Monday, November 7, 2011

He said:Fucking and Spanking not quite yet

Why the crap is Blogger so bloody irritating to use? I try to schedule a post and the damn thing posts it right away. It messes up my cunning plans and makes me look like a complete blogging noob. I wonder if Wordpress is less user abusive. Ok, rant is done. Come back in a few hours for the real post.

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  1. A lot of people are having problems with scheduling posts, me included. It doesn't work anymore. It's been useless since the "new & improved" blogger the interface change.

    I'm fucking sick of blogger. They took something good and easy and made it difficult and non- user-friendly.

    I have TMI Tuesday on Wordpress. It's okay. I find that it is important to pick the right template over there because that ties into what widgets, gadgets, and extras you can use to manage your site.

    Oh...have you seen the new & improved google reader? Fucked up. They take up too much space with the now stationary header that you no longer get the full view of a single post unless the post is small. AND because the header is stationary, it prevents true scrolling and viewing of previous and upcoming blog posts. It sucks!!!!