Monday, June 27, 2011

He said: VV's Birthday Present

V had wanted to do something special for my birthday and after some discussion we had decided on a picnic and a couples massage. The spa was located conveniently across the road from a very nice park with a winding river. It was probably the hottest day of the year so far when we arrived. We tried to find a secluded spot that offered some shade and also a breeze and ended up on at the top of a small rise with a view of the river and the surrounding territory. We spread our blanket under a small tree that provided some shade and V unpacked the feast she had created. Fried chicken, devilled eggs, salads and pastries.

The combination of the heat and full stomachs made us lazy enough but then we decided to smoke the big fat joint I had rolled a few weeks before. We ended up laying side by side on the blanket kissing gently and caressing each other. At some point I slipped my hand inside V's dress and between her legs and began playing with V's pussy. I sat up so that I could keep an eye on the people around us. The park wasn't busy but there were people who passed occasionally. At one point a woman walked her dog towards us, I waited not wanting to interrupt V, the woman and her dog came closer. She looked like she was going to walk right up the hill beside us when suddenly she stopped and sat down on a bench with her back to us. I would alternate between helping V along and watching the people pass. Did they notice V's hand underneath her? Did they see her subtle but unmistakable up and down motion? Eventually V came with the orgasm noise I have come to recognize so well. We laid languishing on the blanket for a few minutes as V revelled in the aftereffects of her orgasm. At this point I noticed an old man sitting on another bench about 50 yards away in the opposite direction. How had I missed him? Had he been there the whole time? V wanted to give me something to remember the day by but we were too exposed and decided it would be better to go back to the car where we would at least have the car body to shield us from curious eyes.

After returning to the car and getting the air conditioning going we waited what seemed like forever for the bylaw enforcement officer who had decided to take his break in the parking lot to go. Hey, we are exhibitionists but even we have to draw the line. I unzipped and V quickly got to work. As she sucked me I saw a bicyclist approaching, should I get her to stop? Popping up would be a dead giveaway so I placed my hand on the back of her head. It was exciting getting a blow job in such an exposed spot. As V sucked and I enjoyed the feeling I saw two women walking down a flight of stairs and entering the parking lot. Would they walk right by the car? What would I do? Would I warn V? What if they looked in and saw her head in my lap? These thoughts were enough to push me over the edge. I came, V swallowed and by the time they were close enough that it mattered I was zipped up and V was starting the car.

If you ever get a chance to have a full body massage while stoned do it. I was so relaxed after the hot steamy shower and cucumber water I was putty in the masseuse's hands. At one point while she was massaging my legs I got a cramp in my foot so she moved to massage my foot and relieve it. I never knew a foot massage could feel so good. Just thinking about it as I write this makes me want to go and get another one. The hour passed like nothing and I left refreshed. It was a very special and memorable birthday for me.

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