Monday, June 20, 2011

She said: L Has A Visitor, Part 2

Continued from last week......

We went back to the room and by the time Theodora returned from the jacuzzi, L and I had decided to take the bull by the horns and were lying in bed naked, watching television while we waited for her. She laughed as she rounded the corner and saw us and after taking a quick shower, we called her over to lie in the middle of the bed for her massage. Saying she already felt much better from the Jacuzzi, she tried to beg off, but I insisted that I had promised her a massage and ignored her shyness. She came and lay in between us, still gripping her towel and L handed me the tingling massage oil which I poured into my hands rubbing them together to warm it. She seemed almost skittish and I wanted her to get comfortable with me touching her, without scaring her off. I thought that a massage was perfect, as I could be clinical and non-sexual about it and get her to relax at the same time. I massaged her neck, shoulders and back for several minutes. When I stopped, she thanked me and said she felt much better.

At this point, L took charge and brought out the rope. He had told me that Theodora is fairly passive sexually. She had told me as much herself - she was much more interested in having things done to her and in watching us, than in doing anything to anyone else. While I am not at all passive sexually (as you know), I do happen to be extremely self-conscious of my body, so this suited me fine for this time. L had sent me a cut-and-paste of one of their conversations where she said she wanted to be "tied up and used", so in unspoken agreement, we decided to tag-team her. L bound one wrist and ankle while I did her other side and once restrained, I removed the towel she had been clinging to. Theodora remarked that the ropes were loose enough that she could get out if she wanted to. We kind of thought this was a bit funny and told her that we didn’t want to hurt her, just to provide the illusion of restraint. After all, why would she want to try to get away?

L leaned over and started sucking her nipple, so I followed his lead and latched on to her other one. She has the most fantastic large nipples and I was amazed at how soft her breasts were. She had told me that her breasts were very sensitive, so we played around with them a little bit, attaching nipple clamps, biting and sucking them and even using some clothes pins to replicate something L had done with me not too long ago. She found the pins a little too ouchy, but enjoyed the clamps, which could be dialled back so as to not pinch her sensitive nipples so hard. My nipples are not so sensitive, but they are very tiny and they can’t take ‘real’ clamps either!

I knew that Theodora enjoys being spanked. I asked her if she had ever been flogged. She said she hadn’t, but was a bit worried about how painful it would be. I assured her that she'd love it and with her her approval, L handed me our three floggers to experiment on her. I tried each of the three in turn and she liked the more stingy feeling ones, whereas I prefer the heavier, thuddy ones. That explains why she liked the ping pong paddle so much when she was playing with L - it's far too stingy for me! I used the flogger with the satin falls to great effect on her breasts. The two of us played with her for quite a long time before we finally took a break. After chilling out for a short while, L announced that it was time to bring out the harness.

L knew that I had a fantasy of fucking someone - preferably a woman - with a strap-on. It turns out that Theodora had shared her fantasy of receiving anal sex from a woman with a strap-on with L. She also thought that fantasy would be enhanced by having L watch. Voila - L is the make-your-fantasy-come-true guy and scores points with us both! When he asked me months ago if I was interested in carrying out the fantasy, we looked around for a harness and appropriate dildos. I ended up making a simple harness using instructions from Holly at The Pervocracy and it turned out great (if you click the link, check out the bed too...if I ever get my own place, I so want that bed!). We were also able to leverage Eden Fantasys by choosing a dildo for review – you may recall Big Purple from a previous post. I personally was concerned about using Big Purple on her, but L assured me that she was no stranger to anal play and that he suspected Big Purple might even be on the small side for her taste! Wow! Impressive for an anal newbie like me!

I was a little nervous and went and poured myself a generous rum (with just a splash of coke), while L untied her. I chugged it down, then she got herself situated as L helped me with the harness. I had only tried it once before (L graciously allowed me to experiment on him!) and had found it difficult being that L is so much bigger than I am. Since Theodora is also very tall, I was a bit worried about how things would work out. Fortunately, the bed was quite low, so we managed it by having me stand on the floor at the foot of the bed as Theodora knelt at the edge of the bed. We were able to get her ass lined up with my “cock” by having her shift her legs more apart so that she could be a bit lower. I lubed up my boy while L lubed up her ass and standing on my toes with one hand gently resting on her hip and the other guiding my cock, I slid the head in.

She reached her hand back, waving and not clear on her signal, I asked her if she wanted me to pull out. Encouraging her to talk to me, she finally responded that she needed me to stop for a moment. I remained still, but was having trouble maintaining my stance, standing on my toes as I was. I signalled L to come over behind me to help support me. While I would eventually lower myself to be flat-footed on the floor, I didn’t want to move unnecessarily until she no longer felt any discomfort. After about 15 seconds of standing very still, during which I spoke to her, asking her if she was okay, stroking her hip and telling her I was not going to move until she told me to, Theodora started to move. I remained still and left her to push back against me until my cock was buried in her ass to the hilt. At that point, I started to move.

Assured that she was fine now, I picked up my stroke, holding her hips with both hands and slamming her with every stroke. The term ‘jackhammer’ ran through my head more than once. The harness, running between my legs, caused friction against my clit and I could feel the girl juices flowing. I wanted to touch myself, but thought it more important to keep my hands where they were and maintain that physical contact with Theodora. I considered asking L to finger me, but he was already busy standing behind me, body plastered against mine with both hands up under my arms playing with my tits and watching over my shoulder. I didn't think it would be fair to distract him from watching the fun.

As Theodora became more and more frenzied, L moved away from me and knelt on the bed beside her. He reached over and started playing with her hanging tits and she turned her head and they locked eyes. I fucked her even harder, almost unable to keep up with her convulsive movements until she shot forward off the end of my cock with an orgasmic wail. She grabbed a pillow and curled up with it, recovering. As L saw to her, I went into to the bathroom to remove and dispose of the condom from my cock.

Fuck, that was amazing! I never expected her to cum and I felt almost proud knowing that I had done that for her. Is that how men feel, having made their woman cum? As I exited the bathroom, L looked up at me with a huge grin and a questioning look on his face. Yes, I enjoyed it, but I said nothing. Instead, I held the waist band of the harness in both hands, sniffed, grinned and pulled myself up, making a gesture like “Well, I guess my work here’s done”. L laughed.

At this point, I was so fucking horny I could hardly stand it. I went and poured myself a second stiff rum and coke...and then a third, chugging them both. Now I’m sure I've mentioned before that I'm not normally a drinker. There are three reasons for this. Firstly, the more liquor I consume, the more naked, flirty and sexually aggressive I get. All my insecurities and hangups go away, but then the exhibitionist and flirt in me come out to play - big time. A little late to this party, but oh, well. Secondly, I've never been drunk because I'm too much of a control freak to let myself go that much and I've never had anyone I trusted enough to look after me in that state...until now. I knew L wouldn't let anything happen to me. Thirdly, both the liquor and the mixer are full of sugar and calories – big no-no’s for me. At this point, L decided we should take a break and go get some dinner. I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me – though it really did - that as I got dressed, the liquor started to hit me...hard. By the time we were all dressed and ready to go, I was a little beyond 'tipsy' – I was almost to 'drunk'!

You will have to excuse me, dear reader, if I breeze over the next hour or two of the story. This part does not come as clearly as the rest for some reason. ;) I know I staggered a bit in the hotel room and moved around holding onto the walls. I know that we left the hotel and went to a Thai restaurant. I remember that ever-vigilant about what I eat, I had chicken satay skewers (of which I made L and Theodora each take one, leaving me with two) and some wonton soup and a glass of water and I even remember that I wanted to pay for dinner, since L had paid for my lunch earlier and Theodora for my Chinese dinner the night before. I do not have clear recall on how long we were there, who served us or what exactly we talked about, though we did talk. I vaguely remember being surprised to look up and be entering the hotel – we seemed to get there as if by magic. Oh, and I remember telling L that I seriously needed to be fucked.

The next thing I remember clearly, L and I are naked in bed and Theodora is taking pictures of me sucking L’s cock. I vaguely recall her showing him some of the pictures and the two of them chatting quietly between themselves – “oh, this is a good one” – “oh, yeah” – “I like this one too”, etc. At one point, I even wondered if L even noticed I was sucking his cock at all. After a while, L urged me up the bed to lie beside him and he slipped on a condom. Lying on my back, he slid into me and omg, it was just what I needed. The first few strokes, I heard the click and whir of the camera, but then I became so focused on L that I was barely aware of what else was going on in the room. Being very agile and bendy and still more than a little under the influence, I held my straightened legs upright in a V (what else!) and kept trying to pull my legs back further over my head to hook my toes onto the headboard. The trick was to do it without bending my knees. The amazing sensations soon took my focus away from my little self-challenge, which was probably a good thing – I had visions of a serious groin injury, which would have been hard to explain. It felt like we fucked forever. I found it hard to let go enough to cum with someone else in the room, but at the same time – and for the same reason - I didn’t want to tell L I couldn’t cum either and so I did something I never, ever, ever do on principle...I faked it. Blame it on the drink. In fact, I felt so bad about this ‘lie’, I fessed up to L the next day. One thing I never do is lie to L.

I lay tucked in under L’s arm for quite some time after, slowly feeling like I was returning to my normal self and stroking L’s cock with my free hand. Theodora had moved to the living room some time before and I asked L what time it was. It was getting quite late and I had to think about leaving soon. I called out to Theodora and asked her to come and help me finish L off, either with hand or mouth before I had to go, but she said she had had enough sex and was done. L realized she was tired and called her to come to bed and I took that as my cue to leave. I got up and dressed and packed up my stuff. I went over to the bed and kissed Theodora goodbye, as I wouldn’t see her again before she left. L walked me to the door and kissed me goodnight and asked me to text him so he’d know I got home safely and wouldn’t worry.

Theodora left the following afternoon. I’ve chatted with her a number of times since her return to England. She’s a lovely person and I find more in common with her each time we communicate. L and I hope to go visit her one day and she has already started a list of places that she’d like to show us if we ever get there. Perhaps one day.....


  1. Wow! I Loved how you described fucking her with the strap-on. So amazing. I'm actually sat here at work after reading that thinking I might have to go and releive myself!

    And I'm a rum drinker too, I'll have to buy you one, one day ;) 'naked, flirty and sexually aggressive' sounds good to me!

  2. Mrs. D, you are very naughty! Be careful what you wish for....! ;)