Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our HNT #33

When we get a new toy, we don't like to waste any time......, we like to get straight to the point! *click*


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Monday, June 27, 2011

He said: VV's Birthday Present

V had wanted to do something special for my birthday and after some discussion we had decided on a picnic and a couples massage. The spa was located conveniently across the road from a very nice park with a winding river. It was probably the hottest day of the year so far when we arrived. We tried to find a secluded spot that offered some shade and also a breeze and ended up on at the top of a small rise with a view of the river and the surrounding territory. We spread our blanket under a small tree that provided some shade and V unpacked the feast she had created. Fried chicken, devilled eggs, salads and pastries.

The combination of the heat and full stomachs made us lazy enough but then we decided to smoke the big fat joint I had rolled a few weeks before. We ended up laying side by side on the blanket kissing gently and caressing each other. At some point I slipped my hand inside V's dress and between her legs and began playing with V's pussy. I sat up so that I could keep an eye on the people around us. The park wasn't busy but there were people who passed occasionally. At one point a woman walked her dog towards us, I waited not wanting to interrupt V, the woman and her dog came closer. She looked like she was going to walk right up the hill beside us when suddenly she stopped and sat down on a bench with her back to us. I would alternate between helping V along and watching the people pass. Did they notice V's hand underneath her? Did they see her subtle but unmistakable up and down motion? Eventually V came with the orgasm noise I have come to recognize so well. We laid languishing on the blanket for a few minutes as V revelled in the aftereffects of her orgasm. At this point I noticed an old man sitting on another bench about 50 yards away in the opposite direction. How had I missed him? Had he been there the whole time? V wanted to give me something to remember the day by but we were too exposed and decided it would be better to go back to the car where we would at least have the car body to shield us from curious eyes.

After returning to the car and getting the air conditioning going we waited what seemed like forever for the bylaw enforcement officer who had decided to take his break in the parking lot to go. Hey, we are exhibitionists but even we have to draw the line. I unzipped and V quickly got to work. As she sucked me I saw a bicyclist approaching, should I get her to stop? Popping up would be a dead giveaway so I placed my hand on the back of her head. It was exciting getting a blow job in such an exposed spot. As V sucked and I enjoyed the feeling I saw two women walking down a flight of stairs and entering the parking lot. Would they walk right by the car? What would I do? Would I warn V? What if they looked in and saw her head in my lap? These thoughts were enough to push me over the edge. I came, V swallowed and by the time they were close enough that it mattered I was zipped up and V was starting the car.

If you ever get a chance to have a full body massage while stoned do it. I was so relaxed after the hot steamy shower and cucumber water I was putty in the masseuse's hands. At one point while she was massaging my legs I got a cramp in my foot so she moved to massage my foot and relieve it. I never knew a foot massage could feel so good. Just thinking about it as I write this makes me want to go and get another one. The hour passed like nothing and I left refreshed. It was a very special and memorable birthday for me.

She said: We Should Really Learn To Relax

It was too hot to snuggle. Under the shade of a large tree, wearing only a strapless short sundress and a thong, I lay on my stomach on our blanket, my head cradled in my arms and turned to face L. He lay on his side, facing me with one arm curled under his head. His other hand rested heavily on the small of my back. In deference to the humid stickiness, the gap between us was wider than usual. Lethargic in the intense heat we both lay with faces just inches apart, eyes closed and languorously taking pleasure in the occasional breeze that blew across our bodies.

He slid his hand down for a moment and gave my ass a squeeze to get my attention. "I'm fucking you in my head right now," he murmured.

Not even opening my eyes, I drowsily replied, "Really? Am I any good?"

"You're great..." he drawled in the same drowsy tone, and then after a short pause "...but not as great as you are in real life."

I smiled lazily and several minutes passed in silence. His hands had again wandered to my ass where his fingers now stroked along the crack of my ass through my skimpy clothing. Wiggling a bit, I asked, "What are you thinking about now?" I opened my eyes just a slit, a small knowing smile on my face.

"We've changed positions....I'm fucking your ass now," he said.

"Mmmmmmm.....thought so."

It seems we had picked the hottest day of the year (so far!) for our special day out to celebrate L's birthday. Though we'd already met up on his actual birthday, fooled around and had an indoor sushi picnic and had other plans for the week, this was the main event. We had planned a picnic in the park to be followed by a couples massage at a nearby spa. We figured that after eating, we'd still have a couple hours to spend walking, goofing around and exploring the park - one we'd never been to before. Only problem was it was too hot to be walking. The mercury hit over 40C with the humidity that day and though there was a river we could have dipped our feet in, once we'd eaten, the soporific effects of the heat and the food combined with the effects of the joint we had just smoked made energy levels quite low, leading to the exchange above.

L sat up and rested his large hand on the back of my knee and gently caressed my thigh, moving his hand up higher each time until he slid it under my dress. Continuing higher until he reached my thong, he moved the scrap of material to the side. His fingers slid through my wet pussy and I squirmed. He stroked his fingers along my slit, his fingertips just barely grazing my clit with each stroke. I raised my ass up off the blanket and tried to open my legs a bit to give him better access for more, but he continued with his slow stroking. I wanted to cum very badly by now and slid one of my hands in to help.

Completely silent, every now and then he would calmly and gently remove his hand and adjust my dress by sliding his hands from my backside down to the hem and leave his hand to rest on my bare thigh - I assume passersby made him stop for the sake of propriety - but then he would slide his hands back under my skirt and continue and I would squirm and wiggle, wanting more. I needed a push over the edge, so I imagined what we looked like from up the in tree we lay under - a woman lying on her stomach, face buried in her arm and other arm pinned under her, playing with herself while her lover made her squirm and wiggle with his gentle fingering. It was only then I heard the sexy sounds she made - the soft moans and whimpers. That was the push I had been searching for - I felt the orgasm pour over my body as I convulsed around his fingers.

He leaned back on an elbow and brought his face in close to mine and stroked his hand down my back. "Are you okay?" he asked. I smiled and he kissed me. For the first time in the past hour plus, I raised my head up off my hands.

"Think I could return the favour?" I asked. He thought that might be harder to do without drawing attention where we were. Since it was close to time for our spa appointment, we decided to pack up and head for the car. The car was stifling hot and though neither of us is a fan of air conditioning, I put it on for a short while to cool it down a bit before we got in. We waited for a few minutes for a city worker on his break to leave the otherwise quiet parking lot and then L pulled out his cock.

I took him in deeply and could feel the head of his cock brushing the back of my throat. I opened my mouth and throat and stroked the length of him with my tongue while his cock was deep inside. The moans elicited were so intense, that I continued without changing things up and it wasn't long before I had him. He was still pumping his cum right down my throat when he said with urgency that there were people approaching on foot, indicating I should stop right away. I tried to sit up without looking like I just had a mouthful of prime Grade A cock. I glanced quickly to see where the people were and turned back to L just in time to see him getting ready to tuck his cock back in his underwear, his final large spurt of cum just now sliding off the head and down the side. That was mine and I wanted it, but they were getting closer and I wasn't fast enough to tell him to wait. He tucked himself away and zipped up. Moments later, both a cyclist and a pair of people on foot passed within a foot or two of the window where L sat.

We had originally intended to walk to the spa, but we didn't want to arrive more sweaty and overheated than we needed to be, so we drove. Having been here before, we knew we'd be able to shower beforehand anyway. We checked in and separated to go shower, change into our robes and slippers and meet back in the Quiet Room where we enjoyed a glass of cucumber water while we waited. L quietly asked me if he was supposed to wear his underwear. I told him I didn't think it mattered and that I didn't have mine either. I leaned over and whispered that mine was completely soaked anyway. He was just about to take a long sip of water. As he tipped the glass, he looked at me sideways and said with a completely straight face, "I wonder how that happened."

I giggled and then noted that we might be way too mellow to drive home afterwards, between the heat, the food, the pot, the orgasms and now the relaxing massage! We were laughing about that when they came to get us. Same room as last time, but two different massage therapists - both women this time. I thoroughly enjoyed mine and I know I was incredibly relaxed. The technique was quite different to the massage I had before and I particularly enjoyed when she kneaded my ass. When she did my wrists and fingers I nearly moaned out loud in pleasure and my absolute favourite part was when she did my head. I love having my hair played with, stroked, pulled - you name it. Between her technique for moving it away off my neck to massage that area and then the scalp massage soon after with her running her firm fingers through my hair, I was in absolute heaven!

We lay for a couple minutes after they left the room. I got up first because quite frankly, if I hadn't I would have fallen asleep right there. I picked up my earrings she had asked me to remove and put them back on, then put on my glasses and handed L his as well. After replacing our robes, we separated again to shower off the oils and get dressed to head home. It was supposed to be a special day for L, but I dare say I enjoyed it at least as much as he did, if not more!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our HNT #32

We could have licked these all day, but.....

...we had other things to do!


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Monday, June 20, 2011

He said: She's Here, Part Two

When we left our lascivious pair they were waiting for Theodora to return from her roof top hot tubbing. What I might have failed to mention was that we were waiting on the bed, naked. When Theodora returned to the room and came around the corner to use the shower to wash the chlorine off she seemed a bit taken aback to see us nude. At this point I still had no idea what was going to happen. Would Theodora decide that a threesome wasn't for her when it came time for her to take that step?

After her shower V enticed her into bed for a massage but I still wasn't sure what was going to happen. Theodora had told me that she wanted us to do things to her and not to expect too much in reciprocity, so her passivity wasn't unexpected. After the massage I decided that I would have to take the bull by the proverbial horns and move things forward. V and I took up positions on either side of her and began to play with her nipples. Theodora has magnificent nipples and it wasn't very long before I was sucking on one. V followed my lead and began to suck on Theodora's nipple too. After a few minutes of sucking I asked Theodora if she'd like to give flogging a try. Though Theodora had been spanked and paddled she had never been flogged and was a bit worried about it. We explained that flogging sounds much worse than it was. She laughed a bit and then said "OK". That was to be the pattern for the rest of our playtime. I'd suggest something Theodora would laugh and then say to go ahead.

V demonstrated each of our three floggers on Theodora's ass. Theodora's preference was for the stingy pigskin flogger over the heavier and more thuddy calfskin flogger. We were careful not to flog her too much after the bruised ass paddling incident of a few days earlier. After the flogging I told Theodora to roll over onto her back because I was going to get the rope out and tie her up. She laughed a bit and then said "OK". Unfortunately the hotel bed did not offer any convenient securing points, the bed frame went all the way to the floor so I ended up securing one arm to the bathroom doorknob, the other arm to the beside table and tied her ankles to the table at the end of the bed. I hoped that Theodora wouldn't test the strength of the attachment points because this was more restraint in principle than restraint in practice and we left the ties loose. Theodora commented that she wasn't tied very tightly. After she was secured V and I took turns flogging her tits and pussy.

Feeling like the Director of the events of the day I told Theodora it was time for her to get fucked in the ass. As I untied Theodora, V put on her harness and I passed big purple to her. As Theodora moved down to the end of bed and positioned herself on her hands and knees V whispered to me that she was concerned that big purple would be to big for Theodora to take anally. I assured V that it would be ok but didn't tell her that my confidence was because I had tried the dildo in Theodora's ass the previous night. I watched from the side as V slowly inserted the head of her cock into Theodora's ass. This was not going to be a DP night for Theodora but I was happy helping her fulfill her fantasy of being fucked in the ass by a woman while I watched. V motioned me over to her and pointed down to her feet, she was standing on her toes so I moved behind her to steady her. This involved me leaning against her back and reaching around to hold V's breasts. Looking over V's shoulder I had a great vantage point as she enthusiastically fucked Theodora in the ass. Theodora had one of her hands between her legs as she played with her clit. Theodora was making more and more noise and surprised both V and I when she shot off V's cock when she came. Theodora curled up on the bed with a pillow while V went into the bathroom to clean up. She practically strutted out of the bathroom with her hands on her hips and a big grin on her face.

We decided to take a break for dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant so we all dressed and headed out. V was more talkative than normal, it was only later that Theodora and I found that V had partaken of a few shots of liquid courage over the course of the evening. When we returned to the hotel V attempted to entice Theodora to join her while V gave me a blowjob. Theodora demurred, saying that she had her fill of sex for the day but she did get out her camera and photograph the event. Theodora would occasionally show me the camera when she had a photo she was particularly proud of. V and I then transitioned to fucking while Theodora transitioned to shooting video. I felt like a porn star fucking V with her legs spread and sticking way up into the air as Theodora videoed the action. At some point Theodora left us to finish our fucking and went into the other room.

After we were done V and cuddled for a few minutes before she dressed and headed off for home. Though not conventional I considered our first threesome to be a roaring success. Theodora and I slept soundly that night and did some more sightseeing the next morning before I drove her to the airport for her flight home.

She said: L Has A Visitor, Part 2

Continued from last week......

We went back to the room and by the time Theodora returned from the jacuzzi, L and I had decided to take the bull by the horns and were lying in bed naked, watching television while we waited for her. She laughed as she rounded the corner and saw us and after taking a quick shower, we called her over to lie in the middle of the bed for her massage. Saying she already felt much better from the Jacuzzi, she tried to beg off, but I insisted that I had promised her a massage and ignored her shyness. She came and lay in between us, still gripping her towel and L handed me the tingling massage oil which I poured into my hands rubbing them together to warm it. She seemed almost skittish and I wanted her to get comfortable with me touching her, without scaring her off. I thought that a massage was perfect, as I could be clinical and non-sexual about it and get her to relax at the same time. I massaged her neck, shoulders and back for several minutes. When I stopped, she thanked me and said she felt much better.

At this point, L took charge and brought out the rope. He had told me that Theodora is fairly passive sexually. She had told me as much herself - she was much more interested in having things done to her and in watching us, than in doing anything to anyone else. While I am not at all passive sexually (as you know), I do happen to be extremely self-conscious of my body, so this suited me fine for this time. L had sent me a cut-and-paste of one of their conversations where she said she wanted to be "tied up and used", so in unspoken agreement, we decided to tag-team her. L bound one wrist and ankle while I did her other side and once restrained, I removed the towel she had been clinging to. Theodora remarked that the ropes were loose enough that she could get out if she wanted to. We kind of thought this was a bit funny and told her that we didn’t want to hurt her, just to provide the illusion of restraint. After all, why would she want to try to get away?

L leaned over and started sucking her nipple, so I followed his lead and latched on to her other one. She has the most fantastic large nipples and I was amazed at how soft her breasts were. She had told me that her breasts were very sensitive, so we played around with them a little bit, attaching nipple clamps, biting and sucking them and even using some clothes pins to replicate something L had done with me not too long ago. She found the pins a little too ouchy, but enjoyed the clamps, which could be dialled back so as to not pinch her sensitive nipples so hard. My nipples are not so sensitive, but they are very tiny and they can’t take ‘real’ clamps either!

I knew that Theodora enjoys being spanked. I asked her if she had ever been flogged. She said she hadn’t, but was a bit worried about how painful it would be. I assured her that she'd love it and with her her approval, L handed me our three floggers to experiment on her. I tried each of the three in turn and she liked the more stingy feeling ones, whereas I prefer the heavier, thuddy ones. That explains why she liked the ping pong paddle so much when she was playing with L - it's far too stingy for me! I used the flogger with the satin falls to great effect on her breasts. The two of us played with her for quite a long time before we finally took a break. After chilling out for a short while, L announced that it was time to bring out the harness.

L knew that I had a fantasy of fucking someone - preferably a woman - with a strap-on. It turns out that Theodora had shared her fantasy of receiving anal sex from a woman with a strap-on with L. She also thought that fantasy would be enhanced by having L watch. Voila - L is the make-your-fantasy-come-true guy and scores points with us both! When he asked me months ago if I was interested in carrying out the fantasy, we looked around for a harness and appropriate dildos. I ended up making a simple harness using instructions from Holly at The Pervocracy and it turned out great (if you click the link, check out the bed too...if I ever get my own place, I so want that bed!). We were also able to leverage Eden Fantasys by choosing a dildo for review – you may recall Big Purple from a previous post. I personally was concerned about using Big Purple on her, but L assured me that she was no stranger to anal play and that he suspected Big Purple might even be on the small side for her taste! Wow! Impressive for an anal newbie like me!

I was a little nervous and went and poured myself a generous rum (with just a splash of coke), while L untied her. I chugged it down, then she got herself situated as L helped me with the harness. I had only tried it once before (L graciously allowed me to experiment on him!) and had found it difficult being that L is so much bigger than I am. Since Theodora is also very tall, I was a bit worried about how things would work out. Fortunately, the bed was quite low, so we managed it by having me stand on the floor at the foot of the bed as Theodora knelt at the edge of the bed. We were able to get her ass lined up with my “cock” by having her shift her legs more apart so that she could be a bit lower. I lubed up my boy while L lubed up her ass and standing on my toes with one hand gently resting on her hip and the other guiding my cock, I slid the head in.

She reached her hand back, waving and not clear on her signal, I asked her if she wanted me to pull out. Encouraging her to talk to me, she finally responded that she needed me to stop for a moment. I remained still, but was having trouble maintaining my stance, standing on my toes as I was. I signalled L to come over behind me to help support me. While I would eventually lower myself to be flat-footed on the floor, I didn’t want to move unnecessarily until she no longer felt any discomfort. After about 15 seconds of standing very still, during which I spoke to her, asking her if she was okay, stroking her hip and telling her I was not going to move until she told me to, Theodora started to move. I remained still and left her to push back against me until my cock was buried in her ass to the hilt. At that point, I started to move.

Assured that she was fine now, I picked up my stroke, holding her hips with both hands and slamming her with every stroke. The term ‘jackhammer’ ran through my head more than once. The harness, running between my legs, caused friction against my clit and I could feel the girl juices flowing. I wanted to touch myself, but thought it more important to keep my hands where they were and maintain that physical contact with Theodora. I considered asking L to finger me, but he was already busy standing behind me, body plastered against mine with both hands up under my arms playing with my tits and watching over my shoulder. I didn't think it would be fair to distract him from watching the fun.

As Theodora became more and more frenzied, L moved away from me and knelt on the bed beside her. He reached over and started playing with her hanging tits and she turned her head and they locked eyes. I fucked her even harder, almost unable to keep up with her convulsive movements until she shot forward off the end of my cock with an orgasmic wail. She grabbed a pillow and curled up with it, recovering. As L saw to her, I went into to the bathroom to remove and dispose of the condom from my cock.

Fuck, that was amazing! I never expected her to cum and I felt almost proud knowing that I had done that for her. Is that how men feel, having made their woman cum? As I exited the bathroom, L looked up at me with a huge grin and a questioning look on his face. Yes, I enjoyed it, but I said nothing. Instead, I held the waist band of the harness in both hands, sniffed, grinned and pulled myself up, making a gesture like “Well, I guess my work here’s done”. L laughed.

At this point, I was so fucking horny I could hardly stand it. I went and poured myself a second stiff rum and coke...and then a third, chugging them both. Now I’m sure I've mentioned before that I'm not normally a drinker. There are three reasons for this. Firstly, the more liquor I consume, the more naked, flirty and sexually aggressive I get. All my insecurities and hangups go away, but then the exhibitionist and flirt in me come out to play - big time. A little late to this party, but oh, well. Secondly, I've never been drunk because I'm too much of a control freak to let myself go that much and I've never had anyone I trusted enough to look after me in that state...until now. I knew L wouldn't let anything happen to me. Thirdly, both the liquor and the mixer are full of sugar and calories – big no-no’s for me. At this point, L decided we should take a break and go get some dinner. I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me – though it really did - that as I got dressed, the liquor started to hit me...hard. By the time we were all dressed and ready to go, I was a little beyond 'tipsy' – I was almost to 'drunk'!

You will have to excuse me, dear reader, if I breeze over the next hour or two of the story. This part does not come as clearly as the rest for some reason. ;) I know I staggered a bit in the hotel room and moved around holding onto the walls. I know that we left the hotel and went to a Thai restaurant. I remember that ever-vigilant about what I eat, I had chicken satay skewers (of which I made L and Theodora each take one, leaving me with two) and some wonton soup and a glass of water and I even remember that I wanted to pay for dinner, since L had paid for my lunch earlier and Theodora for my Chinese dinner the night before. I do not have clear recall on how long we were there, who served us or what exactly we talked about, though we did talk. I vaguely remember being surprised to look up and be entering the hotel – we seemed to get there as if by magic. Oh, and I remember telling L that I seriously needed to be fucked.

The next thing I remember clearly, L and I are naked in bed and Theodora is taking pictures of me sucking L’s cock. I vaguely recall her showing him some of the pictures and the two of them chatting quietly between themselves – “oh, this is a good one” – “oh, yeah” – “I like this one too”, etc. At one point, I even wondered if L even noticed I was sucking his cock at all. After a while, L urged me up the bed to lie beside him and he slipped on a condom. Lying on my back, he slid into me and omg, it was just what I needed. The first few strokes, I heard the click and whir of the camera, but then I became so focused on L that I was barely aware of what else was going on in the room. Being very agile and bendy and still more than a little under the influence, I held my straightened legs upright in a V (what else!) and kept trying to pull my legs back further over my head to hook my toes onto the headboard. The trick was to do it without bending my knees. The amazing sensations soon took my focus away from my little self-challenge, which was probably a good thing – I had visions of a serious groin injury, which would have been hard to explain. It felt like we fucked forever. I found it hard to let go enough to cum with someone else in the room, but at the same time – and for the same reason - I didn’t want to tell L I couldn’t cum either and so I did something I never, ever, ever do on principle...I faked it. Blame it on the drink. In fact, I felt so bad about this ‘lie’, I fessed up to L the next day. One thing I never do is lie to L.

I lay tucked in under L’s arm for quite some time after, slowly feeling like I was returning to my normal self and stroking L’s cock with my free hand. Theodora had moved to the living room some time before and I asked L what time it was. It was getting quite late and I had to think about leaving soon. I called out to Theodora and asked her to come and help me finish L off, either with hand or mouth before I had to go, but she said she had had enough sex and was done. L realized she was tired and called her to come to bed and I took that as my cue to leave. I got up and dressed and packed up my stuff. I went over to the bed and kissed Theodora goodbye, as I wouldn’t see her again before she left. L walked me to the door and kissed me goodnight and asked me to text him so he’d know I got home safely and wouldn’t worry.

Theodora left the following afternoon. I’ve chatted with her a number of times since her return to England. She’s a lovely person and I find more in common with her each time we communicate. L and I hope to go visit her one day and she has already started a list of places that she’d like to show us if we ever get there. Perhaps one day.....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our HNT #31

We quite enjoyed playing with Theodora - she has
lovely soft tits and fantastic nipples.....

.....but that's just our opinion. What do you think?

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Monday, June 13, 2011

He said: She's Here

When you know two women and one of them tells you that she has thought about using a strap-on on another woman and the other one tells you she has been watching strap-on porn what would you do? That question may not be as easy to answer as you might expect especially when the first woman is V, your current lover and the other woman, who has decided she wants to be called Theodora for this story, is someone you have known for years, visited with a few times over perhaps five years, is a sometimes lover and a very special friend. Now the question of what to do was academic when Theodora was living on another continent but becomes much more important when she told me she would be an hour away from V and I for a few days.

Now V and I have a good thing, how would she react to me suggesting a threesome? V likes to have 'planned out' and Theodora is much more a 'fly by the seat of your pants' woman. In the end I took the proverbial deep breath and broached the subject to both of them and they both agreed that it was worthy of further discussion. I arranged for both of them to connect to each other via IM and left them to get to know each other. Over the weeks that passed, V expressed some frustration about not being able to pin Theodora down over what would happen. Would we even have sex with each other? All I could do was sympathize with her and tell her not to worry too much about it. We'd get together, have dinner and drinks and see what developed.

Now you have enough back story to understand what was in my mind as Theodora and I drove in my car to her work assignment in the city about an hour from ours. The closest international airport is in my city and I had offered to drive Theodora there and have dinner with her. It had been a few years since I had visited her and though we keep in contact via IM and the occasional Skype call it was good to see her in person. We chatted on the trip down as I described some of the sights we passed on the way. We arrived, I got her checked into the hotel and we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner. After that we picked up some wine and beer and headed back to Theodora's room to have some drinks and visit a bit. I couldn't stay too long, but so she didn't feel lonely after I left I brought her a bag of items she could use to occupy herself on those lonely hotel nights. Some of the items were practical, like our big purple jelly dildo but I also brought along a few items to whet her sexual appetite including our ropes. Before you go 'ewww' about us sharing our toys be aware that we clean them thoroughly and use them with condoms. The plan was for her to finish her work commitments, then she would return to our city for a few days of sightseeing and perhaps some bedroom fun. Theodora had also brought along a few toys of her own which she showed me and which she and I tried out with quite satisfactory results. I should probably tell you that Theodora was the first woman I ever spanked and one time I spanked her so hard with my hand that my hand was sore for days. Somehow a ping pong paddle had made its way into Theodora's kinky care package and the combination of wine and a bag of sex toys resulted in her being soundly paddled with the ping pong paddle.

A few days later I picked Theodora up to return to our city. A previous commitment meant that V would have to meet us partway and take Theodora to her hotel. Theodora and I met V at a restaurant in a suburban mall. I had one of those heart stopping moments when as we walked into the restaurant a young woman said "I know you!". Luckily she had been a server at a restaurant near my office and remembered me from the few times I had visited there. After a few quick introductions and some chit chat I handed Theodora and her luggage over to V with fingers crossed that things would work out in the three or four hours they would be spending together without me.

When I arrived back at the hotel and we were preparing for a trip the rooftop jacuzzi by changing into our bathing suits Theodora scolded me for the enthusiastic paddling I had given her. Evidently when she had decided to give the purple dildo a try she had been surprised by the sight of her bruised backside in the mirror where she had hoped to observe her pleasuring herself. I did not feel guilty in the least because she had encouraged me and I was the one who had decided she had been paddled sufficiently. If I would have followed her instructions she would have really had a bruised backside instead of the the three or four small ones that she did have. After this this brief discussion off to the roof we went. Though it was rainy and cool the water was nice and hot. Theodora particularly liked luxuriating in the water as the rain fell. The rain started out fairly lightly but increased in intensity as we floated. V wasn't going to stay with us that night and Theodora and I reluctantly bid her adieu until the next morning. Theodora and I spent some more time sitting in the hot tub then we returned to her room for some visiting.

We met V for breakfast the next morning after which we headed off to Northbound Leather to show Theodora a glimpse of the kinky side of the city. Then it was off in my car for some sightseeing in the pelting rain. We returned to the hotel and went for a swim in the pool which was very relaxing but also got me horny. I discreetly groped at V which did not help my horniness level. When the discussion about perhaps returning to the rooftop hot tub came up I demurred, though the hot tub was nice it was raining even more than the night before and the thought of rain water running into my eyes just didn't seem that alluring. While Theodora went to the roof V and I returned to the room where we relaxed on the bed waiting for Theodora to return.

She said: L Has a Visitor, Part 1

I knew from the beginning that L had a friend with benefits living in England. I had no issue with it - I was here, she was not - not to mention that I don't think either of us expected to be together long term when we met, it's just kind of worked out that way. L never mentioned her again after that conversation - until a few months ago when he gave me the heads up that she – Theodora - would be visiting on business, her first trip to Canada.

One of the many things on our ever-expanding bucket list is having a threesome of each type and I half-jokingly asked L if we were going to have a threesome with her. L was way ahead of me on this one. He asked if I were serious. I thought about it a bit - women don’t exactly have performance issues if they are nervous or somewhat uncomfortable with a new situation or location, but a man might. I really wanted L’s first threesome to be fun and memorable and thought it would be ideal in this case because he already knew us both (in every sense of the word). I responded that I was serious, yes. He then went on to tell me that he knew that we each had fantasies that overlapped and he thought the potential was there for the three of us to hook up and have some fun together. And so the ball got rolling.

He “introduced us” via IM and we were able to have a number of conversations in the weeks leading up to her visit, so that by the time she arrived, I was very excited to meet her and suspected we'd get along very well indeed. We decided to play it by ear and do what we could for the three of us to all feel comfortable together before making the decision whether to play or not, though L was certain all along that it would happen. Of course, this was easiest for L, since he already knew us both and he was very excited at the prospect of us all being together. Both Theodora and I had some concerns and I talked to her a bit about the way I felt about the situation – the good parts and the not-so-good parts. She did the same with me and I think we were each able to put a lot of each others’ concerns to rest. She was very understanding and just great overall - I have to say that the more I got used to the idea, the more I hoped it would happen.

Leading up to this visit, L talked more openly with me about Theodora and remarked to me a number of times how similar she and I are. Physically, not so much - Theodora is as tall and fair-skinned as L is and has a lovely body. Even in my four-inch heels, I barely reached their chins – but I know that’s not what L meant. I have to say that personality-wise, we do have many commonalities. Remarking to her once how similar we are, she responded, “I guess that’s why he chose us both.”

Theodora arrived and L picked her up at the airport and took her to her hotel in a small nearby town where she would complete her work obligations over the next few days. The night I finally met Theodora several days later, L had gone to pick her up and bring her back into the city. L had a function to attend for a few hours that evening and being late due to downtown traffic was a very real risk, so I met up with them both at a suburban mall. The plan was that I would take Theadora downtown to her hotel and spend the evening with her and L would meet us there after his event. When L called me to say he had arrived at the mall, I was already there, sitting in my car waiting. He wanted to buy her a drink, so I walked across the parking lot to meet them. Trust me, that short walk felt like miles – I was both nervous and excited and for a shy person, it was the absolute worst way it could have gone down. I was kicking myself for not waiting outside the bar and having them come to me. Something interesting happened, though. As L moved forward and hugged me and she dropped back, I realized by her demeanor that she was feeling as shy as I was and for me, in that one moment, I knew we’d be just fine. I greeted her enthusiastically and we headed into the bar.

After a quick drink and some chatting, we left the bar and transferred her luggage to my vehicle. L hugged her, waved to me and said he'd see us later and off he went. We got into my car and headed into the traffic to downtown. Realizing that I could not be my usual quiet self, since I had such a short time to get to know her better, I really made an effort to talk more and we chatted together easily all the way to her hotel. She checked in and went to shower while I went back outside to park my car in a more long-term parking area. She was just finishing in the shower when I let myself into the room and we talked about what she'd like to do for the evening.

By the time L arrived several hours later that night, Theodora and I had had a quick Chinese dinner, visited not one, but two sex shops, explored the hotel amenities and had some very interesting conversations about her work, my life, her life and L. Much like L, she is easy to talk to and we really had an enjoyable evening. L finally texted me to let me know he had arrived and I went down to meet him so that he could access the underground parking. Not having seen L in a week was not good in this situation - I felt a little disconnected from him and I thought things felt almost strained between us. It seemed terrible to me that I was fine alone with Theodora, but not with L. When we hit the elevators and the doors closed, he turned and said, “Come – give me a hug.” Thank God – it was just what I needed!

Theodora and I had been waiting anxiously for L, as we wanted to visit the rooftop jacuzzis we had found earlier, but didn’t want to go without him, so we all threw on our bathing suits and set off for the roof. As he checked us both out, L commented that it was his first time seeing either of us in a bathing suit. We relaxed in the jacuzzi for a little while before I checked the time and realized I had to go. After setting a time to meet in the morning, I said goodnight to them both, went back to the room and changed and left for home.

I woke up before dawn the next morning and had a problem - I wasn't feeling well. I immediately realized why - because I went to bed as soon as I got home the night before, I had neglected to take my allergy medication. Not only was I congested, but I felt like I was having an asthma attack and was really struggling to breath. I got up and took the neglected pills and went back to bed, but the one time I was able to doze off, I dreamed I was drowning, unable to get up for air and woke up gasping. I finally decided to get up and shower and dress. I could have called L and told him I wasn't well and not go, but I really didn't want to let him down or even worse, make him think I couldn’t handle the I would have been absolutely miserable at home all day knowing I was missing out on the fun. It was still hours before we were supposed to meet, but I left anyway. I got to the hotel, parked in the underground parking, slightly reclined the seat and in that almost-upright position was able to fall asleep.

I woke up hours later to a text message from L asking me where something was - I had unpacked a number of items in the room the night before. It was now about 15 minutes prior to the time we had set to meet. I responded to tell him where to find it and also told him I was downstairs and to let me know when it was convenient to come up. He told me to come on up and when he opened the door to my knock, I went in and sat down while they finished getting ready for the day. We planned to go sightseeing in the morning, but it was dark, overcast and rainy - not very good weather for a walking tour of the city or a visit to the CN Tower. The congestion was much better, but still having trouble with my breathing, I checked the time and took another set of pills I had brought with me.

L and Theodora had yet to eat breakfast, so I went with them to the restaurant and Theodora showed me where she lived and other places of interest on a map of England on my iPad while I waited for them to finish. At one point, unable to catch my breath, I thought I was going to pass out and had to quickly excuse myself. I went out to the lobby, made a turn through an archway which thankfully led to a deserted hallway where I stood leaning against the wall, my arms stretched in the air, trying to open my lungs for air. Finally starting to feel better after several minutes of deep breathing in this open position, I was just re-entering the restaurant when L was heading back to the buffet. He asked if I was okay and confirming I was, he went for more food and I returned to the table, apologizing to Theodora at the table for my hasty exit.

We went back to the room, gathered our stuff and just before we left, Theodora announced that her girly days had just arrived. We assured her that wasn’t a big deal - there was lots we could still do to have fun. Off we went, walking since the rain stopped. Our first stop was Northbound Leather, which had been closed when we got there the previous night. My little Sicilian friend, Anna, was there and she and I ganged up on L and had him try on a few different styles of leather pants. I just love seeing him in leather and I dearly want to get him either a pair of pants or a kilt. They are so sexy on him! Theodora looked on in amusement. We stopped into a couple of souvenir stores for Theodora to look around, then had a light lunch before heading back to pick up the car to go on a driving tour of the city, since it had once again started to rain. As L drove, he pointed out the sites to Theodora.

Returning to the hotel we decided to go for a swim in the pool. Bringing our suits with us, we went down to the pool, which had change rooms. The pool was lovely and had a jacuzzi off to the side. Theodora and I finished in the change room first and she head straight for the jacuzzi while I dove into the pool. L came out of the change room and joined me doing laps in the pool. After a couple laps, I just floated and relaxed - I didn't want to push it by exerting myself too much, now that I was feeling so much better than I was earlier.

L swam over to talk to me and we floated and chatted for a while before Theodora decided to join us. She was complaining about a stiff neck and shoulders and I turned her around and rubbed them for her for a bit. She said that she much preferred the rooftop Jacuzzi where we were the previous night. Not only was it hotter and more bubbly, but she also enjoyed the contrast of the hot water with the cool air and rain. I suggested that she go into the rooftop Jacuzzi and when she returned to the room, I'd give her a massage, like I do for L sometimes (well, minus the happy ending :P). A few minutes later, Theodora decided that was a good idea and went and got her clothes and left for the rooftop. We declined to join her, neither of us keen on being out in the cold rainy weather, even if we were in hot bubbly water. Not too long after, L and I decided we were getting pruny and went to shower and change back into our clothes.

We went back to the room and by the time Theodora returned from the jacuzzi, L and I had decided to take the bull by the horns and were lying in bed naked, watching television while we waited for her.

To be continued........

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our HNT #30

She's here!

(tune in Monday for the juicy details)


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Monday, June 6, 2011

He Said: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

I thought I'd surprise V by wearing our newest sex toy from Eden Fantasies and unveil it when we returned from our oysters and shrimp snack. I am comfortable enough in my manhood that wearing a little glass anal plug so I could see V's reaction when I revealed my secret was not a big deal. When V arrived and texted me from across the street I had the Moonshine anal plug and lube concealed in my hand as I walked to the bathroom to do the deed. Wouldn't you know but one of my colleagues called to me across the room to ask me a question. I dropped the butt plug and lube on a empty desk so that he couldn't see them and answered his boring work related questions while my honey waited across the street patiently in the car. When I finally made it into the bathroom to insert the plug it slipped in quite easily due to its small size and glassy smoothness. It was here that my lack of experience with butt plugs showed. After I went back to my office to grab my keys I forgot about the plug for a second or two and stopped clenching. Out the plug slipped, luckily it stayed in the underwear and didn't drop to the floor. So much for V's surprise. Already late I retrieved the plug, washed it and me off and stored it away for later use.

Out to the car to meet V, off to the restaurant for our oysters and shrimp and then back to the office where a butt plug interposed itself into the day for a second time. V has expressed interest in DP's so I decided that I would do my best to simulate one by fucking her while she had another one of our butt plugs inserted. While she applied her lips to my cock to prepare me I applied the lube between her cheeks to prepare her. As I got hard I inserted the butt plug and held it in place. It just wouldn't stay in on it's own. Unfortunately I was paying too much attention to what was going on with the butt plug and not enough on my own cock. By the time I realized I was close to cumming it was too late. I warned V, she popped off my cock just before it popped off. V seemed impressed by how high in the air my cum shot. When I popped off I stopped paying attention to the butt plug and it popped out yet again.

This day was turning into a Keystone cops comedy centred around butt plugs. V soldiered on and tried to restore my manhood. Though I'm usually good for a twofer I am not Superman and need some recharge time between sessions. We were up against the clock and try as she might V couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together before it was time for us to leave. I suspect it was my consternation over the way the afternoon played out due to my butt plug ineptitude that V read on my face when she returned from cleaning the toys and thought it was me being upset with her. A hug, a kiss and all was right with the world as we headed off to return to the world.

Now a question to you gentle readers, what has been your experience with butt plugs? Had problems keeping them in? Any type or style you have found that you would recommend? Please help a brother and sister out and give us some of your butt plug advice.

She said: Hey....You Started Without Me!

Five minutes before I was planning to leave to go meet him, I got an IM from L - "Would you like to go for oysters and shrimp tonight?" Responding in the affirmative, I signed off and brushed my teeth before leaving the house. Heading into rush hour, I left early figuring I'd rather arrive early and have to wait for him than to arrive late and cut into the short time we would have together. I did end up waiting half an hour, but between the hot sun and the contrasting sweet breeze running through the open front windows of my car, it was no hardship. We've waited a long time for this weather and I'm certainly never going to jump on the "it's too hot" bandwagon!

L walked over and got in to the car and we left for 'our' restaurant. We sat in the bar and ordered up some drinks and our shrimp and oysters. L teasingly asked if I were going to have any oysters and I said I might, at which he reminded me that 'somebody' said you should try them at least twice. I did end up eating two oysters (which I did not chew at all this time!) and a few shrimp and thoroughly enjoyed our snack.

We paid up and left to return to the office. By now, everyone had left and we figured we had an hour before I'd have to leave, too. L set his alarm and was setting things up while I undressed. He set up some porn on the screen and I stood watching while he undressed. A few moments later, he came up behind me and wrapping his left forearm around my neck said in my ear, "Look at those girls with their tattoos. Girls with tattoos are so nasty." It took me a few seconds......and the big hint that he was caressing the site of my own tattoo with his free realize he was teasing me and I laughed.

He lay down on his back on the blanket and I lay down beside him - half on top of him really - and we kissed for a few moments until I moved to lick his nipple. A sharp nip on his nipple that made him suck in a quick breath and I moved on, kissing my way down his chest and abdomen. Sitting now on my knees, I took his cock in my mouth. I had sucked him into a semi-hard state when I remembered that we had an item from Eden Fantasys, purveyors of sex toys, that we are supposed to review. I stopped and turned to him, saying 'Don't forget we have that anal plug that we have to play with.' His response surprised me, to say the least. He said, "Oh, I already did."

What? He played without me? Well, I had to hear about this. L went on to tell me that just before he came outside to meet me, he had gone into the washroom with some lube and inserted the plug, intending to keep it in during our visit to the restaurant and surprise me when we got back to the office. Unfortunately, as soon as he stopped clenching, the plug was expelled into his underwear, so he prudently abandoned the idea. Thank goodness! The plug is a very pretty glass one, called the Moonshine Anal Plug - I can't imagine how awful it would be to have that plug be expelled in the restaurant and have it roll out the bottom of his pants leg!! Just the thought makes me giggle. Of course, if his plan had worked out, that would have made me laugh too - I'll leave him to tell you more about it!

Carrying on sucking, L finished the story, then continued to chat about the experience. Distracted by talking, L wasn't focusing on his body and he suddenly stopped and said urgently, "Oh....slow down a sec..." and I immediately stopped sucking him, though I continued to hold his cock in my still hand. Several seconds passed and just as I thought we had averted the crises, he came absolute buckets. I grabbed some nearby tissue and cleaned him (and me!) up and we had a chuckle, neither of us at all bothered by the misfire.

The way I see it, we are together to have fun. While orgasms definitely fall under the category of fun, they are but icing on the cake of all the other fun we have together. They are not the goal, but part of the journey. Sometimes when we're together I can't get there and other times I might have three or more orgasms, but in the end, I don't think the non-orgasmic sessions are any less fun! So if every once in a while he gets too excited and cums early, then I choose to look at that as a positive. I've spent too many years feeling undesirable and worthless and I'm thrilled, to say the least, to be able to make a man hard, much less cum - early or otherwise - due to my attentions. It's very empowering!

I resumed sucking him, but he soon realized there just wasn't going to be sufficient recovery time possible in the limited time we had left, so he had me lie back and after rummaging around in our mischief bag for a few seconds, he used a combination of Big Purple and his talented lips, tongue and fingers to get me off to great effect.

The alarm went off and L got up to get ready to leave, but he suddenly seemed very quiet and distracted to me. I can be overly sensitive sometimes (insecurities, again!) and while I went out to wash the toys, I thought about it and felt like maybe I had done something wrong. Maybe he was upset with me. By the time I returned, L was fully dressed and putting on his shoes. I pulled on my clothes quickly, but the longer he was quiet, the more I felt like something was wrong. I stood there not knowing what to do...should I ask? I really needed a hug. L looked up at me. I could tell he realized I was quiet and a little off and with a very assessing, puzzled look on his face, said that I looked "very....mysterious". I smiled as he spoke and struggled to pull myself that he was "back with me", he seemed to be his usual self. After assuring him that all was well, I was able to assure myself of same as we headed out together. He kissed me goodbye - a small peck - but I still really needed a hug. His hands were full, but I didn't care - I reached up and gave him a hug and kissed his neck before turning and making my way out the door. I'd be seeing him again soon.

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Our HNT #29

Since we are so chuffed to be having a guest from the UK soon, we decided
we should be cheeky monkeys and lie back, close our eyes and think of England......

Blow me! Have a shag! Bang on!

(Isn't his arse dishy? ~V)


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