Monday, August 30, 2010

She said: Conservation Area

My next visit to L was a chilly day. I pulled into a parking lot close to his office and sat reading my book while waiting for him to arrive. Shortly after, I glanced up to realize he had pulled in beside me. With a sexy grin, he beckoned me to join him in his car. L, being the lovely thoughtful person he is, had brought me a salad, knowing I would be missing lunch.

We drove to a nearby conservation area and driving deep into its depths, soon found a quiet parking area well away from the busier areas we passed on the way in. We pulled the car seats forward and hopped into the back seat to fool around. Kissing me deeply, he reached under my top and undid my bra, freeing my ample breasts. Stroking my back with one hand, he kneaded my breasts with the other. As he stroked down my back, he slid his hands into my pants, caressing and squeezing my backside. I pulled away and removed my pants and as he continued massaging my ass, I leaned over, opening his belt to free his delicious cock.

I sucked him deep into my mouth and curled my tongue around the crown of his kingly member, occasionally grazing him gently with my teeth. L moaned appreciatively, but stopped me as a small amount of cum escaped in my mouth. He had been trying valiently not to cum. He drew me up into his embrace and I straddled his legs, facing him on the seat. Unbuttoning his shirt, we kissed and kissed and kissed some more. I kissed and licked his neck as we engaged in a frottage that steamed up more than just the windows. I was so completely focused on him and our pleasure - I was about to go off like a rocket - that the whoop of the siren barely registered. I raised my head to see the police car pulled up across the rear of the car.

It was akin to being doused with cold water. Horrified and embarrassed, I hugged him tightly and buried my head in his shoulder briefly before rolling off of his lap and proceeding to dress. Thankfully, though my bra was undone, I had not actually removed my shirt....yet. As we quickly pulled our clothes on, the police pulled away. Dressed now, but still aching for release in my lust fog despite the interruption, we left the car and went for a short walk along the nearby river. I find water very soothing and this time was no exception. Soon he was able to laugh at the situation, though truly, it took me a little longer to appreciate the humour. After that, we made a point of being more careful about where we chose to spend our time.

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