Monday, February 14, 2011

She said: Escape Day, Part 1

Soon after we posted our plea for help regarding hotels, we were once again searching online and found that one of the better hotels had introduced a daytime escape package where you could get a room for an 8-hour period and just spend the day. We decided that that would be the place to go and I called them to ask a few questions about the exceptions they listed on their website and to discuss possible dates with them to ascertain availability.

Booking a bit in advance would work best for us - with both work and home commitments, it would be easier to plan with a bit of lead time. Girly days were approaching and since my cycles can be somewhat irregular and unpredictable, I wanted to wait and book once I started so that I could say with surety that I'd be in the clear. In the end, I managed to get a time a week in advance. I called to make the booking late in the work day and immediately following had to leave for an appointment. I had time only to tell L that the deed was done before I had to take off, so we didn't have any opportunity to talk about it at all. Later that evening as we chatted over IM, L asked me if I was excited about finally having booked the hotel. I said I was and asked if he was also excited. His response made me laugh. He said, "I was earlier, but I'm over it now." Ha! He was teasing me, as he often does. He was excited - I could tell.

The morning of, we met in the parking lot of the hotel. Both the grounds and the buildings were beautiful, even covered as they were with snow. My exposure to hotels has been extremely minimal and even more so under these circumstances, so I felt a little out of my element and I hung back as L checked us in. I actually felt kind of embarrassed! We headed up to our room and unpacked our mischief bag onto the coffee table. The room was lovely - fireplace, love seat, large bathroom with a whirlpool tub and the most incredible king sized bed that we wanted to try out right away. L put the champagne we had brought into the refrigerator as I climbed onto the high bed and crawled up on all fours to remove the extra pillows and to turn down the covers before hopping back off. I undressed, sidled over to L for a big hug and kiss, and we hopped into the bed together.

We held each other and savoured the luxurious bed and just being together in it for just a minute or two before he pulled me closer and I felt his hard cock against my hip. I wiggled and reached up to kiss him on his neck, but instead he turned his head and captured my mouth with his. Soon we were kissing, caressing and rubbing against each other with great urgency. He rolled onto his back, grabbed and applied a condom and rolled back over to cover me. He lowered himself and kissed me as he slid into me.

I think we both thought that with the excitement, it would be a quick one, but not so. L lasted a very long time and we had an amazing encounter where we both came with abandon. We cuddled for a while afterward before embarking on round two, where we had a more languished coupling. We realized not too long after that it was nearly time for our spa appointment, so we each had a quick shower and got dressed. We were booked for a couples massage at the spa. When I booked, I was told that there would be one male and one female massage therapist available and I had to specify which would be working with each of us. I figured L would prefer the woman, so I booked the male for myself. Neither of us knew what to expect and I was a little nervous about having a strange man touching me, but L reassured me that it would be fine - after all, he would be right there with me. We checked in and L told the receptionist that we were 'spa virgins' so that they would explain everything as we went along.

We were separated at this point, as the change rooms for the different sexes were in opposite directions. The Ladies change room was amazing. There were lockers to store my clothing and beautiful spa robes to use. I was asked my shoe size and provided with a pair of slippers. There was also a steam shower and a sauna available. I changed and locked up my belongings and went out the meet L in the Quiet Room. I have to say that I didn't anticipate L looking so very sexy in his robe and was a little caught off guard. We talked while completing some forms and sipping on lemon water before the two massage therapists came to get us.

We were brought into the room, each being briefed by our therapist as to what would happen. They stepped outside and L helped me climb up on the table and lie on my stomach and covered me with the drape before lying down himself. I propped myself up on my elbows and we talked for a moment before a knock at the door heralded the return of the therapists. We lay down and for the next 30 minutes, I was blissed out by the feel of the therapist's firm, warm, oiled hands gliding over my skin. Partway through, he held up the sheet as I turned over and continued to massage my neck and shoulders from the top of my prone body.

At the end of the time, they left the room and we lay quietly for a moment before getting up and donning our robes and slippers again. We had a quick hug, a chat where we decided to take a pass on the couples sauna and headed back to our respective change rooms. I went into the steam shower to rinse off the oils from the massage and was so captivated by the five jets of hot water pummelling my body that I stayed quite a bit longer than I had meant to. I finally dragged myself out, dried off and got dressed, arriving in the spa lobby to find L waiting for me, having already paid for the spa services. We left the spa and walked down the deserted hallway, deciding what to do next. It was after noon by this time, so we decided our next stop should be lunch. We followed our noses and found the restaurant just down the hall and around the corner from the spa. I couldn't believe our day was half over already!

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  1. Massages are great, aren't they? I wasn't that into them at first, but as soon as I had a good one, I couldn't resist any more...