Monday, November 14, 2011

She said: Backseat BJ

L and I had tickets to go watch one of the professional sports teams play in our city. We decided we'd each leave straight from work and get there early so that we could have dinner together first. We had been to events in that area before and there is a specific underground parking lot that we normally use. It's small, well lit and close to all the good stuff. It's also very reasonably priced at a fraction of the usual downtown parking cost.

I got there first and parked and went upstairs to wait in front of the restaurant. No sooner did I do that, then it started to rain. Since I didn't want to go inside without L, I decided to go back down into the parking garage and wait in my van. Once I got back to the van, I sent L a text to say that I had arrived and that there were two free spots in the lot near the exit. He responded to say that he was still en route, but would be there soon.

I played word games on my phone while I waited for him to arrive. Every now and then he'd send me a quick text to let me know what intersection he was at so I could follow his progress by these one-word texts. Within a short time, I saw him pull into the parking area. The two spots I had texted him about had long since been filled, but since people finishing their workday seemed to be leaving regularly, there were still spots available for him and he parked a few cars away.

I gathered my things and went over to meet him. He got out and grabbed his bag and off we went. L decided he'd prefer the restaurant next door to the one we had originally agreed upon, so we went there instead. As we climbed the stairs up to the front door, L realized that he had left something behind in the car, so we settled into a nice table by a large window overlooking the street below, knowing that we'd be heading back to the car before going on to the game. L ordered a beer and sipped it while we perused the menus. The waitress came back and I ordered the quesadillas while L decided on the pot roast poutine. I laughed because I had been looking at that on the menu and wondering who really eats that stuff!

We chatted a bit and I shared some books I had purchased that day with him. As he looked through them we talked about ideas for some future fun things to do together. Our food arrived and we put the books away and turned our attention to the yummy food. I was glad to see that the poutine didn't look nearly as artery-clogging as it had sounded! My quesadillas were delish and I enjoyed munching on them and spending the time with L.

We finished up, paid our bill and after a quick visit to the washroom, we left and headed back to the parking garage. Just before he reached his car, L turned back and came to me, putting his arm around my waist and pulling me close. Looking down at me, he said that if I was game, he thought we'd have enough time to get a blowjob in my van before the game started. I agreed that we could do that and he went back to his car to grab the stuff he had forgotten. I went back to my van and stood for a moment thinking about how best to do it.

You see, the parking garage is quite small. It's just two long rows of cars with a one-way path in between. You enter at one end and exit at the other. It's a busy lot, people coming and going all the time. It's very well lit. Also we were parked within 8 cars of the exit, where a few staff manned the booth. The back windows of the van are tinted, but that wasn't going to be helpful here at all, since backing into the spot is mandatory and the front windows have no tint. I finally figured out what I thought would work best and I removed my coat and put all my stuff on the front passenger seat. I slid the back door open, folded over the middle seat and then sat on the edge waiting for L to join me.

I wondered what was taking him so long. I could see him, though not clearly, through the windows of the SUV beside me. He was standing beside his car doing something. My phone pinged heralding a text message. It was L - apparently someone had pulled in on the other side of me and he was waiting for them to leave. I hadn't noticed because I was sitting on the floor with my back them. Finally L came over. I told him to leave his stuff with mine on the front seat and to get in the very back seats of the van. I had folded down the back of the middle seat hoping that would provide me with enough room to kneel in front of him.

L got in, lay back on the seat and unzipped. Before I could get the sliding door shut, he already had his cock out and waiting for me. It took me three tries to get the door closed properly and then I lay down on the folded over chair waiting for the interior light to turn off. I looked over at L and smiled...there we were, each of us lying across a seat waiting for the light to turn off so that I could suck his cock - it just struck me as cute.

The light finally faded off and I got down on my knees in front of him and leaned forward to take him in my mouth. It had been a while and I've seriously missed sucking his cock. The first time I pulled him deep into my mouth he moaned and I took my cue from that, taking him so deep into my throat that it was blocking my airway. As I did so, I moved my head from side to side, massaging the head of his cock with my throat. As I pulled back, I dragged my tongue along the length of him before taking him deep again. He held one of my hands while I slid the other up under his jacket and slid it around the waistband of his pants. I moaned and I could feel my panties getting wet - I always get so much pleasure from giving him pleasure.

All the while, I listened carefully and I have to say that it was the closest I've ever felt to being discovered. The constant sounds of cars driving by, car doors closing, alarms being activated and people walking by only ramped up the excitement of sucking his cock in such an environment. It probably had the same effect on him, because it wasn't long before he shot his cum in my mouth and I swallowed every drop.

I was careful getting up and thank goodness for that! Someone had parked directly across from us. Their headlights were still on, though the man was out of the car. He used the hood as a resting place as he took items out of the car and packed them into a bag. I didn't want to just pop up so we waited until he had left. When I tried to get up, I laughed. My ample hips were wedged between the side of he van and the folded over seat so tightly that it was a struggle to even move. Finally I was able to unstick myself and I opened the sliding door and got out. L followed and we quickly put our coats back on and grabbed our stuff for the game.

We were just in time, it seems. Just as we walked away from the van, the same man returned to the parking garage - apparently he had forgotten something. It would have been interesting had he come back moments earlier to see us both exiting the back of the van, adjusting clothing and pulling on our jackets as we went. Smiling conspiratorially up at L, I turned and ran up the stairs and off we went down the street to the game.

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  1. I love it! I often have a moment of hesitation having sex in a car, but once my libido kicks in...I don't even think about the risk of getting caught. The rewards are too great! Sounds like you two had a fantastic evening together!