Monday, June 6, 2011

He Said: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

I thought I'd surprise V by wearing our newest sex toy from Eden Fantasies and unveil it when we returned from our oysters and shrimp snack. I am comfortable enough in my manhood that wearing a little glass anal plug so I could see V's reaction when I revealed my secret was not a big deal. When V arrived and texted me from across the street I had the Moonshine anal plug and lube concealed in my hand as I walked to the bathroom to do the deed. Wouldn't you know but one of my colleagues called to me across the room to ask me a question. I dropped the butt plug and lube on a empty desk so that he couldn't see them and answered his boring work related questions while my honey waited across the street patiently in the car. When I finally made it into the bathroom to insert the plug it slipped in quite easily due to its small size and glassy smoothness. It was here that my lack of experience with butt plugs showed. After I went back to my office to grab my keys I forgot about the plug for a second or two and stopped clenching. Out the plug slipped, luckily it stayed in the underwear and didn't drop to the floor. So much for V's surprise. Already late I retrieved the plug, washed it and me off and stored it away for later use.

Out to the car to meet V, off to the restaurant for our oysters and shrimp and then back to the office where a butt plug interposed itself into the day for a second time. V has expressed interest in DP's so I decided that I would do my best to simulate one by fucking her while she had another one of our butt plugs inserted. While she applied her lips to my cock to prepare me I applied the lube between her cheeks to prepare her. As I got hard I inserted the butt plug and held it in place. It just wouldn't stay in on it's own. Unfortunately I was paying too much attention to what was going on with the butt plug and not enough on my own cock. By the time I realized I was close to cumming it was too late. I warned V, she popped off my cock just before it popped off. V seemed impressed by how high in the air my cum shot. When I popped off I stopped paying attention to the butt plug and it popped out yet again.

This day was turning into a Keystone cops comedy centred around butt plugs. V soldiered on and tried to restore my manhood. Though I'm usually good for a twofer I am not Superman and need some recharge time between sessions. We were up against the clock and try as she might V couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together before it was time for us to leave. I suspect it was my consternation over the way the afternoon played out due to my butt plug ineptitude that V read on my face when she returned from cleaning the toys and thought it was me being upset with her. A hug, a kiss and all was right with the world as we headed off to return to the world.

Now a question to you gentle readers, what has been your experience with butt plugs? Had problems keeping them in? Any type or style you have found that you would recommend? Please help a brother and sister out and give us some of your butt plug advice.

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  1. Okay, I just checked that plug out and the problem is obvious. The neck is as big as the plug and is keeping everything too open. With plugs I've discovered that bigger is better - as long as you can get it in comfortably - and a plug should have a very, very narrow neck, so the body can close around it and lock it in.

    Take a look at NJOY plugs. They are pricey and definitely a luxury toy, but designed and comfortable enough for hours of wear.

    Also know that every ass is different, so it's sort of like Cinderella and the glass.......plug. ;)