Monday, February 21, 2011

She said: Escape Day, Part Two

As Part 1 of my account of our Escape Day ended, we had just enjoyed the most wonderful massage together in the spa and had found ourselves in the restaurant, where we were seated at a lovely table for two overlooking an extensive buffet. We spent an enjoyable time eating and chatting with each other across the table. Since there were a number of other groups of (mostly older) folks seated close by and our topics of conversation were not always appropriate for other ears, we leaned in close to each other across the table as we talked. After a delicious lunch and just a taste of a couple of their desserts (I have such a sweet tooth!), we left and went back to our room to continue with our day of fun.

Letting ourselves back into the room, we once again shed our clothes. As I climbed into bed, L directed me to lie across the bed on my back and hang my head off the edge. The bed was high but for a tall man standing as L was, it was the perfect height. He pulled me a little closer to him and leaned me further back. I opened wide to accommodate his hard cock. After months and months of practice, I now have almost no gag reflex, which is extremely useful, particularly in this position. As I held and stroked his thighs, L slid his cock deep into my throat over and over, his balls slapping on my face on each stroke. He leaned forward and pinched and squeezed my breasts as he took himself close to the edge. A few strokes more and he pulled out. I saw him reach for a condom, I knew what was coming (me, I hope!) and turned around and bent over the side of the bed. He leaned over me and entered me from behind, fucking me aggressively and noisily until we both came together.

I have told L many times that I'm "such a man" and he has corrected me to to say that I'm not at all manly, but rather I have many stereotypically male tendencies. One of these is that sex has a ridiculously soporific effect on me. Unfortunately, we don't normally have the luxury of sleeping after our encounters. This day, however, I curled up in one of my favourite spots - tucked in under L's shoulder - and fell fast asleep. I have no idea how long I slept, just that when I woke up, he still held me close and was softly kissing my forehead. It was a truly wonderful and intimate feeling.

L then asked me if I'd like to try some rope play. Since I enjoyed it so much the last time, I readily agreed. Not having access to reference material this time, L created his own pattern with the rope and it turned out great. He then had me kneel down on the bench at the foot of the bed and bend over. He pulled out his homemade flogger and made several passes on my bottom, before heading back to the table to grab some other items.

I've mentioned before that many years ago, I had a very bad experience with anal sex that had made me loathe to ever go there again. It has taken a while, but L's patience and kindness has shown me that that violating experience need never have happened. I trust L completely with my body and he has made me want to venture there again. Based on the things we have done so far, I'm sure it will be an experience I'll come to enjoy and we have slowly been including anal play into our repertoire in anticipation of going there one day. I had purchased a butt plug and a string of graduated beads to enhance that play and I was truly shocked when moments after I heard the lid of the lube bottle open, L told me that the butt plug had been completely inserted with none of the pain or difficulty I had anticipated. L then held the vibrator on the base of the plug, which felt very good. Unable to continue with my flogging and hold the vibrator at the same time, I reached between my legs and took hold of the vibrator, applying it to my clit as L resumed my flogging. After a couple minutes, L removed the plug and replaced it with the graduated beads, which were very comfortable and they remained in place until the end of the flogging.

Performing a time check, we realized we were close to the end of our day and there was one more thing we wanted to do - try out the whirlpool bath. Removing the anal beads, I was not expecting the lovely popping feeling as the string was pulled out. L went to run the bath water while I washed the toys and soon we were both sitting in the hot bath. After languishing for a few minutes, L turned on the jets and it was very relaxing. The tub would have been more comfortable had it been a little larger, but it was cozy and relaxing nonetheless. When the water started to cool, we reluctantly got out, dried off and started to pack up our stuff.

Doing a last check of the room to ensure we hadn't forgotten anything, we head down to the lobby to check out. I love looking at the brochures they have in hotel lobbies. So often there are attractions in your own city that either you've never heard of or that you knew of, but never had the chance to visit. The brochures on offer always provide ideas of new places to visit and things to do as well as often including discount coupons to attractions. This hotel was no different and while I gathered up some leaflets for future use, L checked us out and settled the bill.

Walking to the car was treacherous. While we had been having fun indoors all day, apparently the weather had taken a turn for the worse - the ground was covered in a sheet of ice and it was still precipitating quite heavily. Hanging on to our bags of stuff and to each other, we made it to L's car, which was closer. Dropping off his bags, he walked me over to my vehicle and saw me inside safely and kissed me goodbye before heading back to his car. It had been a very special day for us - not only because it was our first time coming together in a bed but also the rarity of getting to spend a whole day in each others' company complete with privacy. I fired the engine and sat quietly for a couple minutes - one to savour the intensely satisfying feeling of having spent an amazingly wonderful day with L and a second to prepare myself for what would be a long, stressful drive home in the awful weather.

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