Monday, January 3, 2011

She said: Bound and Spanked

L and I are both interested in exploring our sexuality and stretching our boundaries in whatever ways we find mutually acceptable. We often have discussions about things we'd like to try and many of our stories we've shared with you reflect those experiences - fucking in the great outdoors, performing sexual acts in public places and filming ourselves to name a few.

Often, however, there are inspired moments where we deviate from the "list" that's always in the back of our minds and spontaneously discover wonderful things about ourselves and each other. Things we have never tried - sometimes things we've never imagined trying. Often things that we want to continue doing and even expanding upon. It seems for every item we can cross off the (virtual) list, there are a one or two more that can be added and I, for one, look forward to continuing to share this journey with L. In this vein, we had already played a bit with restraint and lack of control. I was interested in pushing the envelope a little further and moving more outside of my comfort zone. Though I have some control issues, the thought of tying me up and having his way with me both excited and scared the hell out of me at the same time.

The evening we met to play, we purposely didn't speak during the day. I arrived at L's office and texted him that I was outside. He texted me back with instructions to enter the area where we usually meet, lock the door behind me and proceed to "our" room and let him know when I get there. Never having gone in on my own before - he always meets me at the door or at the car - I was feeling a little nervous. I followed the instructions I was provided, texting him that I was in and grabbed a seat to wait. The room was fairly dark - I had no idea how to turn on the lights - but I could see enough to identify a table off to the side with a number of items on it clearly set out for me. Not having spoken to him all day, not knowing what to expect, I was feeling a little uncomfortable and unsure of myself and I purposely avoided looking to see what the items were and instead just sat quietly waiting for L.

Soon, I heard the door and L walked in. He said a terse hello and told me to take my shirt and pants off. He stood waiting and once I had followed his order, I took his outstretched hand and he walked me over to the table. L had set up an end of the small table and planned to bend me over the table and have his way with me. He had thought of everything. There were lots of intimidating things on the table, like bungee cords and handcuffs as well as items that reflect L's true caring nature, like two piles of paper reams for me to stand on (so I could comfortably bend over the table and still keep my feet in contact with the floor, since I'm short) and a rolled up blanket to cushion my hips against the hard edge of the table. I stepped up onto the paper pedestals and assumed the position. He blindfolded me and though he did not bind my hands, my ankles were tied to the table legs using the silk scarves.

Ready now, he leaned over me and kissed my back as he undid my bra. Leaving my thong in place, he spanked my bare ass over and over again until I hissed air in through my teeth and arched my back at each stroke. My skin burned and tingled but still he continued. Suddenly, he stopped. I listened closely to try and work out what he was doing. I heard a clicking sound and realized he was taking a picture. He spanked me a few more times and reached over to my right where I remembered the lube bottle sat. I heard the snick of the lid and tried to relax in anticipation of what was to come.

He teased his finger around my butt hole and with a little pressure, slipped it in. He poured more lube and I could feel the cold liquid dribble down the crack of my ass and meet up with his buried finger. He gently fucked me with his finger and soon added a little more lube and a second finger. He smacked my ass hard with his other hand and I tightened around his fingers as they slid in for another stroke. He paused for what seemed like a long time and I again heard the faint whirring and clicking that indicated he was taking more pictures. He removed his fingers and I could hear the sounds of him cleaning his hands.

I strained listening to get an idea where he was. I heard more picture taking before he again came around behind me. Standing on the ground between my paper pedestals, he ran his cock along my soaking slit before slipping it home. He fucked me hard, while alternating between grabbing my ass and raking his nails down my back. I held on to the table, my feet on tiptoe as he drove into me, so turned on by his dirty talk and the power behind his thrusts. He pulled out after a while and I felt bereft. He was beside me and I heard what must have been him removing the condom. He pulled my head over to the edge of the table and told me to suck his cock. I sucked for few strokes before he pulled away, untied my legs and removed the blindfold. He lead me away from the table, pushed me down to my knees and pushed his cock back in my mouth. Holding on to his thighs, I sucked him until again he pulled away, this time to spray his load all over my face.

After taking a picture of his handy work, he handed me a tissue to clean up but there was so much of it that attempts to wipe it away really just succeeded in spreading it all over. So much easier to swallow the evidence! We realized I'd need to go wash my face, but since it was all in my eyelashes, I didn't want to open my eyes (I said that I heard that cum in your eyes stings and he responded that I read too many, so he took me by the hand and guided me to the washroom. I rinsed my eyes, dried them with a paper towel, then looked in the mirror. Not only was it all in my hair, but also because of my smeared eye makeup, I now looked rather like a raccoon. Great. I soaped up my hands and did a full facial wash and went back in with wet hair and completely devoid of makeup.

L was lying on the blanket waiting for me when I returned. I lay down beside him and snuggled into his arms. We lay quietly for a long time, gently holding and caressing each other. As we became aroused, I raised my head from his chest and reached up to kiss and nuzzle his neck. As my caresses became more aggressive, I licked his nipples and ran my hand over his hard cock. He squeezed my ass and dragged his teeth over my nipples, rolling me to my back. Condom on, he pushed deep into me as he continued to lick and bite my nipples. I writhed beneath him, raising my hips and pushing back to increase the penetration, grinding against him with every stroke. I was close when he came, but I wasn't worried - I knew he wouldn't stop right away. A few more strokes and I came. We lay there dozing until his alarm indicated it was time to go. Sometimes I wish we could just stay and sleep.

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