Monday, April 25, 2011

He said: V Gets it in the End

When I first took the time to look at V she looked subdued. I asked her about it and she admitted that she was a little blue. I suppose I could have pressed her on why she wasn't in the best of moods, but I am a big proponent of fuck therapy. Nothing cheers V up faster than a pussy full of hard cock. We both stripped down and retired to the blanket.

After a warm up session of kissing and caressing I had V roll onto her stomach. V probably thought I was going to climb on her back and kiss her neck, which she loves. I had something else in mind as I dug through the mischief bag and pulled out the slut paddle. On a quest for the perfect slut paddle impression I had decided to take another whack at V's pristine ass. I neglected to tell V that I wasn't planning on only paddling her backside once, so when I laid three good whacks top to bottom on her right cheek, she barely had a chance to catch her breath when I repeated the procedure on her left cheek. V was surprised but did not shriek out. In retrospect I should have warned V of my plan, perhaps next time. Unfortunately the result of my abuse of V's cheeks were impressions that weren't any better than the previous attempts, pictures of which we have previously posted.

It was interesting to feel how warm V's ass felt where I had paddled her as I laid back down beside her and caressed her backside. I think I spanked the blues right out of V because it wasn't long before she was riding me like the true cowgirl she is. I like when V is on top, not only do I get to lie back and enjoy the ride, the position leaves my hands free to play with her breasts and nipples. V has a great set of tits and I can't get enough of them. I have found that when she gets close to the edge a good pull on her nipples usually pushes her right over the edge. I used this technique on this particular day to great effect and she came like gangbusters. My goal is to have V cum before me because there is something about having a moaning writhing woman perched upon a man's member that will cause my balls to empty with great speed and force. This was one such occasion for me.

While we were snuggling after V told me she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. I was a bit reticent because V's previous bad experience with anal sex had attached a lot of baggage to that act for her. I was willing to give it a try so after I had had a few minutes to recharge I asked her to go lean over the table. I knew she would be tense so I used lots of lube and after using first one and then two fingers to prepare her I told her to reach and hold her cheeks apart for me as I slipped just the head of my cock into her. "It hurts" she said. I knew if we stopped now that she might never get over her fear. My hands were covered in lube and I didn't really want to lube up her whole body but I knew I had to do something so I caressed her back and her sides and tried to relax her as best as I could. It didn't take long before V got over her initial fear and I could feel the tension drain out of her. I began to press in further and it wasn't long before I was all the way in. I told V and asked if she was okay. When she answered in the affirmative I began to slowly and gently move back and forth. It wasn't long before V was pushing back against me and it was "fuck me harder", and "pull my hair". Though my hands were still covered with lube I complied. The table was banging against the wall, thigh was smacking ass and both V and I were grunting, moaning and talking dirty to each other. Grabbing her by the hips I plunged in and out fucking V in the ass like she had never been fucked before. I came, then after a minute or two pulled out and went off to clean up and to wash the lube off my hands.

We snuggled and talked for a few minutes, then V worked her magic on me and soon found herself lying on her back getting fucked hard and fast, just the way she likes it. Though she didn't cum during our anal session it had certainly got her all juiced up, her pussy was like a molten volcano of sex juice, ready to erupt. By the time we had both cum from our energetic banging the blanket had a big wet spot. Now V is researching female ejaculation, she wants to see if we can make her squirt. If any of you gentle readers have some tips for her please feel free to pass them along.

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  1. I love your way with words; 'molten volcano of sex juice, ready to erupt'! Brilliant!

    If you get any good tips on how to make V squirt and they work please let us know, I'd love to be able to.