Monday, December 20, 2010

He said: Lunch Date

Voluptuous V and I decided to get together for lunch one day and unfortunately living in a northern clime means that now that the lazy hazy days of summer are behind us a picnic beside the river is out of the question. After a bit of discussion Voluptuous V and I decided to pick up a couple of pizza slices and find a nice scenic park to admire the fall foliage while eating our lunch. Long time readers will know that when Voluptuous V and I end up in a parking lot I tend to end up very satisfied. Even though she loves to apply her oral ministrations I sometimes feel a bit guilty for not reciprocating. Whipping it out in a parking lot is one thing but when a woman unzips her jeans it still doesn't give a guy much to work with, especially in the front seat of a car. In the hopes of making our time together even more enjoyable I gently urged her to wear a skirt so she was more accessible. My mind hearkened back to the day beside the river when Voluptuous V had worn a skirt and I leaned her forward against a large boulder and explored her to both our delights.

Voluptuous V came by my office to pick me up and as soon as I got into the car I could smell the pizza. We drove off to the infamous park where we had been surprised by the police as detailed in our conservation area posts. Large and well treed it was the perfect place for a quiet lunch. When we arrived we found the gate closed and locked. I had forgotten that the conservation areas usually close for the season after Thanksgiving. The pizza was cooling and both Voluptuous V and were getting hungry and horny. I navigated Voluptuous V to an alternative park that I pass on the way to work everyday and we pulled in to the parking lot. The parking lot seemed smaller once we were in in than it had looked from the street but we didn't really have enough time to find another one. We ate our pizza and chatted. Pizza soon finished, chatting turned to kissing and caressing as I slipped my hand under Voluptuous V skirt. Moving her panties to the side I rubbed her smooth pussy. Voluptuous V is a waxer and likes to be smooth and I have grown to appreciate a smooth pussy too. Warm and wet I continued to rub her pussy paying special attention to her clit, occasionally dipping a finger inside. Voluptuous V is a vocal girl so it was easy to know whether I was hitting the spot by the volume and frequency of her moans. I really wanted to get down there and use my mouth but alas the front seat of the car just wasn't big enough to let me make that a reality. Voluptuous V didn't seem to mind as I nibbled her ear, kissed her neck and rubbed her clit with increasing speed and force. Not too hard, not too soft but just the right amount of pressure to have Voluptuous V cumming like a freight train. She's not a screamer but she is a loud moaner and the sound of her orgasm is music to my ears.

Now it was my turn, zipper down, cock out and Voluptuous V was soon returning the favour. The only problem with parking lot blow jobs is that it's my responsibility to watch for disruptions. When parked 50 metres from a busy road there are plenty of vehicles and people to keep an eye on. Watching someone walking by on the sidewalk, oblivious to what is going on a short distance away adds a certain amount of naughty pleasure to the act. As the cars whizzed by Voluptuous V took me deep in her mouth. She didn't start off shallow but instead went deep and let the head enter her throat. Voluptuous V kept me deep, only pulling back slightly so she could breath. I quickly glanced down, all I could see was the top of her head, bobbing up and down just a bit. She worked her tongue and teeth expertly on my member to the point where I couldn't just sit there, I began to thrust up slightly. The feel of Voluptuous V's mouth on my cock was so good that even with the distraction of keeping my eyes peeled for disruptions it wasn't very long before I was cumming too. Voluptuous V gently sucked me after, not rushing at all and then popped up for a kiss. There is something about kissing a smiling woman who has just deep throated you and swallowed your cum in a parking lot that leaves a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Another quick kiss as Voluptuous V dropped me off at my office and a warning from me that she had to be careful driving back because she was still in a lust fog and our lunch date was at an end.

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