Monday, February 14, 2011

He said: Hotel Day Part. 1

Hotel Day had finally arrived. It had taken a while but the morning arrived and I set off for the hotel where V and I had booked our romantic getaway. I parked near the front door on a misty, rainy day. V had parked further away so when I arrived I had to wait as she navigated across the wet, icy parking lot. As she approached I took the bag with our naughty accessories out of the trunk and we approached the front door of the hotel. V hung back as I checked into the hotel and received our key. V hasn't been to many hotels and the checking into a hotel with a man who wasn't her husband for day of sex and naughtiness made her shy. After chatting with the desk clerk as she checked us in we retired to our room, put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door and unpacked our play items onto the coffee table in the room.

We undressed and climbed into bed. This was the first time that V and I had ever been in bed together and this was a big comfortable bed. After a few minutes of kissing and caressing both V and I were ready for our first bed bang. I slipped on a condom and slipped into V. She was ready, hot and wet. Having sex and not having to worry about being discovered made for a more relaxing experience but also revved up the intensity of the moment. I was hard as a rock and ready to rock V's world. As I thrust my hard cock into her I kissed her deeply. She moaned as she spread wide. As I continued to fuck her I could feel the tight grip of her pussy on my member. I teased and pulled V's nipple as I came. Our first bed fuck was a very satisfying experience.

We languished in bed chatting, playing and touching each other. It didn't take very long before we were both ready for round two. The first time I had been on top, this time it was V's turn. I suggested she put her hands on the top of the headboard but her arms were too short to reach. After she had rode me for a few minutes I could see that she was getting tired so we switched positions with me back on top. V was close to the edge and after a few more minutes she was cumming. It took a few more minutes before I came and collapsed onto V, totally drained.

After a few minutes of resting we tooks turns showering as we prepared to head off to our scheduled couples massage. We changed and then ate Biscotti and drank cucumber water as we waited in our robes and sandals for the masseuses to come and take us to the massage room. It was my first massage and the 30 minutes flew by. Then it was off to to the locker room for a shower and then it was time for lunch.

I know this post may be very exciting but it was very special for us, things got more interesting after lunch, I promise you. Come back next time to find out.

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