Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our HNT #8

I've asked L to talk about this week's picture......
V has very shiny curly dark hair that interestingly looks almost gray in this photograph because of the flash of the camera. Thought you should know that so you don't think I'm a granny effer.

........because it's impolite for me to talk with my mouth full!

Thanks for coming by! Visit Osbasso to see who else is playing this week.


  1. Hehehe.. love it. And it's making me yearn for a mouth to lick me... mmmm

    LGS xx

  2. Mmm. Mmm. What a great pic!

    HHNT. :)

  3. I am now influenced to do something naughty! Hawt! New follower! Happy HNT