Monday, October 25, 2010

He Said: Fun With Filming, The Great Expose

V is a trooper, let me say that right up front. After we had watched the first two videos we had shot V and I decided that we would try to improve on our first efforts now that she was more comfortable with seeing herself on screen. Plans were made and times were arranged. A bit of background first, V and I often play at my office after hours in a separate section from the main office which has limited access by the staff. This day I was involved in a customer issue when V arrived so I let her in to the private area and went back to my office. I spent a few minutes discussing the issue with one of my junior colleagues and then headed back to V.

V likes to surprise me sometimes by dressing up; one day she had a corset under her clothes. On this day she had decided to wear an outfit that she had purchased on-line. When IMing she will sometimes share links to lingerie sites with me and we will discuss what we think of various outfits. I walked through the door to see V wearing the outfit pictured below.

This is not V, but this is the dress she was wearing!

V and I have an expression we use to explain when we do something silly or stupid when we are together. We say we were are in a lust fog. Well I must have been in a lust fog when I returned to V because I forgot the most important thing to remember when you are fooling around at the office, make sure you lock the door. As she looked at me, instead of her usual playful or sultry visage her expression was that of abject horror as she looked past me. As I turned I saw that my colleague had followed me into the room. I'd like to tell you that I instantly sized up the situation, weighed my options and then cunningly put my carefully considered plan into action but that would be bullshit. Instead I switched into total instinct mode and turned my coworker around and walked him out of the room never once acknowledging that there was a half naked woman in the room. We finished our discussion on the customer issue and he went home.

Though I was outwardly calm and collected I was freaking out as I returned to the room where I left V. She was nowhere to be seen and I was worried that she had thrown on her clothes and fled in panic. After a few seconds of searching I found her crouched in a dark corner still dressed in her revealing outfit. I sat down with her and assured her that she needn't worry about me, my coworker was leaving in two weeks and was smart enough not to confront me or ask any questions that might be embarrassing to me. Luckily he also had never met my wife and I assured her that if anything came up I'd simply tell him that my wife had come to surprise me and wasn't it funny that instead she had been surprised. One thing that may have made it slightly easier for V was that she had still been wearing her panties. This is where V's ability to put things behind her became apparent. After spending a few minutes talking her down from the metaphorical ledge instead of her deciding to gather up her clothes and head home she decided that since she had went to all the trouble of coming to visit me and we would just carry on as if nothing happened. Perhaps V felt that after her recent traumatic experience she deserved a good fucking.

We even shot some video that day. The first video starts off with V on her knees sucking my cock and asking if I'm going to cum in her mouth. When I tell her that I'm going to cum in her pussy she doesn't seem disappointed at all and returns to sucking me. She is much more relaxed being on camera this time and looks up at me as she alternates between taking me deep into her mouth, sucking and licking then running her lips up and down the bottom of the shaft. V has some brown girl heritage and the contrast between my stark white cock and her slightly brown skin makes the video even more erotic. I've always had a thing for brown girls and V certainly satisfies my brown girl needs. The video ends with her practically flying off to get a condom. She was a girl with a mission.

Now sex with V is always good but sometimes it is indescribable. We haven't figured out what makes it so special but no matter the reason when we get into this zone we rub each other in the best possible way. As soon as I climbed on top of V and slipped between her widely spread thighs I knew this was going to be one of those times. I'm generally a pretty quiet guy when I am in the saddle but this time the moans and groans were coming from deep inside as I fucked V's hot, tight, wet pussy. V likes the sound of thighs smacking against thighs, this day the room was filled with my moans, her moans and the sound of skin against skin. I alternated between kissing her deeply and sucking and biting her nipples as I gave her the fucking she deserved. V gets a look on her face when she is really feeling it, I call it her "I'm getting fucked grin" and she certainly had it this time. I'm not sure that we came at the same time but it was very close. I rested on top of her as we both basked in the glow of sex that was so good that I don't have the words to explain it. Eventually I disengaged and we laid side by side on the blanket, sweaty and satiated.

Did you think we were done? Goodness no. After a few more minutes of rest we decided to shoot some more video. I don't think there has ever been a time when V has not been ready to suck my cock. This time I stood and took V kneeling in front of me and sucking me. What was special was that this time she kept her glasses on. Maybe it's just me but having my cock sucked by a woman wearing glasses seems to be even hotter. Maybe it's the whole naughty librarian thing. I experimented with shooting some video from the side so I could get that classical porn movie blow job side view. My cock looked so big from that view and V's mouth looked so small. V has often told me that she is a bit of a gagger but she still takes me as deep as she can when sucking me, that's dedication for you. As I held the video camera with one hand I reached down with the other to rest my hand on the back of V's head. Sometimes V likes to be controlled and though I know some women don't like it when a man holds and directs their head during a blow job it's something that V relishes. I held her head so she couldn't pull back too far as I could feel that my cumming was imminent. I'm really glad V is a swallower because that minute or two after I cum when she continues to gently suck the head of my cock is heaven. The video ends with V kissing the head of my cock and looking up with a big smile on her face, positively glowing. What a great way to end a day that started off in such a disastrous fashion.


  1. That's too funny (I hope it was later funny for you two, as well.)

    I know what you mean about keeping her glasses on, by the way. I love that.

  2. I'm surprised and impressed you were able to proceed after the initial shock. My hat off to V!

    And who knows; maybe someday she'll start a new trend: instead of Half Nekkid Thursday, she can do Video Friday...

  3. @Riff - Yes, happily we can - and still do - enjoy a good laugh at it. It made for an even more memorable day!

    @Letch - Only your hat? :( I don't know that I could warm up to a Video Friday, but L and I have been talking about doing some HNT posts. Stay tuned!