Monday, June 13, 2011

She said: L Has a Visitor, Part 1

I knew from the beginning that L had a friend with benefits living in England. I had no issue with it - I was here, she was not - not to mention that I don't think either of us expected to be together long term when we met, it's just kind of worked out that way. L never mentioned her again after that conversation - until a few months ago when he gave me the heads up that she – Theodora - would be visiting on business, her first trip to Canada.

One of the many things on our ever-expanding bucket list is having a threesome of each type and I half-jokingly asked L if we were going to have a threesome with her. L was way ahead of me on this one. He asked if I were serious. I thought about it a bit - women don’t exactly have performance issues if they are nervous or somewhat uncomfortable with a new situation or location, but a man might. I really wanted L’s first threesome to be fun and memorable and thought it would be ideal in this case because he already knew us both (in every sense of the word). I responded that I was serious, yes. He then went on to tell me that he knew that we each had fantasies that overlapped and he thought the potential was there for the three of us to hook up and have some fun together. And so the ball got rolling.

He “introduced us” via IM and we were able to have a number of conversations in the weeks leading up to her visit, so that by the time she arrived, I was very excited to meet her and suspected we'd get along very well indeed. We decided to play it by ear and do what we could for the three of us to all feel comfortable together before making the decision whether to play or not, though L was certain all along that it would happen. Of course, this was easiest for L, since he already knew us both and he was very excited at the prospect of us all being together. Both Theodora and I had some concerns and I talked to her a bit about the way I felt about the situation – the good parts and the not-so-good parts. She did the same with me and I think we were each able to put a lot of each others’ concerns to rest. She was very understanding and just great overall - I have to say that the more I got used to the idea, the more I hoped it would happen.

Leading up to this visit, L talked more openly with me about Theodora and remarked to me a number of times how similar she and I are. Physically, not so much - Theodora is as tall and fair-skinned as L is and has a lovely body. Even in my four-inch heels, I barely reached their chins – but I know that’s not what L meant. I have to say that personality-wise, we do have many commonalities. Remarking to her once how similar we are, she responded, “I guess that’s why he chose us both.”

Theodora arrived and L picked her up at the airport and took her to her hotel in a small nearby town where she would complete her work obligations over the next few days. The night I finally met Theodora several days later, L had gone to pick her up and bring her back into the city. L had a function to attend for a few hours that evening and being late due to downtown traffic was a very real risk, so I met up with them both at a suburban mall. The plan was that I would take Theadora downtown to her hotel and spend the evening with her and L would meet us there after his event. When L called me to say he had arrived at the mall, I was already there, sitting in my car waiting. He wanted to buy her a drink, so I walked across the parking lot to meet them. Trust me, that short walk felt like miles – I was both nervous and excited and for a shy person, it was the absolute worst way it could have gone down. I was kicking myself for not waiting outside the bar and having them come to me. Something interesting happened, though. As L moved forward and hugged me and she dropped back, I realized by her demeanor that she was feeling as shy as I was and for me, in that one moment, I knew we’d be just fine. I greeted her enthusiastically and we headed into the bar.

After a quick drink and some chatting, we left the bar and transferred her luggage to my vehicle. L hugged her, waved to me and said he'd see us later and off he went. We got into my car and headed into the traffic to downtown. Realizing that I could not be my usual quiet self, since I had such a short time to get to know her better, I really made an effort to talk more and we chatted together easily all the way to her hotel. She checked in and went to shower while I went back outside to park my car in a more long-term parking area. She was just finishing in the shower when I let myself into the room and we talked about what she'd like to do for the evening.

By the time L arrived several hours later that night, Theodora and I had had a quick Chinese dinner, visited not one, but two sex shops, explored the hotel amenities and had some very interesting conversations about her work, my life, her life and L. Much like L, she is easy to talk to and we really had an enjoyable evening. L finally texted me to let me know he had arrived and I went down to meet him so that he could access the underground parking. Not having seen L in a week was not good in this situation - I felt a little disconnected from him and I thought things felt almost strained between us. It seemed terrible to me that I was fine alone with Theodora, but not with L. When we hit the elevators and the doors closed, he turned and said, “Come – give me a hug.” Thank God – it was just what I needed!

Theodora and I had been waiting anxiously for L, as we wanted to visit the rooftop jacuzzis we had found earlier, but didn’t want to go without him, so we all threw on our bathing suits and set off for the roof. As he checked us both out, L commented that it was his first time seeing either of us in a bathing suit. We relaxed in the jacuzzi for a little while before I checked the time and realized I had to go. After setting a time to meet in the morning, I said goodnight to them both, went back to the room and changed and left for home.

I woke up before dawn the next morning and had a problem - I wasn't feeling well. I immediately realized why - because I went to bed as soon as I got home the night before, I had neglected to take my allergy medication. Not only was I congested, but I felt like I was having an asthma attack and was really struggling to breath. I got up and took the neglected pills and went back to bed, but the one time I was able to doze off, I dreamed I was drowning, unable to get up for air and woke up gasping. I finally decided to get up and shower and dress. I could have called L and told him I wasn't well and not go, but I really didn't want to let him down or even worse, make him think I couldn’t handle the I would have been absolutely miserable at home all day knowing I was missing out on the fun. It was still hours before we were supposed to meet, but I left anyway. I got to the hotel, parked in the underground parking, slightly reclined the seat and in that almost-upright position was able to fall asleep.

I woke up hours later to a text message from L asking me where something was - I had unpacked a number of items in the room the night before. It was now about 15 minutes prior to the time we had set to meet. I responded to tell him where to find it and also told him I was downstairs and to let me know when it was convenient to come up. He told me to come on up and when he opened the door to my knock, I went in and sat down while they finished getting ready for the day. We planned to go sightseeing in the morning, but it was dark, overcast and rainy - not very good weather for a walking tour of the city or a visit to the CN Tower. The congestion was much better, but still having trouble with my breathing, I checked the time and took another set of pills I had brought with me.

L and Theodora had yet to eat breakfast, so I went with them to the restaurant and Theodora showed me where she lived and other places of interest on a map of England on my iPad while I waited for them to finish. At one point, unable to catch my breath, I thought I was going to pass out and had to quickly excuse myself. I went out to the lobby, made a turn through an archway which thankfully led to a deserted hallway where I stood leaning against the wall, my arms stretched in the air, trying to open my lungs for air. Finally starting to feel better after several minutes of deep breathing in this open position, I was just re-entering the restaurant when L was heading back to the buffet. He asked if I was okay and confirming I was, he went for more food and I returned to the table, apologizing to Theodora at the table for my hasty exit.

We went back to the room, gathered our stuff and just before we left, Theodora announced that her girly days had just arrived. We assured her that wasn’t a big deal - there was lots we could still do to have fun. Off we went, walking since the rain stopped. Our first stop was Northbound Leather, which had been closed when we got there the previous night. My little Sicilian friend, Anna, was there and she and I ganged up on L and had him try on a few different styles of leather pants. I just love seeing him in leather and I dearly want to get him either a pair of pants or a kilt. They are so sexy on him! Theodora looked on in amusement. We stopped into a couple of souvenir stores for Theodora to look around, then had a light lunch before heading back to pick up the car to go on a driving tour of the city, since it had once again started to rain. As L drove, he pointed out the sites to Theodora.

Returning to the hotel we decided to go for a swim in the pool. Bringing our suits with us, we went down to the pool, which had change rooms. The pool was lovely and had a jacuzzi off to the side. Theodora and I finished in the change room first and she head straight for the jacuzzi while I dove into the pool. L came out of the change room and joined me doing laps in the pool. After a couple laps, I just floated and relaxed - I didn't want to push it by exerting myself too much, now that I was feeling so much better than I was earlier.

L swam over to talk to me and we floated and chatted for a while before Theodora decided to join us. She was complaining about a stiff neck and shoulders and I turned her around and rubbed them for her for a bit. She said that she much preferred the rooftop Jacuzzi where we were the previous night. Not only was it hotter and more bubbly, but she also enjoyed the contrast of the hot water with the cool air and rain. I suggested that she go into the rooftop Jacuzzi and when she returned to the room, I'd give her a massage, like I do for L sometimes (well, minus the happy ending :P). A few minutes later, Theodora decided that was a good idea and went and got her clothes and left for the rooftop. We declined to join her, neither of us keen on being out in the cold rainy weather, even if we were in hot bubbly water. Not too long after, L and I decided we were getting pruny and went to shower and change back into our clothes.

We went back to the room and by the time Theodora returned from the jacuzzi, L and I had decided to take the bull by the horns and were lying in bed naked, watching television while we waited for her.

To be continued........


  1. Wow, I really can't wait for the next installment!

    I totally understand the nerves, I think if my first time wasn't so spontaneous I would have been exactly the same.

  2. As i commented on L's post, you two are so lucky and your nerves completely understandable.