Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our HNT #53

Several months ago, we were given a Whartenburg Wheel which we were truly disappointed with - it was more a toy than the lethal pokey thing it looks like it should be. You can see a pic of us trying to play with it here. Not too long after that, I saw someone with one that looked less toy-like and they said it was a medical grade one and told me where to get one. A few weeks ago, I finally did so and L used it for the first time in his recent quest to bruise my ass. It was just supposed to be a fun thing to try in between the paddles and crops and floggers, but in addition to feeling deliciously pokey, it ended up leaving the most lasting damage!

*click* to see the aftermath


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  1. Very sexy but then again I do love lasting marks.


  2. Six months ago we had no idea what a Whartenburg Wheel was. Now we own one, though believe it or not we've yet to actually use it. We're newbies, though open-minded and enthusiastic ones.

  3. I've had one used on me once... it did feel wonderful!!


    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Mmm, it does look like it felt good. ;)