Monday, November 14, 2011

He said: L gets his rocks off

Another Monday, another BJ post. If you've read V's post you'll already know all the juicy details, so what can I add? You already know we had dinner and went back to the van, V sucked my cock which she does so well. Oh my goodness, I feel a stirring in my loins just thinking about her wedged into the backseat of the van, me with my pants pulled partway down waiting for the overhead light to fade off so V could get down to business.We had already patiently waited while the guy two cars down had slowly and laboriously unpacked the crap from his car so we could get busy. It was a busy parking lot with people and cars passing as V expertly sucked my hard cock. The thought of perhaps getting discovered was exciting. When V popped up after having swallowed all of my emissions she had a look of naughty delight on her face. My leg had gotten a bit stiff during our brief but fruitful oral interlude but I didn't care. The stiffness in my leg would soon pass as V had relieved the stiffness in my groin.What more can I add? V did such a good job of describing our pregame oral activities that I am at a loss as to how I can further document the experience. Perhaps I shall sleep on it and see if anything else pops up. Oh, speaking of popping up wait until you read about our next kinky encounter. Let's just say I went through everything in the mischief bag that could possibly be applied to V's ass, but that story will have to wait for another day.

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