Monday, March 14, 2011

He said: Did You Miss Me? Better Late Than Never

I have suffered through a cold for the past two weeks and that, coupled with an out of town commitment last weekend meant that I didn't get my post written for this week. V, always sweet but also very organized and goal oriented reminded me a couple of times that I had missed my deadline. I think by now she has given up on me. She's out for dinner tonight so I thought now that I'm feeling better I'd sit down and jot down some notes about pot day number two. Our first time V had some issues with the pot and her throat so this time I rolled the joint thinner so that she had a better chance of being able to tolerate the smoke.

As you have already read it worked since by halfway through the joint V had her shirt open, her bra unclipped. How could I resist? As I slipped my cock under the front of her bra between her magnificent breasts I briefly considered turning her around and fucking her on the picnic table. The used condoms and the occasional pair of panties we find behind our building suggests that we were not the first to engage in sexual activity back there but it was the middle of the afternoon and someone could drive around the building at any time. We had been interrupted enough times in the past that I was a tad bit skittish about being outside and so exposed. I convinced V that privacy and warmth trumped the spontaneity of sex in the parking lot so in we went.

Unlike our previous herb experience this time I barely felt the effects of the joint. Or so I thought. Getting hard was easy, and through my slightly warped perception I also seemed harder than usual. I was like a fucking machine. V likes the sound of thigh colliding with thigh even though our mingled moans and occasional bursts of dirty talk almost drowned them out. The sex was energetic but relaxed, no rushing instead almost pure pleasure. I suspect my ability to participate in the threefer that V has previously described with such a short recharge time between sessions may have been a result of the "herbal viagra" we had ingested. After our three sessions of very satisfy sex, some licking of V's gloriously smooth pussy and some manual stimulation V broke out the picnic lunch and I succumbed to the munchies.

Though we won't be using it every time I'm sure we will be experimenting with pot occasionally in the future. By the way, I'm not offended that no one asked where I was this week.