Monday, December 6, 2010

He said: V Runs the Show

When Vixen said she wanted to run the show on one of our meet ups I was curious to see what she had in mind. As I've said previously sometimes we discuss in advance what we are going to do, other times are completely unplanned other than time or place and sometimes I surprise her with some new variation during our playtime. She was careful not to even give me a hint of her plans other than to tease me by telling me a package had arrived that she had been waiting for. Even though I tried my best to find out what had been delivered, she was completely mum.

The appointed time arrived and I found myself blindfolded, naked and tied to a chair. Vixen moved quietly around me so I used my spidey sense to to determine where she was and grope her if she passed too close. I often close my eyes when Vixen and I are sexually intertwined so the blindfold didn't bother me at all. I even closed my eyes when blindfolded because I found it easier to concentrate on the sensations of Vixen touching me with her hands and what I later found out was a feather. At one point I could smell chocolate. If you read Vixen's post you will have a better idea about what happened, from my point of view it was sensations and smells, the occasional rustling. Vixen didn't tell me what she was doing and with what. I felt cool lips on one nipple, hot lips on the other. The hot feeling when she altoided my cock. Is altoided a verb? Most of the time Vixen hovered maddeningly out of reach flitting here and there. All the time I was getting harder and harder. Finally when I thought I was going to explode with so much force that my cum would hit the roof Vixen released my arms and ordered me to stand up and remove my blindfold. What did I see, Vixen on her knees with her mouth open. That girl sure does like to suck cock and I wasn't going to contradict her at this point. The details of the blow job she applied to my rigid member aren't important, I was so turned on that it wasn't long before I was ready to cum. I warned Vixen of my impending explosion and she surprised me by grabbing my cock and pulling back. She directed my spurting cum all over her face. What a sight she was, eyes closed with a big smile on her face, my emission slowly running down her face.

Vixen cleaned up and after a few minutes to refresh and recharge on the blanket I climbed between her widely spread thighs and proceeded to gave her a good hard fucking. Vixen especially likes the way my upward curving cock rubs her just the right way and has told me that the shape of my cock reminds her of the G spot stimulators we saw at the sex toy show. Pretty soon between the moaning and the smacking sound of thigh against thigh the room was filled with the sounds of pleasure. Being the second time around I was in no hurry to cum so I could really work over Vixen's pussy, grinding my pubic bone against her clit and pushing deep inside her. She was hot and wet and we both rode the wave of pleasure until we came with a simultaneous crash. Vixen had certainly succeeded in providing a memorable evening.

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