Monday, February 28, 2011

He said: V meets Herb, Part 1

In our time together V has often expressed an interest in meeting Herb. I have had long experience with Herb back to my high school days but we have drifted apart in the ensuing years. I have spent much more time with John Barleycorn. V had never had an experience with Herb so I offered to be her wingman when the two of them hooked up. We decided that it was best that it happen on a weekend when V would have more time to savour the experience.

When we last left our heroine V she was preparing to give Herb a try. Before Herb arrived we decided to have a quick fuck to take the edge off while we waited for the arrival of our guest. We quickly got naked and down to business. Me on top, V on the bottom we fucked like we hadn't fucked for at least a week. V and I both like our sex so a week can be a very, very long time. It was great sex but you are probably getting sick of reading about us having great sex. After an interlude of cuddling V went to the bathroom to clean up. While she was gone Herb arrived and I prepared him for what was to come. V returned and after she and I dressed we took Herb out back behind the building. Before she knew it Herb was in V's mouth. She had a bit of trouble getting used to the taste of him and ended up coughing and sputtering.

That's enough of the double entendre because I don't want to keep up this artifice when I talk about Herb and I. After V and I had smoked the carefully rolled joint we headed back inside. Though V said she felt nothing I was flying. I had to will myself to walk slowly. I wanted to run inside, rip off her clothes and really bang her. We walked inside and while she went into the bathroom I got naked and laid down on the blanket, then I got up and fiddled with some items in the room while waiting for her to return. Back to the blanket I was eagerly anticipating my first experience of sex on pot. V soon returned and leaned over me to kiss me. Either she wasn't paying as much attention as she normally did or my senses were heightened because as she kissed me I could feel her weight on my chest in a way I couldn't remember before. The kissing was also more intense. A short session of her lips on my cock and I was inside her. The sex was great, I seemed harder, V moaned louder, the feeling were the same but also more. It's hard to explain, not different but special. After we came I rested on top of V and though she often talks after sex she was uncharacteristically chatty this time. It wasn't her normal silky, sleepy bedroom voice but a faster more conversational tone. Not what I have come to expect of our pillow talk after we have cum. When I told her she seemed a bit different she got a bit offended. I'm sure she was feeling the effects of her time with Herb. We disentangled and laid spooning side by side on the blanket relaxing in the post sex afterglow.

I think I may have dozed off because I was jarred back to reality by a banging sound. Then I realized what it was, either V or I had put a chair up against the door to prevent people from barging in on us. We had done so every time when we had used this particular room because the door didn't lock. For the first time the chair had done it's job, someone was trying to enter the room. We were lying naked on the floor, me still high as a kite and all that was preventing our discovery was a chair. OMG! WE WERE LYING NAKED ON THE FLOOR! SOMEONE WAS TRYING TO GET IN!

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of our story. How's that for a cliffhanger Riff?

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