d be too nervous driving an expensive car).
f. something for the chauffeur to drive me around in
I love driving, so the car I chose would not be based on budget per se, but would be based on handling, speed, responsiveness, etc. Since you get what you pay for, I expect that might be an expensive car, but I wouldn't be picky about what form that car took, only that I'd seriously enjoy driving it!

Bonus: Currently, what is your favorite luxury item or decadent thing that you do?
I'm a simple person and for the most part I like simple things. I can't think of anything luxurious or decadent that I do on a regular basis, though I have indulged in luxury and decadence at times. For example, a couple times L and I have enjoyed a couples massage at an excellent, but expensive spa in our city.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

He said:Fucking and Spanking

I am on a quest to bruise V's bottom. That sounds terrible, doesn't it? She wants it as much as I do. She wears her hickeys and bite mark decorated back, arms and breasts like badges of honour. Now before you think I am batshit crazy I should add that hard biting is a relatively rare occurrence in our sexual repertoire. The occasional hard nipple bite to push V over the edge when she is teetering on the edge of orgasm. I try to avoid leaving marks where they will be hard to hide or explain and have tried in the past to give V a butt bruise or two for her to admire between meetings.

I decided that the best way to prepare her was to give her a good hard fucking before embarking on my butt bruising quest. Before we started I surprised V by giving her a good hard smack with the riding crop across her jean covered ass, just to show her who was boss. We stripped down, kissed until I was hard and then I mounted V and rode her hard and fast.

She was wearing her "I'm getting fucked and I like it" expression. I was riding high on her body which gives her the clitoral stimulation she likes so much. She was getting close so I gave her nipple a few good sucks and then clamped down with my teeth. V went off like a rocket and I quickly followed.

After we cleaned up I instructed V to lie over my lap and I went to work on her backside. First I started off with my hand. First one cheek then the other. After a few good smacks my hand began to sting so I switched to the ping pong paddle. V isn't so enamored of the paddle which is why I liked it. V squirmed as I alternated between cheeks and sides of the paddle.I could hear V's sharp intake of breath as the paddle landed. I would occasionally not alternate cheeks but land three or four good thwacks before switching. I knew that anymore than that and V wouldn't be able to take it anymore and would call yellow light and have me show down.

By now her ass was glowing red and was warm to the touch. I switched to the piece de resistance and cropped V's naked ass on each cheek with the end of the crop. She exclaimed slightly, which is unusual for her, she likes to stay in a relaxed head space. Our time together was running out so I took a few pictures and we began to pack up. The redness was already beginning to fade and I knew the quest for V's bruised butt badge would have to be continued another day.

She said: Reconnection

V: What are you planning to do to me today?
L: I'm going to fuck you and spank you - and not necessarily in that order.

So I knew what to expect that evening, based on our IM conversation earlier in the day. I was excited to get to spend some play time with L. We had had opportunities to be together over the past couple weeks and as happy and fun as those times were, I really missed the play time. As soon as I got the "all clear", I went inside. L met me at the door to our play area and handed me a couple bags and a box to take in with me while he returned to his office for our Mischief Bag. I went in and put down all the stuff, including the bag I had brought, and went ahead and spread the blanket, which I saw peeking out the top of one of his bags.

Just as I finished that, L came through the door. We talked a bit, catching up as we undressed. As I bent to remove my pants, I felt the sting of L's riding crop across my ass. I gasped and stood up. L grinned and reminded me that he did say "not necessarily in that order". Laughing, we finished disrobing and adjourned to our makeshift bed. L lay on his side, his lower arm outstretched to pillow both our heads. I lay snuggled into him, my thigh sandwiched between his legs.

In this position, we kissed for a long time, gentle kisses where tongues touched and stroked each other, but also more aggressive kisses, where teeth grazed along unsuspecting lips. We continually snuggled in closer to each other, his hardening cock being firmly massaged between our undulating bodies. Finally it was time. I rolled backward onto my back and L climbed in between my open legs, sliding his cock into my pussy in one smooth movement.

As always, he was incredible. As his magnificent cock pistoned into me hard and fast, I could feel that familiar wave of sensation start to build, augmented by the stream of naughtiness he whispered to me as he fucked me. He teased me by gently biting my breasts - small nips and licks to my nipples. I think he sensed that I needed more, as he took my nipple between his teeth and bit down long and hard, rolling it between his unforgiving teeth. I sucked in my breath as the intense pleasure/pain shot through me. Wavelets of sensation became the great swell of a tidal wave as an orgasm of tsunami proportions swept over me. I stiffened and my moans of pleasure echoed in the large room. Sucked in on the surge, L also succumbed, driving his cock deep inside me. Shattered, we both collapsed together, all intertwined arms and legs and I kissed his head where it lay on my breast.

After a short while, we separated to clean up. Somewhat recuperated from our activities, L grabbed the bags and box and brought them over to the blanket, near where our Mischief Bag lay open. In the box were items that we had received from Eden Fantasys for review. In the bags were items that we had removed from the Mischief Bag to take on trips or to use during park lunches - condoms, lube, vibrators and the like. We packed everything away in the Mischief Bag, eliminating all of the extra bags.

Hungry now, we decided to get something to eat. I went and got the bag I had brought which contained food and we had an indoor picnic, sitting cross-legged on our blanket. As we talked and ate, L sifted around in the contents of the Mischief Bag. Finishing our snack, I stored all the garbage into a plastic bag along with some garbage we cleaned out of the Mischief Bag - packaging from toys, etc. L took me by the hand and pulled me so that I lay across his crossed legs. Settling me in comfortably, he spanked my bottom until I squirmed. After pausing for a few moments to soothe my butt with his hand, he resumed and again spanked me until I squirmed again, seeking relief. Then he reached into the Mischief Bag... and grabbed the dreaded ping pong paddle.

He was kind enough to ask which side he should use - one side still has its textured rubber covering, while the other has lost its covering and is down to the bare wood - but then ignored my choice. He swatted me twice with the bare side (which stings considerably less), then turned it over and continued with the textured rubber side. Whenever I would start to squirm, he would continue, but switching sides of the paddle. Finally I told him I'd had enough.

He stopped and he moved me down off his legs to lay on my stomach on the blanket. He inspected my bottom and though pink, it was not likely to have any bruising. How disappointing! So L picked up his crop and started another round with it. He only struck me with the cane part once or twice, choosing instead to further pink up my ass with the tabbed end. He then took a picture to show me. I think we both find it more than a little disappointing that while a spanking he administered to his friend Theodora yielded some spectacular bruises, I never seem to get any no matter how he tries. I often have bite mark bruises on my breasts, arms and sometimes on my back, but even his bites don't bruise my ass! I guess I have Ass of Steel.

By now it was getting late and we had to wrap up for the night. I reluctantly got dressed and we packed up all our stuff, pausing for a brief kiss before I left. We had no real idea of when our next meeting would be, just that we hoped it would be soon!

He said:Fucking and Spanking not quite yet

Why the crap is Blogger so bloody irritating to use? I try to schedule a post and the damn thing posts it right away. It messes up my cunning plans and makes me look like a complete blogging noob. I wonder if Wordpress is less user abusive. Ok, rant is done. Come back in a few hours for the real post.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our HNT #50

I always thought L was over-reacting to my biting his nipples, however
looking at this picture, it actually does seem kind of lethal.....



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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TMI Tuesday - 11/1

Let’s Talk about Sex

1. What sexual act arouses you the most? For that matter, what nonsexual act arouses you the most?

Kissing arouses me more than any other sexual act, especially if his hands are in my hair or cupping my face. Giving a blow job is a close second...and there are many other things that also arouse me greatly. I'm pretty easily aroused, I think. Non-sexually? I can be aroused with just the right look or comment or even just looking at L's ass in his tight jeans as he walks in front of me. I remember L once beckoned me to follow him with one finger at the same time as he gave me "the look" and I nearly wet myself on the spot....and I still get aroused just thinking about it!

2. What is your signature or “go to” move that is sure to get a lover in the mood for sex?

I'm not terribly subtle, I don't think - unless I'm feeling shy, I pretty much make it clear what I want. I don't really have "moves" as such. I asked L what move I make gets him in the mood for sex and his answer: "Get naked!" LOL

3. Do you queef?

I had to look this According to the Urban Dictionary, a queef is the expulsion of air during or after sexual intercourse as a result of a penis causing a vacuum within the vagina. Based on that definition, no, I don't queef. However, when I am really, really wet, like when sex continues after I've squirted, I do sometimes make very loud, squishy noises.

4. What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to YOU as a result of your sex writings (e.g., blog, erotica, sex toy reviews)? (borrowed from Insatiabear)

As a result of them leaving comments, we discovered that someone we both know personally reads our blog. Thank goodness we remain anonymous and they have no idea that we are who we are! Kind of strange when we see them socially, though. hehehe

5. Have you ever had sex while someone watched?
…someone else was in the room?
…someone else in the bed, next to you and the person you’re having sex with?
What were the circumstances?

Yes, I have had sex while L's friend was in the room, sitting on a chair beside the bed. I have also sucked L's cock while the same friend sat on the bed beside him chatting. In both cases, she was being the voyeur after we tired her out during a threesome. She took pictures and video, which she gave us as a thank-you gift!

6. When it comes to sex, and discussing it with your teen have you or would you:
a. Let school sex education handle it
b. Hand the teen a book or point them to a website
c. Talk frankly and openly
d. Avoid it all together–society, friends, and the internet will give all the info needed

I have always been very open, frank and age-appropriate when discussing sex with my children. Growing up, sex was a very taboo subject in our home and I didn't want to be like that as a parent. I hated having to hide my sexuality - something I still have to do! I wanted my children to feel comfortable bringing their questions and problems to me and not feel embarrassed or ashamed to discuss them. From time to time, I have directed them to websites also to augment the discussion. It's our little secret though - the rest of the family would be horrified.

Bonus: Remember the song, “I’m too sexy?” What are you too sexy for?

Hmmm - can't think of an answer for this one. Fact is, I don't think I'm terribly sexy at all!

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