Monday, November 28, 2011

She said: Right in the Groove

It was girly days, but I was horny anyway. Of course. As L has asked me, when am I not? We set up and got out the Mischief Bag. I knew what was coming - anal. But I still wanted to cum too, so I unpacked Big Purple our large purple dildo and a small vibrator and had them at the ready. L got me ready with lube and the largest of our butt plugs while I got him ready by sucking his delicious cock. Both primed and ready, I got on my hands and knees.

After donning a condom, L got our latest item from Eden Fantasys (purveyors of quality sex toys) out of the Mischief Bag. It was the I like it doggie style sex sling. L has long complained that when we have anal sex, the lube gets everywhere and though I always just tell him to wipe the extra lube off on me, he doesn't like to do that. He also finds that because his hands get so lubey that he cannot get a secure grip on my hips when he's banging me. We were hoping this sex sling would be the answer.

He slipped the sling under me and positioned the handles where he could grab them once ready. Kneeling between my legs, he slid his cock in to my ready ass. As he slid in to the hilt, he leaned forward and picked up the handles. Carefully running the sling across my middle to ensure my comfort, he pulled the handles securely and pulled me firmly toward him as he started to pump his cock into my ass.

Although I've come to truly love anal, I've never quite understood when I've read that one could orgasm from anal sex. After this session, I now totally believe that's possible. I loved the feeling of being held firmly to L with the sling and his cock felt just amazing. I don't know what made this particular session so much more intensely stimulating, but as I moaned in pleasure stroke after stroke, L echoed my moans, with an occasional "fuck yeah" thrown in for good measure. But then something changed....I knew something was wrong. L was suddenly out of the moment, perturbed by something, though he continued to fuck me.

"What's wrong?" I asked. He made a sound of frustration and pulled out. Poor L had a cramp in his leg! We got him sorted out and he remounted, but though it still felt very good, it just wasn't that incredible 'in the groove' feeling we had going on earlier. Nonetheless, L came resoundingly soon after. The dildo and the vibrator remained untouched, mostly because the pre-cramp sensations had been so over the top, that I actually thought I might cum without them. Post-cramp, I was a bit worried he'd have a recurrence and I didn't think of them. I generally like to get a DP thing going on with the dildo while he fucks my ass or at least use the vibrator. The resultant orgasms cause such strong involuntary contractions that they almost always send L over the edge. All in all, the sex sling worked great and I can absolutely see us using it again.

I think sometime soon I'd like try having L bend me over a table and while holding me down with one hand between my shoulder blades, use a fistful of my hair for leverage as he sinks his cock deep into my ass. I think that would be quite delicious. I'll have to ask him and see what he thinks. Maybe next time.....

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