Monday, October 18, 2010

She said: Fun with Filming, Part 2

Allow me to set the scene. It's Sunday - early afternoon and we are at L's office. Being a Sunday, we have a larger block of time together than usual. Wanting to share some of my culture with L, I brought some food. The plan was to have some lunch while we screened our porn and then spend the rest of the time enjoying each other, though that order of things changed the minute we were in his office.

L started kissing me and slipped his hands up my top to knead my breasts. As we moaned simultaneously, he broke the kiss just long enough to remove my top and reached around to undo my bra as he resumed kissing me. Topless now, I just had to feel his skin against mine and I undid the buttons on his shirt and spread it wide open. I reached down to rub his cock through his pants - he was already hard. Mmmmm. His hands were down the back of my pants, rubbing my ass. I started to unbuckle his belt and by mutual unspoken consent we pulled apart to quickly finish undressing ourselves.

We spread a blanket and lay on the floor in his office between two desks. L sucked and bit my nipples, sending me into paroxysms. I arched my body into his and slid my leg in between his, bending my knee to rest on his rock hard cock. He reached around and spanked my ass, then soothed it with his palm. He rolled me onto my back and I prepared for his entry. I am very flexible and I had my knees slightly bent with my legs spread wide for him, one foot hooked on the corner of each of the two desks. I was so ready for him. L wasted no time pushing himself deep inside me. We fucked with abandon, making little noise but tandem panting and whispers and the slap of our bodies against each other. We finished and lay for a few minutes spent and entwined together before reluctantly getting up.

L then cued up the movie while I put out the food. Sitting a few feet apart in office chairs, L started up the movie as we started to eat. My image flashed on the screen - I'm on my knees between L's legs, cock in mouth, hands caressing his hips. I glanced over at L to see a big smile on his face. He looked at me - and realized immediately I was not enjoying this as much as he was. Not only was I blushing furiously, I didn't know where to look. Certainly not at the screen!

Putting down his plate, L grabbed the arm of my chair and pulled me over until I was as close to him as he could get me. Then he put his arm around me and leaned in and gave me a big squeeze. L talked through the movie as it ran - pointed out the little observations he had made (since he had viewed the film a number of times already) that made it so hot for him and really made me see the movie through his eyes. He admitted to me that even though the editing he had done was minimal, there was no way he would compromise his creation by leaving in anything that didn't look good. Only somewhat convinced, I held his hand tightly as he re-cued the first movie and we proceeded to watch both movies in their entirety.

I tried and have been trying to watch the movies from a different point of view - to forget that it was me there sucking his cock and instead view it as another piece of porn that L was sharing with me. The more I watched from that aspect, the more I appreciated many things about them....the camera angles, the background, the interaction between the 'stars' and on the whole, how fricking sexy the movies are. Even today I have only watched them a handful of times, but each time I do, I am more and more accepting of the fact that that's me on there, with my lover. I'm pretty sure I'd be agreeable to doing this again - in fact, I'm sure there will be a next time!


  1. What a great concept with the whole "He said, She said" thing. Clever!

    No offense to LM, but V wins this round with her telling. ;-) Very hot.

  2. Non taken. V has really taken to writing since we started the blog. My problem is when she does such a great job on a post it leaves little for me to add.