Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our HNT #7 - Favourite of 2010

Having only very recently started posting HNT pictures, we have very few to choose from for this weeks post, where we are to post our favourite HNT from 2010. In spite of having so few to choose from, we found it really difficult to choose a favourite. The fact that they were posted in the first place obviously indicates that they have already gone through a very intense review and have pleased not just one but both of us in some way. Also, we have been very lucky in that we seem to have been able to salvage several possible HNT shots each time we have had a picture-taking session, where our expectation was to be lucky to get even a single suitable one. In the end, L left it to me to choose and so I chose this offering which was posted on American Thanksgiving with the caption "White or dark meat?". It was well-received, garnering the second highest number of comments of all our posts to date.

The reason I chose this picture was that I think it was the most interesting to work with. The photograph in its entirety makes me laugh every time I see it. Everything in it is discombobulated - the composition was terrible, the facial expressions goofy, my unattractive bits for all to see - it's all there. Yet, I was able to crop it in such a way as to get not one, but two possible postable pictures out of it! Also, the contrast in our skin colours was so striking - though I am mixed race, it's not really that I am so dark, but that L is so fair! All in all, this post was a lot of fun for us. Here is the original picture...and as a bonus, we are including another small piece of the same picture. L and I hope you enjoy them and wish all our readers a happy, healthy and decidedly naughty 2011!

Happy New Year!


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  1. Great choice for your favourite! Really fabulous. And, hehe, I've had so many times when I took very dodgy photos and with the help of the crop function they were made much better. Happy New Year!
    LGS xx

  2. I remember that sexy pic from thanksgiving

    So sexy x

    HHNT and happy new year

  3. So funny! Ord verification was 'pervi'

    So appropriate!

  4. Very nice! I like them both.

    HHNT and a very naughty new year to you, too! ;)

  5. Very nice!!!

    HHNT and Happy new Year to you!!!