Monday, February 21, 2011

He said: Hotel Day Part 2

After our couples massage we headed to the hotel restaurant where they were serving a buffet lunch. The service was leisurely, probably due to the large number of retired people in the room. I suspect most of them didn't have anywhere to go but I had nipples to suck and a pussy to fuck so I was a bit more impatient. When I looked at V and remembered our morning together my impatience cooled. It wasn't so much how many times we could bang in one day but enjoying our first extended period together. About halfway through our lunch another couple came and sat at the next table. A middle aged woman elegantly dressed and a younger man in jeans and a casual shirt. I leaned across to V and brought them to her attention. Was she a cougar with her younger boy toy who had come to the hotel on the same getaway package as we had? We mused and tossed wry smiles at each other as we browsed through the wide range of foods on the buffet. The only problem with buffets is you always feel you have to eat your moneys worth. I needed to stay lean and energetic for the afternoon.

After lunch it was back to the room by a long circuitous route that allowed us to explore the nooks and crannies of the the old hotel. When we finally arrived in the room we shed our clothes, jumped onto the bed and V applied her soft lips to my quickly hardening cock. Just as I reached for the condom my cell phone rang. It was someone from the office who wanted to ask me a question. As the call progressed V cooled her heels on the bed and my erection wilted. Would this call never end? Finally I got rid of him and returned to V. With her head over the edge of the bed she employed her awesome deep throating skills while I played with her nipples, twisting and pulling them.

I was soon hard again and had her spin around so her feet were on the floor as I fucked her from behind, a position she particularly likes. It didn't take much pounding before we both came.

We then retired to the bed to relax and recharge. We spent some time browsing through the illustrated Kama Sutra V had brought rating the various sexual positions on whether we had already tried them and whether we even wanted to. After looking through the book V and I cuddled and she drifted off to sleep in my arms. I let her sleep for about 30 minutes waking her with gentle kisses. I knew she wouldn't want to sleep the rest of the day away. I did a shibari tie on V using the rope we had brought along. With no reference material I made up a tie as best as I could. Now that I was more experienced I made the ropes tighter. A generally good result except for the breasts. Breasts are hard to tie because they are mooshy and squooshy. Once V was tied I had her kneel on the conveniently located bench at the end of the bed. V could rest her upper body on the bed and was quite comfortable as I flogged her backside. Flogging sounds so mean but the flogger I made is a light pigskin leather which means it's more stingy than thwacky. Though V was only making appreciative noises the noise of the flogger hitting her backside was a little louder than I was expecting. I hoped that there wasn't someone in the neighbouring rooms wondering about the strange sound in the adjacent room. I picked up the butt plug V had brought along and teased her bottom with it eventually sliding it in. When I had first seen it had seemed to be very narrow and when it slipped in so easily I knew that we would be moving up to a larger size. V asked how much of the plug was in and was astonished when I told her it was all the way in. I used the vibrator on the end of the plug to give V a little more anal stimulation and then passed the vibrator to her to use on her clit while I returned to flogging her ass. Then it was out with the butt plug and in with the anal beads. Time was getting short and we still hadn't made it into the whirlpool tub so we started the tub filling while I untied V. We sat in the tub kissing and caressing for a few minutes then it was time to pack our things and check out, relaxed and satiated.

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