Monday, June 6, 2011

She said: Hey....You Started Without Me!

Five minutes before I was planning to leave to go meet him, I got an IM from L - "Would you like to go for oysters and shrimp tonight?" Responding in the affirmative, I signed off and brushed my teeth before leaving the house. Heading into rush hour, I left early figuring I'd rather arrive early and have to wait for him than to arrive late and cut into the short time we would have together. I did end up waiting half an hour, but between the hot sun and the contrasting sweet breeze running through the open front windows of my car, it was no hardship. We've waited a long time for this weather and I'm certainly never going to jump on the "it's too hot" bandwagon!

L walked over and got in to the car and we left for 'our' restaurant. We sat in the bar and ordered up some drinks and our shrimp and oysters. L teasingly asked if I were going to have any oysters and I said I might, at which he reminded me that 'somebody' said you should try them at least twice. I did end up eating two oysters (which I did not chew at all this time!) and a few shrimp and thoroughly enjoyed our snack.

We paid up and left to return to the office. By now, everyone had left and we figured we had an hour before I'd have to leave, too. L set his alarm and was setting things up while I undressed. He set up some porn on the screen and I stood watching while he undressed. A few moments later, he came up behind me and wrapping his left forearm around my neck said in my ear, "Look at those girls with their tattoos. Girls with tattoos are so nasty." It took me a few seconds......and the big hint that he was caressing the site of my own tattoo with his free realize he was teasing me and I laughed.

He lay down on his back on the blanket and I lay down beside him - half on top of him really - and we kissed for a few moments until I moved to lick his nipple. A sharp nip on his nipple that made him suck in a quick breath and I moved on, kissing my way down his chest and abdomen. Sitting now on my knees, I took his cock in my mouth. I had sucked him into a semi-hard state when I remembered that we had an item from Eden Fantasys, purveyors of sex toys, that we are supposed to review. I stopped and turned to him, saying 'Don't forget we have that anal plug that we have to play with.' His response surprised me, to say the least. He said, "Oh, I already did."

What? He played without me? Well, I had to hear about this. L went on to tell me that just before he came outside to meet me, he had gone into the washroom with some lube and inserted the plug, intending to keep it in during our visit to the restaurant and surprise me when we got back to the office. Unfortunately, as soon as he stopped clenching, the plug was expelled into his underwear, so he prudently abandoned the idea. Thank goodness! The plug is a very pretty glass one, called the Moonshine Anal Plug - I can't imagine how awful it would be to have that plug be expelled in the restaurant and have it roll out the bottom of his pants leg!! Just the thought makes me giggle. Of course, if his plan had worked out, that would have made me laugh too - I'll leave him to tell you more about it!

Carrying on sucking, L finished the story, then continued to chat about the experience. Distracted by talking, L wasn't focusing on his body and he suddenly stopped and said urgently, "Oh....slow down a sec..." and I immediately stopped sucking him, though I continued to hold his cock in my still hand. Several seconds passed and just as I thought we had averted the crises, he came absolute buckets. I grabbed some nearby tissue and cleaned him (and me!) up and we had a chuckle, neither of us at all bothered by the misfire.

The way I see it, we are together to have fun. While orgasms definitely fall under the category of fun, they are but icing on the cake of all the other fun we have together. They are not the goal, but part of the journey. Sometimes when we're together I can't get there and other times I might have three or more orgasms, but in the end, I don't think the non-orgasmic sessions are any less fun! So if every once in a while he gets too excited and cums early, then I choose to look at that as a positive. I've spent too many years feeling undesirable and worthless and I'm thrilled, to say the least, to be able to make a man hard, much less cum - early or otherwise - due to my attentions. It's very empowering!

I resumed sucking him, but he soon realized there just wasn't going to be sufficient recovery time possible in the limited time we had left, so he had me lie back and after rummaging around in our mischief bag for a few seconds, he used a combination of Big Purple and his talented lips, tongue and fingers to get me off to great effect.

The alarm went off and L got up to get ready to leave, but he suddenly seemed very quiet and distracted to me. I can be overly sensitive sometimes (insecurities, again!) and while I went out to wash the toys, I thought about it and felt like maybe I had done something wrong. Maybe he was upset with me. By the time I returned, L was fully dressed and putting on his shoes. I pulled on my clothes quickly, but the longer he was quiet, the more I felt like something was wrong. I stood there not knowing what to do...should I ask? I really needed a hug. L looked up at me. I could tell he realized I was quiet and a little off and with a very assessing, puzzled look on his face, said that I looked "very....mysterious". I smiled as he spoke and struggled to pull myself that he was "back with me", he seemed to be his usual self. After assuring him that all was well, I was able to assure myself of same as we headed out together. He kissed me goodbye - a small peck - but I still really needed a hug. His hands were full, but I didn't care - I reached up and gave him a hug and kissed his neck before turning and making my way out the door. I'd be seeing him again soon.

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