Monday, March 7, 2011

He said: V meets Herb, Part 2

After being knocked out of my lust induced reverie by the thumping of the door against the chair I jumped up and raced naked to the door. Not the best plan in retrospect. As I reached the door I could see that the person on the other side was trying to open it. "Just a minute" I called out and then turned around trying to find my clothes. V was already dressed and was gathering up the items from our mischief bag and condom wrappers. We left the room avoiding eye contact with the cleaners who were working in a different part of the office. We scurried off to my office where we ate the lunch V had so thoughtfully provides and watched some porn to help calm us down from our recent scare. As the cleaners moved through the office and came within earshot of the video we switched from porn to watching our favourite sitcom.

We vacated my office while the cleaners did their thing. After the cleaners finished we returned to my office and locked the door. I opened up the blanket and laid it on the floor. Having sex on the floor while the cleaners were finishing the rest of the office appealed to V and my exhibitionist tendencies because we were soon naked, me lying on my back with V impaled on my cock. V can get quite noisy during sex and having to keep her moans and exclamations bottled up seemed to increase the intensity of the experience for her. It could also have been the sound of the vacuum cleaner in the background that reminded us we were not alone or even the residual effects of the pot but V and I fucked like we had never fucked before. What a cliche heh? I played with V's nipples as she rode me faster and harder. V came first and I came soon after. We spent a few minutes basking in the post sex glow before we kissed and retired to our respective cars for the drive home.

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  1. Mmmmmm....there is something about fucking in an office that is just damn hot. Despite the interuption, hot story.