Monday, August 30, 2010

He said: Conservation Area

For our next lunchtime park adventure we decided to go to a conservation area near my office. In preparation I dropped by the local supermarket and put together a salad plate for V because I knew she would be coming without eating lunch. I met her at the appointed time and she jumped into my car for the short ride to the conservation area. I had picked this particular location because a small river runs through the park and V has an affinity for running water. The park was pretty much deserted as we arrived and found a convenient place to park close to the river. The day was too cool and windy for us to find a secluded spot for our blanket so we slid the front seats forward and climbed into the back seat. We had decided to take my car because it was a full size four door with enough space in the back seat for us to get comfortable.

We soon were totally engrossed with each other shirts unbuttoned, kissing, rubbing and nibbling. V's bra was undone, her delicious brown nipples exposed for me to suck and tug with my teeth. Cleavage, neck and earlobes kissed and sucked, V soon had my pants undone and was gracing me with her fabulous oral skills. As the temperature rose in the car the windows fogged in spite of the partially opened front windows. I was soon lost in the almost indescribable feeling of pleasure as she worked her lips and tongue around my hard member. I snapped out of my reverie just as the first spurt of cum escaped my cock. That wasn't the plan, I wanted to fuck V so I clamped down and with herculean effort prevented my plan from being thwarted.

We both undressed as quickly as we could in our back seat lust nest. It took longer than we wanted but eventually V was on my lap rubbing her juicy pussy against me as I sucked her nipples and squeezed her ass. The disrobing and arranging time had caused me to wilt slightly so I wasn't quite ready to slip inside but this didn't bother V as she continued to rub against me, basting my loins with her lady juices. I was just getting ready to unwrap a condom when I heard the squawk of the siren. I looked into V's eyes which were filled with a look of combined shock, surprise and horror. Both of us were so lust fogged that we had failed to notice the police car cruise into the parking lot. Oh great, that's all we need, being charged with indecent exposure or some other offense that would reflect societies disdain for our scandalous behavior. Both V and I scrambled to get some clothes on before we were arrested so we didn't have to do the perp walk in our underwear. Evidently the police officer was not interested is seeing us naked as the police car slowly cruised out of the parking lot. We finished dressing and even managed to find V's nose stud which had been dislodged as we were writhing in ecstasy. Expecting that the police car would return to ensure that we had heeded their warning we got out of the car and walked over to the river to allow us both to cool and calm down.

As we returned to the car and started the drive back to V's car we saw the police car returning to the parking lot. We managed to avoid eye contact with the police officer as we left the conservation area. V nibbled on the salad as I drove her back to her car and we laughed about coitus interruptus policeus. I sent V on her way with a deep kiss and a tight hug and a resolution to have less excitement and more completion on our next meeting.

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