Monday, February 28, 2011

He said: V meets Herb, Part 1

In our time together V has often expressed an interest in meeting Herb. I have had long experience with Herb back to my high school days but we have drifted apart in the ensuing years. I have spent much more time with John Barleycorn. V had never had an experience with Herb so I offered to be her wingman when the two of them hooked up. We decided that it was best that it happen on a weekend when V would have more time to savour the experience.

When we last left our heroine V she was preparing to give Herb a try. Before Herb arrived we decided to have a quick fuck to take the edge off while we waited for the arrival of our guest. We quickly got naked and down to business. Me on top, V on the bottom we fucked like we hadn't fucked for at least a week. V and I both like our sex so a week can be a very, very long time. It was great sex but you are probably getting sick of reading about us having great sex. After an interlude of cuddling V went to the bathroom to clean up. While she was gone Herb arrived and I prepared him for what was to come. V returned and after she and I dressed we took Herb out back behind the building. Before she knew it Herb was in V's mouth. She had a bit of trouble getting used to the taste of him and ended up coughing and sputtering.

That's enough of the double entendre because I don't want to keep up this artifice when I talk about Herb and I. After V and I had smoked the carefully rolled joint we headed back inside. Though V said she felt nothing I was flying. I had to will myself to walk slowly. I wanted to run inside, rip off her clothes and really bang her. We walked inside and while she went into the bathroom I got naked and laid down on the blanket, then I got up and fiddled with some items in the room while waiting for her to return. Back to the blanket I was eagerly anticipating my first experience of sex on pot. V soon returned and leaned over me to kiss me. Either she wasn't paying as much attention as she normally did or my senses were heightened because as she kissed me I could feel her weight on my chest in a way I couldn't remember before. The kissing was also more intense. A short session of her lips on my cock and I was inside her. The sex was great, I seemed harder, V moaned louder, the feeling were the same but also more. It's hard to explain, not different but special. After we came I rested on top of V and though she often talks after sex she was uncharacteristically chatty this time. It wasn't her normal silky, sleepy bedroom voice but a faster more conversational tone. Not what I have come to expect of our pillow talk after we have cum. When I told her she seemed a bit different she got a bit offended. I'm sure she was feeling the effects of her time with Herb. We disentangled and laid spooning side by side on the blanket relaxing in the post sex afterglow.

I think I may have dozed off because I was jarred back to reality by a banging sound. Then I realized what it was, either V or I had put a chair up against the door to prevent people from barging in on us. We had done so every time when we had used this particular room because the door didn't lock. For the first time the chair had done it's job, someone was trying to enter the room. We were lying naked on the floor, me still high as a kite and all that was preventing our discovery was a chair. OMG! WE WERE LYING NAKED ON THE FLOOR! SOMEONE WAS TRYING TO GET IN!

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of our story. How's that for a cliffhanger Riff?

She said: Can A Bus Dream?, Part 1

We like to try new things together - no secret there. Though I have had many experiences that most would not have the opportunity to encounter in a lifetime, I have nonetheless lived an extremely sheltered life, due in no small part to my culture. One thing I've always wanted to do was to experiment with pot smoking. I did try once several years ago, but never having been exposed to smoking and not being with someone I could be open with, I did not really understand the mechanics of it and was too shy to ask. I took a couple of puffs off a joint, but felt nothing and didn't bother to go any further than that. When I met L and realized how non-judgemental he was, I asked him if he had ever smoked pot and I was somewhat surprised - and delighted - when he said that he does indulge from time to time. I asked him if he would teach me how to smoke sometime and he was agreeable to that. Nearly a year passed before we talked about it again and we decided to go ahead and get some so I could try it out.

Procurement was not an issue. I have a friend who helped with that - a friend who was more than a little concerned about my sudden interest in smoking pot (after all, we've been close for years and years, but this was the first time I had approached him looking to buy) - but he finally capitulated, cautioning me about not being alone the first time I smoked. He was worried about my safety should I have some kind of reaction. I assured him that I was planning to smoke with L and that I knew he would take great care of me, so he needn't worry. When I passed it on to L, he suggested we leave it for a day when we were together for a longer time, both in case there were any issues and so that we could ensure that we would be in good shape to drive home afterward.

Finally a day came where we were able to get together on a weekend day, allowing us a longer time to spend together. We arrived just moments apart and went inside. Even though it had been less than a week since we were last together, it felt like it had been a long time and we were both anxious to come together. We got right down to business and after sucking L almost to the edge, we fucked explosively. After a short while of chatting and snuggling, L asked me if I was up to learning how to smoke today. Laughingly, I agreed and when I returned from using the washroom, L had pulled on his clothes and sat cross-legged on the ground, rolling a joint on the table. I sort of got dressed - I pulled on my pants and shirt, but left my underwear behind - and we headed outside for my first lesson.

We went out behind L's building where L lit up. After some instruction and explanation he passed me the joint. I took a big drag and was completely unprepared for the unholy burning and rawness in my throat, but I resisted coughing as best I could and tried to inhale and keep the smoke in my lungs. In spite of feeling like I had swallowed glass, I went back for more. Although I did finally succumb to a coughing fit, I did get in several good drags. L asked if I felt anything. Taking stock, I said I didn't feel any different. He said he was beginning to feel the effects and that I should be careful, because it kind of creeps up on you. We finished the joint and I was really disappointed that I couldn't feel the buzz. In the end, I felt no different than when I started, except now my throat was sore.

We started back inside and though L didn't really do anything specific to indicate he was impaired, I did get the feeling he was a little off - a little quieter than usual. I stopped for a drink of water, hoping to cool my throat and when I got back into the room, L was already lying naked on the blanket. I undressed and went into his open arms. He asked again if I felt anything, but I did not and responded as such. I pushed L over to lie on his back and I leaned over him to kiss him. Several times. Then I told him that he was absolutely the world's sexiest kisser.

Working my way down, I sucked his cock until he was rock hard and then I applied a condom. We switched places and as soon as L entered me, I couldn't help but moan. What a feeling! I went wild as his rock-hard cock stroked me in new ways. It was absolutely incredible. I swear that encounter went into the annals as the best sex we have ever had and it wasn't long before I went off like a rocket. Everything was hitting the right places at the right time and it was incredibly intense! L climaxed shortly after and he also seemed to have a more intense than usual experience.

I tried to articulate that - and more - to L. I suddenly felt compelled to thank him for his constant caring and kindness and for everything he's done for me. I don't think he understands how considerable that has been. I was almost in tears in my expressions of gratitude when I suddenly realized that perhaps these were not the most appropriate things to be saying just now - or possibly at all - and I stopped mid-babble. L started to laugh, which had the effect of making me feel shy and self-conscious. "Why are you laughing?", I asked him. He said he was laughing because even through his impaired state, he could tell that I was much more chatty than usual. Slightly offended - I didn't agree with that at all, since I don't think anyone could call me chatty at the best of times - I just kept quiet.

L stayed in place rubbing his cock along my slit, the head of his cock bumping my clit with each stroke. Wow - that felt amazing too. Finally, I guided him down to lie beside me where we curled up around each other. Resting my cheek on his unshaven one, my face in his neck, I alternated between grazing my nails softly up and down his back and then soothing with my fingertips. Every so often, I'd turn my head to kiss his neck or his cheek, or sometimes just to rub mine along his, enjoying the stubbly feeling. I was feeling incredibly affectionate and we lay there for a very long time, totally relaxed, just drifting as we gently caressed and stroked each other......until we heard the handle of the door turn followed by a loud thud that made our eyes simultaneously fly open in panic.....To be continued next week......

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our HNT #15

Friends and Lovers


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Monday, February 21, 2011

He said: Hotel Day Part 2

After our couples massage we headed to the hotel restaurant where they were serving a buffet lunch. The service was leisurely, probably due to the large number of retired people in the room. I suspect most of them didn't have anywhere to go but I had nipples to suck and a pussy to fuck so I was a bit more impatient. When I looked at V and remembered our morning together my impatience cooled. It wasn't so much how many times we could bang in one day but enjoying our first extended period together. About halfway through our lunch another couple came and sat at the next table. A middle aged woman elegantly dressed and a younger man in jeans and a casual shirt. I leaned across to V and brought them to her attention. Was she a cougar with her younger boy toy who had come to the hotel on the same getaway package as we had? We mused and tossed wry smiles at each other as we browsed through the wide range of foods on the buffet. The only problem with buffets is you always feel you have to eat your moneys worth. I needed to stay lean and energetic for the afternoon.

After lunch it was back to the room by a long circuitous route that allowed us to explore the nooks and crannies of the the old hotel. When we finally arrived in the room we shed our clothes, jumped onto the bed and V applied her soft lips to my quickly hardening cock. Just as I reached for the condom my cell phone rang. It was someone from the office who wanted to ask me a question. As the call progressed V cooled her heels on the bed and my erection wilted. Would this call never end? Finally I got rid of him and returned to V. With her head over the edge of the bed she employed her awesome deep throating skills while I played with her nipples, twisting and pulling them.

I was soon hard again and had her spin around so her feet were on the floor as I fucked her from behind, a position she particularly likes. It didn't take much pounding before we both came.

We then retired to the bed to relax and recharge. We spent some time browsing through the illustrated Kama Sutra V had brought rating the various sexual positions on whether we had already tried them and whether we even wanted to. After looking through the book V and I cuddled and she drifted off to sleep in my arms. I let her sleep for about 30 minutes waking her with gentle kisses. I knew she wouldn't want to sleep the rest of the day away. I did a shibari tie on V using the rope we had brought along. With no reference material I made up a tie as best as I could. Now that I was more experienced I made the ropes tighter. A generally good result except for the breasts. Breasts are hard to tie because they are mooshy and squooshy. Once V was tied I had her kneel on the conveniently located bench at the end of the bed. V could rest her upper body on the bed and was quite comfortable as I flogged her backside. Flogging sounds so mean but the flogger I made is a light pigskin leather which means it's more stingy than thwacky. Though V was only making appreciative noises the noise of the flogger hitting her backside was a little louder than I was expecting. I hoped that there wasn't someone in the neighbouring rooms wondering about the strange sound in the adjacent room. I picked up the butt plug V had brought along and teased her bottom with it eventually sliding it in. When I had first seen it had seemed to be very narrow and when it slipped in so easily I knew that we would be moving up to a larger size. V asked how much of the plug was in and was astonished when I told her it was all the way in. I used the vibrator on the end of the plug to give V a little more anal stimulation and then passed the vibrator to her to use on her clit while I returned to flogging her ass. Then it was out with the butt plug and in with the anal beads. Time was getting short and we still hadn't made it into the whirlpool tub so we started the tub filling while I untied V. We sat in the tub kissing and caressing for a few minutes then it was time to pack our things and check out, relaxed and satiated.

She said: Escape Day, Part Two

As Part 1 of my account of our Escape Day ended, we had just enjoyed the most wonderful massage together in the spa and had found ourselves in the restaurant, where we were seated at a lovely table for two overlooking an extensive buffet. We spent an enjoyable time eating and chatting with each other across the table. Since there were a number of other groups of (mostly older) folks seated close by and our topics of conversation were not always appropriate for other ears, we leaned in close to each other across the table as we talked. After a delicious lunch and just a taste of a couple of their desserts (I have such a sweet tooth!), we left and went back to our room to continue with our day of fun.

Letting ourselves back into the room, we once again shed our clothes. As I climbed into bed, L directed me to lie across the bed on my back and hang my head off the edge. The bed was high but for a tall man standing as L was, it was the perfect height. He pulled me a little closer to him and leaned me further back. I opened wide to accommodate his hard cock. After months and months of practice, I now have almost no gag reflex, which is extremely useful, particularly in this position. As I held and stroked his thighs, L slid his cock deep into my throat over and over, his balls slapping on my face on each stroke. He leaned forward and pinched and squeezed my breasts as he took himself close to the edge. A few strokes more and he pulled out. I saw him reach for a condom, I knew what was coming (me, I hope!) and turned around and bent over the side of the bed. He leaned over me and entered me from behind, fucking me aggressively and noisily until we both came together.

I have told L many times that I'm "such a man" and he has corrected me to to say that I'm not at all manly, but rather I have many stereotypically male tendencies. One of these is that sex has a ridiculously soporific effect on me. Unfortunately, we don't normally have the luxury of sleeping after our encounters. This day, however, I curled up in one of my favourite spots - tucked in under L's shoulder - and fell fast asleep. I have no idea how long I slept, just that when I woke up, he still held me close and was softly kissing my forehead. It was a truly wonderful and intimate feeling.

L then asked me if I'd like to try some rope play. Since I enjoyed it so much the last time, I readily agreed. Not having access to reference material this time, L created his own pattern with the rope and it turned out great. He then had me kneel down on the bench at the foot of the bed and bend over. He pulled out his homemade flogger and made several passes on my bottom, before heading back to the table to grab some other items.

I've mentioned before that many years ago, I had a very bad experience with anal sex that had made me loathe to ever go there again. It has taken a while, but L's patience and kindness has shown me that that violating experience need never have happened. I trust L completely with my body and he has made me want to venture there again. Based on the things we have done so far, I'm sure it will be an experience I'll come to enjoy and we have slowly been including anal play into our repertoire in anticipation of going there one day. I had purchased a butt plug and a string of graduated beads to enhance that play and I was truly shocked when moments after I heard the lid of the lube bottle open, L told me that the butt plug had been completely inserted with none of the pain or difficulty I had anticipated. L then held the vibrator on the base of the plug, which felt very good. Unable to continue with my flogging and hold the vibrator at the same time, I reached between my legs and took hold of the vibrator, applying it to my clit as L resumed my flogging. After a couple minutes, L removed the plug and replaced it with the graduated beads, which were very comfortable and they remained in place until the end of the flogging.

Performing a time check, we realized we were close to the end of our day and there was one more thing we wanted to do - try out the whirlpool bath. Removing the anal beads, I was not expecting the lovely popping feeling as the string was pulled out. L went to run the bath water while I washed the toys and soon we were both sitting in the hot bath. After languishing for a few minutes, L turned on the jets and it was very relaxing. The tub would have been more comfortable had it been a little larger, but it was cozy and relaxing nonetheless. When the water started to cool, we reluctantly got out, dried off and started to pack up our stuff.

Doing a last check of the room to ensure we hadn't forgotten anything, we head down to the lobby to check out. I love looking at the brochures they have in hotel lobbies. So often there are attractions in your own city that either you've never heard of or that you knew of, but never had the chance to visit. The brochures on offer always provide ideas of new places to visit and things to do as well as often including discount coupons to attractions. This hotel was no different and while I gathered up some leaflets for future use, L checked us out and settled the bill.

Walking to the car was treacherous. While we had been having fun indoors all day, apparently the weather had taken a turn for the worse - the ground was covered in a sheet of ice and it was still precipitating quite heavily. Hanging on to our bags of stuff and to each other, we made it to L's car, which was closer. Dropping off his bags, he walked me over to my vehicle and saw me inside safely and kissed me goodbye before heading back to his car. It had been a very special day for us - not only because it was our first time coming together in a bed but also the rarity of getting to spend a whole day in each others' company complete with privacy. I fired the engine and sat quietly for a couple minutes - one to savour the intensely satisfying feeling of having spent an amazingly wonderful day with L and a second to prepare myself for what would be a long, stressful drive home in the awful weather.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our HNT #14

L made an excellent flogger out of an old leather jacket he
found at a thrift store and we've been having a lot of fun playing with it.

Click on the picture to see just how much fun. Man ass alert - consider yourself warned!

What's good for the goose.....

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Monday, February 14, 2011

He said: Hotel Day Part. 1

Hotel Day had finally arrived. It had taken a while but the morning arrived and I set off for the hotel where V and I had booked our romantic getaway. I parked near the front door on a misty, rainy day. V had parked further away so when I arrived I had to wait as she navigated across the wet, icy parking lot. As she approached I took the bag with our naughty accessories out of the trunk and we approached the front door of the hotel. V hung back as I checked into the hotel and received our key. V hasn't been to many hotels and the checking into a hotel with a man who wasn't her husband for day of sex and naughtiness made her shy. After chatting with the desk clerk as she checked us in we retired to our room, put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door and unpacked our play items onto the coffee table in the room.

We undressed and climbed into bed. This was the first time that V and I had ever been in bed together and this was a big comfortable bed. After a few minutes of kissing and caressing both V and I were ready for our first bed bang. I slipped on a condom and slipped into V. She was ready, hot and wet. Having sex and not having to worry about being discovered made for a more relaxing experience but also revved up the intensity of the moment. I was hard as a rock and ready to rock V's world. As I thrust my hard cock into her I kissed her deeply. She moaned as she spread wide. As I continued to fuck her I could feel the tight grip of her pussy on my member. I teased and pulled V's nipple as I came. Our first bed fuck was a very satisfying experience.

We languished in bed chatting, playing and touching each other. It didn't take very long before we were both ready for round two. The first time I had been on top, this time it was V's turn. I suggested she put her hands on the top of the headboard but her arms were too short to reach. After she had rode me for a few minutes I could see that she was getting tired so we switched positions with me back on top. V was close to the edge and after a few more minutes she was cumming. It took a few more minutes before I came and collapsed onto V, totally drained.

After a few minutes of resting we tooks turns showering as we prepared to head off to our scheduled couples massage. We changed and then ate Biscotti and drank cucumber water as we waited in our robes and sandals for the masseuses to come and take us to the massage room. It was my first massage and the 30 minutes flew by. Then it was off to to the locker room for a shower and then it was time for lunch.

I know this post may be very exciting but it was very special for us, things got more interesting after lunch, I promise you. Come back next time to find out.

She said: Escape Day, Part 1

Soon after we posted our plea for help regarding hotels, we were once again searching online and found that one of the better hotels had introduced a daytime escape package where you could get a room for an 8-hour period and just spend the day. We decided that that would be the place to go and I called them to ask a few questions about the exceptions they listed on their website and to discuss possible dates with them to ascertain availability.

Booking a bit in advance would work best for us - with both work and home commitments, it would be easier to plan with a bit of lead time. Girly days were approaching and since my cycles can be somewhat irregular and unpredictable, I wanted to wait and book once I started so that I could say with surety that I'd be in the clear. In the end, I managed to get a time a week in advance. I called to make the booking late in the work day and immediately following had to leave for an appointment. I had time only to tell L that the deed was done before I had to take off, so we didn't have any opportunity to talk about it at all. Later that evening as we chatted over IM, L asked me if I was excited about finally having booked the hotel. I said I was and asked if he was also excited. His response made me laugh. He said, "I was earlier, but I'm over it now." Ha! He was teasing me, as he often does. He was excited - I could tell.

The morning of, we met in the parking lot of the hotel. Both the grounds and the buildings were beautiful, even covered as they were with snow. My exposure to hotels has been extremely minimal and even more so under these circumstances, so I felt a little out of my element and I hung back as L checked us in. I actually felt kind of embarrassed! We headed up to our room and unpacked our mischief bag onto the coffee table. The room was lovely - fireplace, love seat, large bathroom with a whirlpool tub and the most incredible king sized bed that we wanted to try out right away. L put the champagne we had brought into the refrigerator as I climbed onto the high bed and crawled up on all fours to remove the extra pillows and to turn down the covers before hopping back off. I undressed, sidled over to L for a big hug and kiss, and we hopped into the bed together.

We held each other and savoured the luxurious bed and just being together in it for just a minute or two before he pulled me closer and I felt his hard cock against my hip. I wiggled and reached up to kiss him on his neck, but instead he turned his head and captured my mouth with his. Soon we were kissing, caressing and rubbing against each other with great urgency. He rolled onto his back, grabbed and applied a condom and rolled back over to cover me. He lowered himself and kissed me as he slid into me.

I think we both thought that with the excitement, it would be a quick one, but not so. L lasted a very long time and we had an amazing encounter where we both came with abandon. We cuddled for a while afterward before embarking on round two, where we had a more languished coupling. We realized not too long after that it was nearly time for our spa appointment, so we each had a quick shower and got dressed. We were booked for a couples massage at the spa. When I booked, I was told that there would be one male and one female massage therapist available and I had to specify which would be working with each of us. I figured L would prefer the woman, so I booked the male for myself. Neither of us knew what to expect and I was a little nervous about having a strange man touching me, but L reassured me that it would be fine - after all, he would be right there with me. We checked in and L told the receptionist that we were 'spa virgins' so that they would explain everything as we went along.

We were separated at this point, as the change rooms for the different sexes were in opposite directions. The Ladies change room was amazing. There were lockers to store my clothing and beautiful spa robes to use. I was asked my shoe size and provided with a pair of slippers. There was also a steam shower and a sauna available. I changed and locked up my belongings and went out the meet L in the Quiet Room. I have to say that I didn't anticipate L looking so very sexy in his robe and was a little caught off guard. We talked while completing some forms and sipping on lemon water before the two massage therapists came to get us.

We were brought into the room, each being briefed by our therapist as to what would happen. They stepped outside and L helped me climb up on the table and lie on my stomach and covered me with the drape before lying down himself. I propped myself up on my elbows and we talked for a moment before a knock at the door heralded the return of the therapists. We lay down and for the next 30 minutes, I was blissed out by the feel of the therapist's firm, warm, oiled hands gliding over my skin. Partway through, he held up the sheet as I turned over and continued to massage my neck and shoulders from the top of my prone body.

At the end of the time, they left the room and we lay quietly for a moment before getting up and donning our robes and slippers again. We had a quick hug, a chat where we decided to take a pass on the couples sauna and headed back to our respective change rooms. I went into the steam shower to rinse off the oils from the massage and was so captivated by the five jets of hot water pummelling my body that I stayed quite a bit longer than I had meant to. I finally dragged myself out, dried off and got dressed, arriving in the spa lobby to find L waiting for me, having already paid for the spa services. We left the spa and walked down the deserted hallway, deciding what to do next. It was after noon by this time, so we decided our next stop should be lunch. We followed our noses and found the restaurant just down the hall and around the corner from the spa. I couldn't believe our day was half over already!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our HNT #13

I love it when L comes up behind me and ravishes
my neck - it sends me straight into a lust fog. - V

Mind the studs - dental work can be awfully expensive. - L

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Monday, February 7, 2011

He said: When We Fuck We Sound Like That?

V likes to listen to the erotic audio stories on and has talked a couple times about recording one for me. I even got so far as getting the audio equipment in place on one of her visits to my office but strangely enough once we got naked plans changed and instead of recording an erotic story I ended up banging her on my office floor. Even though I have access to pro audio equipment including wireless mics and multiple computers with webcams and microphones we are often pressed for time when we get together so any audio fun has been put on the back burner multiple times. This particular day I remembered to bring my MP3 player. Though it's extremely low fidelity it does have the virtue of being very portable and easy to use. After we got naked I started it up and tried to position it where it could pick up the audio of our office hi-jinks. We pretty much followed our normal routine though calling my time with V routine is certainly selling her way, way short.

Now I'm not going to post the audio for our complete time together because there are some quiet boring bits and I'm not prepared to spend the days on editing to clean it up but I will post a few snippets that I think are extra special. I won't be posting audio of what we said because I don't want anyone to recognize V's or my voice. Also, V and I don't read each others' posts until both are done so there may be some overlap in our audio. In chronological order here is what happened.

First we started off with some spanking, I had to the edit out when I asked V if it was too much and she said no.

clip 1

Then I put V on her stomach drizzled some lube between her cheeks and slid my cock up and down her ass crack.

Then I had V spread her legs and I slid my cock into her hot, tight pussy and gave her a good fucking. It sounded a bit like this, edited for time of course. In case you can't tell we both came at the end.

The last time V spanked me it didn't really do anything for me, I decided to give it another try when I was in a better frame of mind. This is the result. It didn't really hurt that much but I thought I better make some noise since since we were recording.

Then it was on to the pillow talk including how V's boob pics are the biggest traffic drivers to our blog. We dished on some of the other sex bloggers we read and discussed whether to make this blog a limited run series so it doesn't become too much of a grind. Too much risk that someone will recognize our voices to give an audio excerpt of that conversation, besides I suspect you would find it dreadfully boring. Then after some of V's wonderful oral ministrations it was on to round two. Unfortunately V wasn't slurpy enough to catch the blow job on the audio so you shall have to content yourself with our moans and groans. Listen especially for her sexy laugh close to the end of the clip. Unfortunately I had to edit out when I asked her to "Ride me cowgirl" just before she climbed on top of me. Turn about is fair play after all, I was on top the first time, she was on top the second time.

That's it for now, this audio editing has me plum tuckered out.

She said: Aural Pleasures

I enjoy our shopping trips together as much as I enjoy the way they end, but two weeks is a long time to go without sex. I've gone longer without - a lot longer, actually - but as a wise man once said to me, "Once you start getting great sex regularly, it's really hard to go without." Man, he was right! With our two shopping trips essentially acting as foreplay, I couldn't wait until we could get together after the holidays. Happily, I didn't have long to wait.

Timing was perfect that night, as that one pesky employee that always seems to want to work late was just leaving as I showed up (I feel kind of mean calling him pesky - I'm sure he's a perfectly nice guy, but he's always cutting into my L time!). L told me to go ahead into 'our' room and that he'd follow shortly. I went ahead in and and unpacked my bag I had brought along which contained some treats for L and a small snack. He came in shortly after and I asked him to hang on before getting undressed and I took some pictures of him in various states of undress. He even wore a shirt with buttons - my favourite!

Something that really turns me on, as L knows, is the sounds of people fucking - the heavy breathing, the kissing, the slapping of thighs, the moans, sighs and whispers between lovers. I've listened to audio of other couples fucking before, but when I told L I'd love to be able to listen to the audio of us having sex, he decided to bring his mp3 player on this day and record our session. He turned on the recorder. I was lying on my stomach, propped up on my elbows when L started by spanking my bottom until I finally said "ouch" (which for me means, 'okay...too much now!').

Click to hear: V Gets Spanked

Stopping briefly to take yet another picture of my pink bottom, he then lay over me, slotted his cock into the crack of my backside and started frotting me. I don't know what it is about it - L has dubbed me as being "ass erotic", but this drives me wild. He stopped to add some lube and his cock now slid easily back and forth along my backside. Fuck, yeah!

Finally, I could take it no longer and I begged him to fuck me. He rolled onto his back beside me and I leaned over him and kissed him. Working my way down his body, I kissed, licked and nipped at him until I got to his lubed cock. I wiped away the excess lube and took him in my mouth. I sucked him as I opened and unrolled the condom, ready for application. I was so turned on, my hands shook as I slipped the condom on over his rock hard cock. We switched places and I moaned as he entered me - it had been over two weeks since I'd had sex and I could tell that this was going to be one of those special times we've talked about, when everything just hits the right places at the right times. How perfect to have a fuck like this on a day when we're taping it! Our interlude was full of moans and gasps of pleasure and we came hard within moments of each other.

Click to hear us fucking.

We lay in each others' arms, snuggling and talking, only turning off the recorder for a few minutes as we touched on more personal topics. As we lay there, L asked me if I'd spank him. I had done so once before, but it wasn't a memorable experience for either of us. At that time, I had made a joking request and L had agreed, but I had never spanked anyone before and was concerned about hurting him and he seemed not really into it either at the time. Being in a more playful and receptive frame of mind - and I suspect as a result of all this submissive spanking talk over at Foxy's - this day, he wanted to try it again. He bent over the table and this time I wasn't shy about it - I spanked his bottom pink and took a picture to prove it.

L's pink bottom - Click to hear how it got that way.....

After a quick time check we decided to go for round two. L was tuckered out after the first time - he had worked very hard - and wanted me to do the work this time and so he lay back as I climbed on top. Impaling myself on him, I leaned forward to kiss him and slide myself along his rod. Grinding into him on the downstroke, it wasn't long before I knew I was going to cum again. If his moans were anything to go by, he wouldn't be long either...and he wasn't. He peaked first this time and I tumbled over moments later. At this point, all I wanted to do was snuggle and sleep, but alas, we didn't have much time left and after just a couple of minutes, we had to start packing up. Stopping only a few minutes more to eat a small snack, I left him downloading our pictures in his office. As I started my vehicle and watched him at his desk through the slats in the window blinds, I wished I could have stayed with him even longer, but that was not possible. I pulled out of the parking lot and as I drove home in a sated lust fog, my thoughts were consumed with a replay of the wonderful time we spent together.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our HNT #12

L loved it when he figured out he could guide me wherever he wanted by grabbing the rope.

Come here, Rope Slut...


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