Monday, November 7, 2011

He said:Fucking and Spanking

I am on a quest to bruise V's bottom. That sounds terrible, doesn't it? She wants it as much as I do. She wears her hickeys and bite mark decorated back, arms and breasts like badges of honour. Now before you think I am batshit crazy I should add that hard biting is a relatively rare occurrence in our sexual repertoire. The occasional hard nipple bite to push V over the edge when she is teetering on the edge of orgasm. I try to avoid leaving marks where they will be hard to hide or explain and have tried in the past to give V a butt bruise or two for her to admire between meetings.

I decided that the best way to prepare her was to give her a good hard fucking before embarking on my butt bruising quest. Before we started I surprised V by giving her a good hard smack with the riding crop across her jean covered ass, just to show her who was boss. We stripped down, kissed until I was hard and then I mounted V and rode her hard and fast.

She was wearing her "I'm getting fucked and I like it" expression. I was riding high on her body which gives her the clitoral stimulation she likes so much. She was getting close so I gave her nipple a few good sucks and then clamped down with my teeth. V went off like a rocket and I quickly followed.

After we cleaned up I instructed V to lie over my lap and I went to work on her backside. First I started off with my hand. First one cheek then the other. After a few good smacks my hand began to sting so I switched to the ping pong paddle. V isn't so enamored of the paddle which is why I liked it. V squirmed as I alternated between cheeks and sides of the paddle.I could hear V's sharp intake of breath as the paddle landed. I would occasionally not alternate cheeks but land three or four good thwacks before switching. I knew that anymore than that and V wouldn't be able to take it anymore and would call yellow light and have me show down.

By now her ass was glowing red and was warm to the touch. I switched to the piece de resistance and cropped V's naked ass on each cheek with the end of the crop. She exclaimed slightly, which is unusual for her, she likes to stay in a relaxed head space. Our time together was running out so I took a few pictures and we began to pack up. The redness was already beginning to fade and I knew the quest for V's bruised butt badge would have to be continued another day.


  1. "I decided that the best way to prepare her was to give her a good hard fucking before embarking on my butt bruising quest."

    You make such good decisions :)

    Great fucking narrative. You know I like to be spanked but I could not take all that V endures.

    I wish you both luck on your quest.


  2. I have to take a whole tonne of abuse to my ass before I'm left with lasting bruises, I find a lot of caning or the belt will leave me with little bruises if I get enough of them. Good luck.