Monday, June 27, 2011

She said: We Should Really Learn To Relax

It was too hot to snuggle. Under the shade of a large tree, wearing only a strapless short sundress and a thong, I lay on my stomach on our blanket, my head cradled in my arms and turned to face L. He lay on his side, facing me with one arm curled under his head. His other hand rested heavily on the small of my back. In deference to the humid stickiness, the gap between us was wider than usual. Lethargic in the intense heat we both lay with faces just inches apart, eyes closed and languorously taking pleasure in the occasional breeze that blew across our bodies.

He slid his hand down for a moment and gave my ass a squeeze to get my attention. "I'm fucking you in my head right now," he murmured.

Not even opening my eyes, I drowsily replied, "Really? Am I any good?"

"You're great..." he drawled in the same drowsy tone, and then after a short pause "...but not as great as you are in real life."

I smiled lazily and several minutes passed in silence. His hands had again wandered to my ass where his fingers now stroked along the crack of my ass through my skimpy clothing. Wiggling a bit, I asked, "What are you thinking about now?" I opened my eyes just a slit, a small knowing smile on my face.

"We've changed positions....I'm fucking your ass now," he said.

"Mmmmmmm.....thought so."

It seems we had picked the hottest day of the year (so far!) for our special day out to celebrate L's birthday. Though we'd already met up on his actual birthday, fooled around and had an indoor sushi picnic and had other plans for the week, this was the main event. We had planned a picnic in the park to be followed by a couples massage at a nearby spa. We figured that after eating, we'd still have a couple hours to spend walking, goofing around and exploring the park - one we'd never been to before. Only problem was it was too hot to be walking. The mercury hit over 40C with the humidity that day and though there was a river we could have dipped our feet in, once we'd eaten, the soporific effects of the heat and the food combined with the effects of the joint we had just smoked made energy levels quite low, leading to the exchange above.

L sat up and rested his large hand on the back of my knee and gently caressed my thigh, moving his hand up higher each time until he slid it under my dress. Continuing higher until he reached my thong, he moved the scrap of material to the side. His fingers slid through my wet pussy and I squirmed. He stroked his fingers along my slit, his fingertips just barely grazing my clit with each stroke. I raised my ass up off the blanket and tried to open my legs a bit to give him better access for more, but he continued with his slow stroking. I wanted to cum very badly by now and slid one of my hands in to help.

Completely silent, every now and then he would calmly and gently remove his hand and adjust my dress by sliding his hands from my backside down to the hem and leave his hand to rest on my bare thigh - I assume passersby made him stop for the sake of propriety - but then he would slide his hands back under my skirt and continue and I would squirm and wiggle, wanting more. I needed a push over the edge, so I imagined what we looked like from up the in tree we lay under - a woman lying on her stomach, face buried in her arm and other arm pinned under her, playing with herself while her lover made her squirm and wiggle with his gentle fingering. It was only then I heard the sexy sounds she made - the soft moans and whimpers. That was the push I had been searching for - I felt the orgasm pour over my body as I convulsed around his fingers.

He leaned back on an elbow and brought his face in close to mine and stroked his hand down my back. "Are you okay?" he asked. I smiled and he kissed me. For the first time in the past hour plus, I raised my head up off my hands.

"Think I could return the favour?" I asked. He thought that might be harder to do without drawing attention where we were. Since it was close to time for our spa appointment, we decided to pack up and head for the car. The car was stifling hot and though neither of us is a fan of air conditioning, I put it on for a short while to cool it down a bit before we got in. We waited for a few minutes for a city worker on his break to leave the otherwise quiet parking lot and then L pulled out his cock.

I took him in deeply and could feel the head of his cock brushing the back of my throat. I opened my mouth and throat and stroked the length of him with my tongue while his cock was deep inside. The moans elicited were so intense, that I continued without changing things up and it wasn't long before I had him. He was still pumping his cum right down my throat when he said with urgency that there were people approaching on foot, indicating I should stop right away. I tried to sit up without looking like I just had a mouthful of prime Grade A cock. I glanced quickly to see where the people were and turned back to L just in time to see him getting ready to tuck his cock back in his underwear, his final large spurt of cum just now sliding off the head and down the side. That was mine and I wanted it, but they were getting closer and I wasn't fast enough to tell him to wait. He tucked himself away and zipped up. Moments later, both a cyclist and a pair of people on foot passed within a foot or two of the window where L sat.

We had originally intended to walk to the spa, but we didn't want to arrive more sweaty and overheated than we needed to be, so we drove. Having been here before, we knew we'd be able to shower beforehand anyway. We checked in and separated to go shower, change into our robes and slippers and meet back in the Quiet Room where we enjoyed a glass of cucumber water while we waited. L quietly asked me if he was supposed to wear his underwear. I told him I didn't think it mattered and that I didn't have mine either. I leaned over and whispered that mine was completely soaked anyway. He was just about to take a long sip of water. As he tipped the glass, he looked at me sideways and said with a completely straight face, "I wonder how that happened."

I giggled and then noted that we might be way too mellow to drive home afterwards, between the heat, the food, the pot, the orgasms and now the relaxing massage! We were laughing about that when they came to get us. Same room as last time, but two different massage therapists - both women this time. I thoroughly enjoyed mine and I know I was incredibly relaxed. The technique was quite different to the massage I had before and I particularly enjoyed when she kneaded my ass. When she did my wrists and fingers I nearly moaned out loud in pleasure and my absolute favourite part was when she did my head. I love having my hair played with, stroked, pulled - you name it. Between her technique for moving it away off my neck to massage that area and then the scalp massage soon after with her running her firm fingers through my hair, I was in absolute heaven!

We lay for a couple minutes after they left the room. I got up first because quite frankly, if I hadn't I would have fallen asleep right there. I picked up my earrings she had asked me to remove and put them back on, then put on my glasses and handed L his as well. After replacing our robes, we separated again to shower off the oils and get dressed to head home. It was supposed to be a special day for L, but I dare say I enjoyed it at least as much as he did, if not more!


  1. Talk about a fantastically sexy way to enjoy a day!!

    Love it!