Monday, March 21, 2011

She said: Just What the Doctor Ordered

He started it. I was trying to put off our very first meeting, as I didn't want to give him my cold. True, I was almost over it. I have a fairly deep voice that becomes even more so when affected by a cold and when we spoke on the phone he thought my "Kathleen Turner voice" very sexy. I think he thought I was chickening out - which I wasn't - when he insisted that he "wasn't afraid of my cold", so I went. That exchange has really set the tone for every sniffle or cough we've had in all that time since that first day. We haven't made any attempts to avoid each other while we were sick and it had worked out just fine up to now. This time, however, L was really sick.

I was going over to meet him after work and he made it very clear that he was taking precautions and had no intentions of kissing me at all that evening. Wtf? No kissing? I tried his line on him and told him I wasn't afraid of his cold, but my arguments fell on deaf ears. The deal was I could come see him, but no kissing. Thinking he'd cave anyway, I accepted his terms, making him promise to give me extra kisses everywhere else to make up for the lack of mouth kissing.

When I showed up I realized just how unwell he was really feeling and I felt badly. I asked him why he didn't just cancel - I could easily have come another day. He teasingly said that he didn't want to disappoint me, as he had experienced me in a snit over IM before and he didn't want to go there again. Really, I think he didn't cancel because he needed some hugs and cuddles to make him feel better - some sexual healing, if you will.

He didn't seem as though he'd have the energy to take the lead, so I had him lie down and relax while I did the work. His body was very hot to the touch - I'm sure he had a bit of a fever. I kissed his neck and ran my tongue around the shell of his ear, gently nipping the lobe. He hadn't shaved and I rubbed my cheek against his stubbly one. I stroked my hands up and down his chest, soothing him...relaxing him. I hugged him, resting my cheek on his chest and he weaved his fingers in my hair. I slid down a little further and licked at the tip of his semi-erect cock. He groaned softly, encouraging me to get bolder. I slid right down and held his cock upright in my hand as I gently licked his balls. One last lick up his balls and along the whole length of him and I took him into my mouth.

Licking and sucking him until he was hard as a rock, I then sheathed him with the condom and straddled him. As usual, I was soaked and I slid right down the length of him on the first try. I moved up to kiss him and he turned his head away, allowing me to only kiss him on the cheek. We've mentioned before that I am short and L is tall. This means that we don't always fit together they way we'd want to in some positions. For example, I cannot ride him and kiss him or nuzzle his neck at the same time - it's one or the other. So I stuck to the riding.

Arms tucked close into his body, I leaned forward and rubbed my tits on his chest at the same time as I slid myself up and down his cock, grinding my clit into his pubic bone in both directional strokes. He lay very still with his eyes shut, but his moans told me what I needed to know. He raised his arms and took both my boobs into his big hands, cupping their weight in his palms. As I quickly approached orgasm, he pinched my nipples and whispered for me to cum for him. I did so with abandon and after a brief pause, continued to work his cock until he came too.

He stayed hard for a long time after that and I continued riding him until I had run out of energy. Tired, I slid up and hugged him hard, burying my face in his neck. I rolled off of him and curled up, tucked in under his arm, my head on his chest. After a short rest, he sat up and asked if I'd like to play with Scorpius, my new double-ended dildo. I agreed and he took it out of its suede pouch and asked me which end I wanted to try. I chose the end with studs along the shaft and he applied a generous amount of lube to it. He sat cross-legged between my parted bent legs as I lay down. He slowly inserted it and from here, he'd have to tell you what exactly he did with it. I felt the bumps of the studs sliding inside me and it all felt very good. Soon I joined in with my hand and he joined in with his free hand and I came hard.

We didn't hang around much longer. L was looking quite tired by this point and I'm sure he just wanted to get home so he could lie down for a while. After a final hug, a kiss on my cheek and a promise to drive safely, we said goodbye...until next time.

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  1. It may sound weird, but I actually like "sick sex." I don't like being sick and I'm not talking about gravely ill sex, but it just feels somewhat nurturing to have someone fuck you (or fuck someone) when they are sick.

    I am also a fan of glass dildos.