Monday, February 7, 2011

He said: When We Fuck We Sound Like That?

V likes to listen to the erotic audio stories on and has talked a couple times about recording one for me. I even got so far as getting the audio equipment in place on one of her visits to my office but strangely enough once we got naked plans changed and instead of recording an erotic story I ended up banging her on my office floor. Even though I have access to pro audio equipment including wireless mics and multiple computers with webcams and microphones we are often pressed for time when we get together so any audio fun has been put on the back burner multiple times. This particular day I remembered to bring my MP3 player. Though it's extremely low fidelity it does have the virtue of being very portable and easy to use. After we got naked I started it up and tried to position it where it could pick up the audio of our office hi-jinks. We pretty much followed our normal routine though calling my time with V routine is certainly selling her way, way short.

Now I'm not going to post the audio for our complete time together because there are some quiet boring bits and I'm not prepared to spend the days on editing to clean it up but I will post a few snippets that I think are extra special. I won't be posting audio of what we said because I don't want anyone to recognize V's or my voice. Also, V and I don't read each others' posts until both are done so there may be some overlap in our audio. In chronological order here is what happened.

First we started off with some spanking, I had to the edit out when I asked V if it was too much and she said no.

clip 1

Then I put V on her stomach drizzled some lube between her cheeks and slid my cock up and down her ass crack.

Then I had V spread her legs and I slid my cock into her hot, tight pussy and gave her a good fucking. It sounded a bit like this, edited for time of course. In case you can't tell we both came at the end.

The last time V spanked me it didn't really do anything for me, I decided to give it another try when I was in a better frame of mind. This is the result. It didn't really hurt that much but I thought I better make some noise since since we were recording.

Then it was on to the pillow talk including how V's boob pics are the biggest traffic drivers to our blog. We dished on some of the other sex bloggers we read and discussed whether to make this blog a limited run series so it doesn't become too much of a grind. Too much risk that someone will recognize our voices to give an audio excerpt of that conversation, besides I suspect you would find it dreadfully boring. Then after some of V's wonderful oral ministrations it was on to round two. Unfortunately V wasn't slurpy enough to catch the blow job on the audio so you shall have to content yourself with our moans and groans. Listen especially for her sexy laugh close to the end of the clip. Unfortunately I had to edit out when I asked her to "Ride me cowgirl" just before she climbed on top of me. Turn about is fair play after all, I was on top the first time, she was on top the second time.

That's it for now, this audio editing has me plum tuckered out.


  1. The first 2 didn't work just so you know, but I LOVED listening in to the other 3. I'll dare to say that audio is hotter than pics!

    The little laugh you guys shared was cute in the third clip, if the spanking didn't hurt....well, then you faked it pretty well. ;) And her laugh IS sexy. Whas that a growl I heard at the end? (clip 5) Did you growl at her? Pretty hot if you did..........(I should go listen again-just to verify, ya know)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sigh, sometimes technology is a bitch. I changed the links for the first two so they shoud work now. Thanks for the head up foxy.

  3. These recordings are unbelievably HOT!! I read this post on my phone at work today and was so frustrated that I couldn't hear them until I got home and on my laptop. They definitely didn’t disappoint. V's little giggle is very sexy!!