Monday, November 28, 2011

He said: Girlie Days Again?

Well thanks so much blogger. did you know when you hit enter While editing a post it publishes the post? Me either, sigh.

I'm beginning to think we should rename girlie days to anal days because that's where I seem to end up when Mother Nature comes to visit. This day was a day like most others, the mischief bag was open, the required lubes and toys were arrayed as I used our big black butt plug to prepare V's backside for my weapon of ass obstruction. I was going to write destruction but that is not my intent when I insert my massive man missile in V's backside. This was to be a special anal adventure because we planned to use our new doggie style sex sling that we had received from our kinky sex toy suppliers Eden Fantasys.

With V's butt lubed and appropriately prepared I rolled on a condom, applied more lube to it and had V assume a butt up head down attitude on her hands and knees. I slipped my slippery dick into her ass, wiped the lube off my hands and put the sex sling around V's thighs, put my hands in the handles and pulled her back onto me. Oh my goodness gracious! Two thumbs way up in the improving ass fucking department for this little gem. So simple yet so useful. No more grasping for purchase with lube covered hands on slippery hips. It felt great, the control was amazing and V was making very appreciative noises. She didn't even reach for the handy dandy little vibrator she had prepared before we had started. I leaned back on my haunches to get some more leverage and that's when the wheels fell off as my calf suddenly cramped up. This was not a little cramp that could be ignored it was massive and painful. I leaned forward over V's back hoping the stretching would relieve the pain but no dice. I squeaked out something to V as I released the sling handles and fell over backwards reaching down to massage my calf furiously to relieve the pain. V was suitably sympathetic which of course made me feel even worse. What kind of manly man gets a cramp while ass fucking his girl?

Eventually the cramp subsided and I climbed back into the saddle, though it wasn't quite the same as before. Of course I still came and V and I had a good laugh about it post coitus. The end result was a successful day and a newfound respect for the simple sex sling. It may be inexpensive but it certainly is effective. We will definitely be using it again, but next time with V bent over a table so my calves can stay extended.

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