Monday, November 7, 2011

She said: Reconnection

V: What are you planning to do to me today?
L: I'm going to fuck you and spank you - and not necessarily in that order.

So I knew what to expect that evening, based on our IM conversation earlier in the day. I was excited to get to spend some play time with L. We had had opportunities to be together over the past couple weeks and as happy and fun as those times were, I really missed the play time. As soon as I got the "all clear", I went inside. L met me at the door to our play area and handed me a couple bags and a box to take in with me while he returned to his office for our Mischief Bag. I went in and put down all the stuff, including the bag I had brought, and went ahead and spread the blanket, which I saw peeking out the top of one of his bags.

Just as I finished that, L came through the door. We talked a bit, catching up as we undressed. As I bent to remove my pants, I felt the sting of L's riding crop across my ass. I gasped and stood up. L grinned and reminded me that he did say "not necessarily in that order". Laughing, we finished disrobing and adjourned to our makeshift bed. L lay on his side, his lower arm outstretched to pillow both our heads. I lay snuggled into him, my thigh sandwiched between his legs.

In this position, we kissed for a long time, gentle kisses where tongues touched and stroked each other, but also more aggressive kisses, where teeth grazed along unsuspecting lips. We continually snuggled in closer to each other, his hardening cock being firmly massaged between our undulating bodies. Finally it was time. I rolled backward onto my back and L climbed in between my open legs, sliding his cock into my pussy in one smooth movement.

As always, he was incredible. As his magnificent cock pistoned into me hard and fast, I could feel that familiar wave of sensation start to build, augmented by the stream of naughtiness he whispered to me as he fucked me. He teased me by gently biting my breasts - small nips and licks to my nipples. I think he sensed that I needed more, as he took my nipple between his teeth and bit down long and hard, rolling it between his unforgiving teeth. I sucked in my breath as the intense pleasure/pain shot through me. Wavelets of sensation became the great swell of a tidal wave as an orgasm of tsunami proportions swept over me. I stiffened and my moans of pleasure echoed in the large room. Sucked in on the surge, L also succumbed, driving his cock deep inside me. Shattered, we both collapsed together, all intertwined arms and legs and I kissed his head where it lay on my breast.

After a short while, we separated to clean up. Somewhat recuperated from our activities, L grabbed the bags and box and brought them over to the blanket, near where our Mischief Bag lay open. In the box were items that we had received from Eden Fantasys for review. In the bags were items that we had removed from the Mischief Bag to take on trips or to use during park lunches - condoms, lube, vibrators and the like. We packed everything away in the Mischief Bag, eliminating all of the extra bags.

Hungry now, we decided to get something to eat. I went and got the bag I had brought which contained food and we had an indoor picnic, sitting cross-legged on our blanket. As we talked and ate, L sifted around in the contents of the Mischief Bag. Finishing our snack, I stored all the garbage into a plastic bag along with some garbage we cleaned out of the Mischief Bag - packaging from toys, etc. L took me by the hand and pulled me so that I lay across his crossed legs. Settling me in comfortably, he spanked my bottom until I squirmed. After pausing for a few moments to soothe my butt with his hand, he resumed and again spanked me until I squirmed again, seeking relief. Then he reached into the Mischief Bag... and grabbed the dreaded ping pong paddle.

He was kind enough to ask which side he should use - one side still has its textured rubber covering, while the other has lost its covering and is down to the bare wood - but then ignored my choice. He swatted me twice with the bare side (which stings considerably less), then turned it over and continued with the textured rubber side. Whenever I would start to squirm, he would continue, but switching sides of the paddle. Finally I told him I'd had enough.

He stopped and he moved me down off his legs to lay on my stomach on the blanket. He inspected my bottom and though pink, it was not likely to have any bruising. How disappointing! So L picked up his crop and started another round with it. He only struck me with the cane part once or twice, choosing instead to further pink up my ass with the tabbed end. He then took a picture to show me. I think we both find it more than a little disappointing that while a spanking he administered to his friend Theodora yielded some spectacular bruises, I never seem to get any no matter how he tries. I often have bite mark bruises on my breasts, arms and sometimes on my back, but even his bites don't bruise my ass! I guess I have Ass of Steel.

By now it was getting late and we had to wrap up for the night. I reluctantly got dressed and we packed up all our stuff, pausing for a brief kiss before I left. We had no real idea of when our next meeting would be, just that we hoped it would be soon!

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