Monday, February 28, 2011

She said: Can A Bus Dream?, Part 1

We like to try new things together - no secret there. Though I have had many experiences that most would not have the opportunity to encounter in a lifetime, I have nonetheless lived an extremely sheltered life, due in no small part to my culture. One thing I've always wanted to do was to experiment with pot smoking. I did try once several years ago, but never having been exposed to smoking and not being with someone I could be open with, I did not really understand the mechanics of it and was too shy to ask. I took a couple of puffs off a joint, but felt nothing and didn't bother to go any further than that. When I met L and realized how non-judgemental he was, I asked him if he had ever smoked pot and I was somewhat surprised - and delighted - when he said that he does indulge from time to time. I asked him if he would teach me how to smoke sometime and he was agreeable to that. Nearly a year passed before we talked about it again and we decided to go ahead and get some so I could try it out.

Procurement was not an issue. I have a friend who helped with that - a friend who was more than a little concerned about my sudden interest in smoking pot (after all, we've been close for years and years, but this was the first time I had approached him looking to buy) - but he finally capitulated, cautioning me about not being alone the first time I smoked. He was worried about my safety should I have some kind of reaction. I assured him that I was planning to smoke with L and that I knew he would take great care of me, so he needn't worry. When I passed it on to L, he suggested we leave it for a day when we were together for a longer time, both in case there were any issues and so that we could ensure that we would be in good shape to drive home afterward.

Finally a day came where we were able to get together on a weekend day, allowing us a longer time to spend together. We arrived just moments apart and went inside. Even though it had been less than a week since we were last together, it felt like it had been a long time and we were both anxious to come together. We got right down to business and after sucking L almost to the edge, we fucked explosively. After a short while of chatting and snuggling, L asked me if I was up to learning how to smoke today. Laughingly, I agreed and when I returned from using the washroom, L had pulled on his clothes and sat cross-legged on the ground, rolling a joint on the table. I sort of got dressed - I pulled on my pants and shirt, but left my underwear behind - and we headed outside for my first lesson.

We went out behind L's building where L lit up. After some instruction and explanation he passed me the joint. I took a big drag and was completely unprepared for the unholy burning and rawness in my throat, but I resisted coughing as best I could and tried to inhale and keep the smoke in my lungs. In spite of feeling like I had swallowed glass, I went back for more. Although I did finally succumb to a coughing fit, I did get in several good drags. L asked if I felt anything. Taking stock, I said I didn't feel any different. He said he was beginning to feel the effects and that I should be careful, because it kind of creeps up on you. We finished the joint and I was really disappointed that I couldn't feel the buzz. In the end, I felt no different than when I started, except now my throat was sore.

We started back inside and though L didn't really do anything specific to indicate he was impaired, I did get the feeling he was a little off - a little quieter than usual. I stopped for a drink of water, hoping to cool my throat and when I got back into the room, L was already lying naked on the blanket. I undressed and went into his open arms. He asked again if I felt anything, but I did not and responded as such. I pushed L over to lie on his back and I leaned over him to kiss him. Several times. Then I told him that he was absolutely the world's sexiest kisser.

Working my way down, I sucked his cock until he was rock hard and then I applied a condom. We switched places and as soon as L entered me, I couldn't help but moan. What a feeling! I went wild as his rock-hard cock stroked me in new ways. It was absolutely incredible. I swear that encounter went into the annals as the best sex we have ever had and it wasn't long before I went off like a rocket. Everything was hitting the right places at the right time and it was incredibly intense! L climaxed shortly after and he also seemed to have a more intense than usual experience.

I tried to articulate that - and more - to L. I suddenly felt compelled to thank him for his constant caring and kindness and for everything he's done for me. I don't think he understands how considerable that has been. I was almost in tears in my expressions of gratitude when I suddenly realized that perhaps these were not the most appropriate things to be saying just now - or possibly at all - and I stopped mid-babble. L started to laugh, which had the effect of making me feel shy and self-conscious. "Why are you laughing?", I asked him. He said he was laughing because even through his impaired state, he could tell that I was much more chatty than usual. Slightly offended - I didn't agree with that at all, since I don't think anyone could call me chatty at the best of times - I just kept quiet.

L stayed in place rubbing his cock along my slit, the head of his cock bumping my clit with each stroke. Wow - that felt amazing too. Finally, I guided him down to lie beside me where we curled up around each other. Resting my cheek on his unshaven one, my face in his neck, I alternated between grazing my nails softly up and down his back and then soothing with my fingertips. Every so often, I'd turn my head to kiss his neck or his cheek, or sometimes just to rub mine along his, enjoying the stubbly feeling. I was feeling incredibly affectionate and we lay there for a very long time, totally relaxed, just drifting as we gently caressed and stroked each other......until we heard the handle of the door turn followed by a loud thud that made our eyes simultaneously fly open in panic.....To be continued next week......


  1. Oh my god, the suspense!

    I've smoked pot plenty of times but never had sex whilst high, I think I'll have to add that to my sex wishlist ;-)

  2. Hmmmm...Do you think the pot made the sex more intense, or it really didn't do anything for you? I've NEVER tried pot either, but I'm very interested in trying it sometime.