Monday, November 21, 2011

He said: Ass of Iron

With what did I strike her, let me count the items. There was the SLUT paddle, the riding crop, my leather belt, the stingy flogger, the thuddy flogger, the ping pong paddle, the brush and my hand. I smacked her ass standing up, I smacked her ass lying down. It got quite red but the end result was not a bruise to be seen. Why is he so obsessed with bruising her ass, you may ask. Frankly, I don't know but try as I might V's ass of iron has thwarted all my attempts.

I smacked her ass by surprise, I made her tell me how many she wanted and then count the smacks. V liked the second case better, she said it made it easier for her to tolerate the ass abuse.

I might have been bested, but I must tell you the attempts were quite enjoyable. Perhaps now that it isn't a goal I am focusing on so intently it might happen by serendipity. Now I have to find a new kinky Everest to attempt with my intrepid coexplorer.

If you read V's post you will get her exquisitely detailed explanation of the afternoon including the two times I fucked her that day as a reward for being such an ass abuse trooper. Once cowgirl style with her impaled on my hard cock, another time on her back pounding her hard and fast as I looked down at her with her big "I'm getting fucked" smile. You'll see her description of our snack afterwards but one thing you won't see is pictures of her poor abused ass. Those are here and only here.


  1. Those pictures makes me crave...


  2. I'd suggest a cane, they leave good marks, but only if done hard enough and OH MY they sting!