Monday, March 28, 2011

She said: An Eventful Day

I thought it was the most clever thing, but then L is a very smart man. Before leaving his office for the weekend, he set up a webcam pointing to the garbage bin in his office. This way, before meeting me there over the weekend, he was able to connect to it from home to check whether the cleaners had been there yet or not. With so many embarrassing close calls with the cleaners lately, we were both loathe to run into them again so soon.

I left home early, as I had a couple of errands to run that could be dealt with in L's office neighbourhood just as well as in my own. I was nearly there when I got a text message from L - the cleaners had not yet been to the office, so he wanted to know if I was okay with going to a hotel or motel. I texted back that I was fine with that. Errands completed, I went to his office and waited just a few short minutes before he arrived.

He suggested a small motel that was close by that he had scoped out very early in our time together and I agreed. We drove over and I waited in the car. I was disappointed when I saw L returning - I thought he had been unable to secure a room, as he seemed empty handed - but then I saw the flash of the red keychain. We went ahead inside. It was tired and dingy, but it was clean and smelled fresh. Anyhow, I was there to be with L, not for the decor!

We unpacked our mischief bag and got undressed. I had told L a few days before about the new collar I recently bought at Northbound Leather and he asked me to wear it for him. Anna at Northbound had added a pretty little O-ring to a lovely narrow collar that secured with a lock and I thought it was pretty hot.

Apparently, so did L. After securing the lock and pocketing the keys, he opened up a bag and pulled out a leather lead and snapped it on to my little O-ring, then pulled me close for a kiss. He wanted to check the door to ensure it was locked before we got started and as he head off for the door, I turned in the other direction to fold my clothes....and quickly realized I was going with L to check the door!

My new collar

We finished undressing, turned down the bed and crawled in. We hadn't spent much time physically together over the past couple of weeks and those times when we were together, first L then I were so sick, it was difficult to enjoy each other to the fullest. Frankly, I had missed L's kisses and we started out doing just that....kissing and stroking each other and just enjoying feeling our naked bodies touching.

L's nipples are very sensitive and I nipped them with my teeth, then soothed them with my tongue. I stroked random patterns on his stomach, over his hip bone and up his thighs before I finally stroked his cock to a full erection. L donned a condom and manoeuvred me onto my back. Still holding the lead, he slid into my pussy with ease. Though we both wanted a hard fuck, we went slow, because we also wanted it to last. He whispered to me that he was so turned on and excited he didn't think he could last and I whispered back that I was so fucking happy that I could make him feel that way. After a few minutes of slow languorous strokes, L stepped up the pace as I raised my hips to meet his every stroke. He came and I swiftly followed.

We snuggled together for a while, murmuring and quietly chatting to each other about this and that until L remembered that we needed to take some pictures for HNT. We grabbed the camera and some props and proceeded to take some pictures. That done, I told L what I'd like to do next and he agreed.

He relaxed on the bed while I lubed up my fingers and a butt plug and I played with his ass for a while, alternating between the two. I slid the butt plug in and out of his ass for a bit then, adding more lube, I replaced the plug with first one finger, then two. Suddenly, L expressed some discomfort with what I was doing when he'd been fine all along. We after realized that when I had applied the additional lube, I inadvertently used one that had a "warming and tingling" component to it that was proving a little uncomfortable for him. Feeling badly, I went and got a warm, wet washcloth and cleaned all the external lube off of him. We lay down spooning and after a minute or two, he said that he felt much better.

It didn't take long before L started rubbing his cock on my ass, sticking it between my butt cheeks. I love the feel of that and I was wiggling and offering resistance and even had a hand in there helping out. Then he bit me. Hard. On my shoulder. I was unable to contain the loud moan and he bit me again. And again. On my shoulder. On my arm. The harder he bit me, the louder I moaned. The more I moaned, the harder he got. The harder he got, the more turned on I got. You see how that was working? He put on a condom and we continued our play. His intention was to fuck my pussy, but then I asked him for it in the ass.

When the time's right, it's right. In a way, this was a really big deal for me, having been brutally taken anally years ago. Between my trust that L wouldn't hurt me, L's discovery of my "ass eroticism" and having read many, many articles and how-to's on the subject, I have worked up the desire to try again. We knew we would eventually, but he has been slow and patient with me and I knew that he was waiting for me to give him the go-ahead when I was ready. Maybe I was just ready, or maybe just too turned on to worry about it, but we went for it. L used lots of lube and I was shocked that there was no pain at all. In fact, it was a great experience that I can't wait to try again.

After another restorative cuddle period, L wanted to try out another position we hadn't tried before. Picture L lying on his side with his knees bent, while I lay on my back, with one leg thrown over his waist and the other over his thighs. We had a marathon session in this position and it felt amazing. He played with my tits or held me while I got leverage by holding on to his waist and his knees. Even though it didn't seem as strenuous, we fucked vigorously and both of us were quite sweaty and exhausted in the end.

The day rate paid for the room dictated that we had to be out by a certain time and when we finished that last session, we were just a few minutes away from that time. We packed up our stuff, cleaned up and dressed before heading out. We had to be out of the motel, but neither of us were in a big hurry to go home yet, so we decided to be a bit nostalgic and have a quick bite to eat at the same restaurant where we met for the very first time. We shared an appetizer and an entrée and had a wonderful time chatting and enjoying our food before it was finally time to take our leave.

I felt very mellow and satisfied all evening long. On reflection, it was a great afternoon all around - first time in a motel, our second time coming together in a bed, two new positions tried and enjoyed and me finally in a positive headspace about anal sex, a position the thought of which has only elicited memories of pain and feelings of fear for so many years - and all in a few short hours. Now that was an afternoon well spent! Thank you, L!

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